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  1. I love every presentation I've ever watched by Jim Kwik. He is my favorite Superhero. The 'Boy with the broken brain" has become the smartest man on the planet in my opinion. Thank you Jim Kwik for teaching this old dog do many new tricks. And you did it free of charge. Now that I have a trained brain…I can afford the cost of your advanced presentations. I plan to purchase them on the first of September.

  2. I leave my phone in another room, it's helped me sleep better! I make observations about the world around me before touching my electronics =)

  3. #Note from this video
    States of mind : 

    Alpha : awake and absorbing the information 

    Theta – Entering the World of Our Subconscious.

    Theta : in-between. e.g. when in shower with best ideas, going to sleep, just waking-up. 

    Barely conscious states just before sleeping and just after awakening. Theta is the intriguing border between the conscious and the subconscious worlds.

    Delta : sleep 

    ''Knowledge gets a power'' when we apply it. 

    Learning Curve. 

    Forgetting Curve  : 48 hrs 80% is gone. 

    When we wake-up, we have vision for life. 

    Don't pickup the phone the moment you wake-up. That may set your mood / bad mood.
    Inbox is others people agenda in your life, Not about your own. 

    Practice makes Progress. 

    Powerful people got Growth mindset.

  4. I love you sir your life story is very motivatinal for me evenly your reading report card incident i know this about you you are my fovrte person in the world

  5. if you cant get up and do one thing before you touch your phone you are fuckt..even heroin addicts and crack addicts wake up go for a piss n make a coffe..

  6. When I wake up I use my phone to do a 20 meditatiom on headspace, I then use YouTube vids to workout watching 15 min cardio/zumba, 15 min strength training on youtube, and another 15 min for yoga on youtube… then a 10 min visualization on youtube… so am i not supposed to touch my phone when i wake up … after all of this i use my laptop to journal then i get on with my day… im not sure how id be without a phone to help me with this routine,,,

  7. I’m watching this on my phone first thing in the morning 🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. I go into the Theta state when I take a dump not while taking a shower.

  9. There is just one fact for me that you are exactly perfect life coach, Jim Kwik

  10. Whoa truly amazing! I've learned from Jim Kwik to start brushing my teeth with my left hand. Also that was such an alpha state of mind for me when Jim said "be a Thermostat not a thermometer" 8:44 God bless.

  11. If I wont touch my phone I won't be here. Also I make all the business transactions at phone.

  12. Hi I'm just starting my journey of course I'm going to need in the whole lot of help how to use the mind control my energy there's lots of people on here telling you different things nobody's telling you how to use them I'm in need of a lot of help with this journey I'm on just started my journey and I love to have some help.

  13. Wow – 10 Minutes and 2 Seconds to say: Don't touch your phone in the morning.
    A lot of motivational speach, but no other real advise.
    You know what that is? Trying to get the monitarisation for a 10 minute video, by making a 4 seconds video.
    Jim Kwik actualy seems like he knows a lot – but why isn't he sharing it with us? How does it help me, to watch a lot of super models in their perfect life, while someone talks about being a thermostat?
    No hate here. I wish you all the best – but on this quality, this channel is not for me. Im sorry!

  14. Loved this video! Had to laugh at the ** in crappy though, as if that's a curse word? 😂

  15. It true whenever I had mathematical issue in my assignment I find the solution in my dreams ! 😅

  16. Sugar plums music was annoying. His words alone are enough to motivate someone, the music is unnecessary and distracting and hurt my ears. I'll just watch the interview on London Real

  17. Repeating the exact word by word …that we call in India ratta mug up..Just making people idiot because they want to be idiot.come to India we will open your third .. knowledge is beyond your memory and intellence …. knowledge is lord shiva

  18. Beta: awake
    Delta: asleep
    Theta: in and out of sleep the creative state
    Alfa: exhilarating learning and relaxed consciousness

  19. This all works great when you have a normal 9-5 schedule that the rest of the world revolves around. When you have to wait until 10am for stores to open to go shopping when all you want to do is pass out at 8am after working all night, good luck planning another full hour to wind down after running errands.

  20. Me doing shower:



  21. Hey everyone. Currently working on an inspiration/guidance talk YouTube to help other individuals around the world get the help they may need to get inspired. The world is a better place when we’re all chasing our dreams and winning, so I’m just looking to contribute to other people’s lives . Thank you.

  22. I just wanna share how good this video is!

    And how that guy at the left wore bright red socks

  23. Yes, they taught all this in school, you weren’t paying attention probably talking or throwing things like the other kids, while I had to literally ditch most of my senior year in high school to go to the library and actually learn without distractions. Sure on paper I have a low gpa from high school, but it completely shook the counselor at college when I Aced all classes. “You seemed to struggle a lot in high school, this is quite a turn around!”
    “Thanks, I had the confidence just not the right environment”

    This is true on so many levels. Environment matters when it comes to learning.

  24. Why are you saying that these school subjects are important?
    Yeah english is important cause you need it all over the world. But subjects like math?¡. You have to learn soooo much in the school system what you dont need in life. Im now 19 years old and i did my abiture one year ago but i didnt have to use any kind of math in this year. I would prefer subjects that really make your life better, simple things like being more positive. It is so much learning stuff you have to study even though you havent any interests in this kind of stuff. The school system takes my freedom to learn what I really want.

  25. “I think if somebody wants to improve their self-esteem overnight, just study your brain. You’ll get a boost of confidence and pride instantly. Because it is the most incredible thing in the whole universe. It controls everything, our health, relationships, careers, income and etc.”

  26. After watching this, I’m still trying to figure out how to wake up & get my day started, without wanting to be lazy.

  27. This video is so inspiring. I would like like this.😍.give me a goodluck like

  28. i dont have wifi in my home, neitheir insta or fcbk, cause allah help me a lot to be more calm, i live in paris france. Thank god allah

  29. Hey Dr., I'm sleeping like a dead man. I set 4 alarms because everytime I wake up I turn it off and back to sleep. When someone waking me up I'm acting like a drunk man. Sometimes the dream affects my actions for several minutes! How can I treat with this?

  30. On a similar theme….Less is more? … How? That's impossible ! More is more !! Also I don't wanna spend 10 minutes watching this.
    Simple rule and I tell my kids, you want to tell your teachers something or you want to tell your boss something one day ? do it in 20 to 30 seconds other than that you're wasting people's times. Get to it.

  31. btw I open twitter and youtube, i have managing my self on instagram . but i still addicted to twitter and youtube

  32. my advice is better stop gettin brainwashed 🤪 duh by ever know it all big mouth liberal out there it'll save your brain from gettin fryed 👉🏼🤯👍🏼

  33. This why I write when I first wake up and just before bed after washing my face. Vitamines level affect your ability to learn as well. I fixed my vitamine levels and now I can remember things easier and my writing is great and need very little revision. First thing I pick up is a book and my writing and a tea pot and brain pills 😆

  34. Been meditating, and I came to the conclusion that, not only did I not accomplish anything, but I also forgot what I was thinking about.

  35. These smartphones are killing us. I am supposed to go to sleep and here i am watching YouTube on my smartphone 😣

  36. WOW!! School is another problem. The way that tries to put people in the same level instead of investing in what you are good at.

  37. Picking Up the phone and reading some comments when I wake up is the only thing that helps me to get up in the mornings. Really, the screens destroy your sleeping mode, dont check your phone before going to sleep 😪😪😪😪😪

  38. What if you go shower but you think nothing ? Does that make me awaken ? Lol

  39. MGTOW is the philosophy that changes lives, makes you a better person, you stop chasing women, and you only pursue your personal ralization, many men are waking up day after day, they lived like zombies believing a false reality where vanity and vain pleasures ruled them, when you discover this philosophy you take off the blindfold and live with a purpose that is worth it ..!

  40. I watch YouTube for motivation yet it's on a device😫 I'm a shower thinker as well😂

  41. i have a better idea, don't charge the phone. keep it on reserve so you use the phone for important tasks.

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