Women Confess Clothing Trends They Hate

– I hate wearing strapless tops. – Rompers are the worst. – Super dark jeans are awful. (upbeat music) – So I love high-waisted
denim shorts, they’re so cute, but your butt’s always
hanging out, no one wants that and when you sit down, it’s not stretchy, so it just like digs into your skin and it’s so uncomfortable. – Flowy short skirts, every
time I go out and it’s windy, it’s like “whoo” and I’m not trying to be Marilyn Monroe right now. – Body suits, not only
does it make going to the bathroom difficult,
you also have to make sure those two little dangly bits don’t fall into the toilet while you’re peeing. Don’t forget to clip those
little bits back together, cause otherwise you’re gonna have a tail dragging behind you. – Fabric that wrinkles really
easily is absolute trash and I’ not about to start bringing an iron with me everywhere I go. – Dry clean clothes only,
why do they make those? Why can’t I just throw it in the washer? Such a hassle having to
go to the dry cleaners. – Rompers are the worst. Sure they look really cute in the summer, but then you have to go to the bathroom and you end up stripping naked and then just sitting there feeling
very, very exposed. – Super dark jeans are awful. By the end of the day
your hands and your purse are blue from all the
ink coming off of it. – Sheer tops, what bra are
you supposed to wear under it? Bralettes, not everyone
can wear bralettes. – I hate wearing strapless tops. You constantly have to pull them up, why won’t they just stay in place? – Backless tops are the worst. Like, you know, you go into a store and you see a dress or
a top and then you turn it around and all of a
sudden, it has no back. It’s not like everyone can
just casually go braless. – Low-cut running socks. While you’re walking,
they slip into your shoe, which is super uncomfortable and they also leave your
foot exposed for blisters. – Just-a-little-too-short crop tops. Every time you raise your
hand up, you can see your bra. – A good clothing moment
that happened to me was that I found a strappy
dress that I can go braless in because it has enough
support in the chest area. – So recently I got these
high-waisted denim shorts, but these are actually really
comfortable and really cute. – I love thrift shopping,
you can always find cute, original stuff, but for a good deal. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Women Confess Clothing Trends They Hate

  1. When you find a super cute dress but the don't have your size 😡😡🙄🙄

  2. everyone in the comments talking about clothes but is it just me or does the lady wearing all the clothes look like micheal Jackson😂😂

  3. Jeans that sheds little super tiny strings and gets caught in sweaty palms

  4. Ugh female pants with little to no pocket space are the legit worst … that’s why I wear my brothers pants …yaya

  5. Skirts that have shorts in them because they pull up into your butt

  6. I hate tight jeans because soon you’ll be to big for them and they start slipping down so they’ll fall down soon😭

  7. I hate velvet clothes. Everything about them. I hate the feeling of velvet and it makes me shudder if I touch it.

  8. 0:20 Anyone else thinks that girl looks like micheal jackson? xD

  9. Everyone is talking about fake pockets but I’m thinking about how the girl showing the struggles looks like Michael Jackson

  10. Cheers to the girl that suffered wearing all that and giving an example.

  11. Is it just me that thought the woman wearing the outfits looked like Micheal Jackson

  12. the tight jeans thing is what i relate to the most lmao.. in middle school my dress code was literally the dumbest and most sexist thing ever and i couldn’t wear leggings or really any other pants BUT jeans.. and i just remembered hating it cuz jeans are too much of a hassle to find “the perfect fit” and now i’m blessed to be in high school cause there’s actually a reasonable dress code😁😁 cause we can wear leggings, those cute foley pants, track shorts etc.. basically we just don’t gotta look like hookers and well he fine and it’s the best thing ever

  13. Are we gonna talk about the girl "modeling" the clothes looks like Michael Jackson

  14. Are we going to just ignore that the girl looks like Michel Jackson

  15. I hateeeee wen I find a super cute top but it has a low cut …. WHY

  16. Lol I own t shirt and long jeans or sports shorts and of course school uniform

  17. In Italy we call low-cut sock "fantasmini" which means "little ghosts"

  18. I hate fake pockets cuz if u have money and u need to put it in your pocket U CANT THERES NONE

  19. How about likeeee don't wear those kind of clothes? Why do ppl have to argue over EVERYTHING? Jeeeez so annoying

  20. I don’t know if it’s just me or

  21. From a guys point of view it appears that regardless of impracticality or other design characteristics, women in general will still buy just about anything the stores display in the name of fashion. It's like mind control from the designers drawing board. They dictate the trends and women fall for the Venus Flytrap spending trick every time.
    Tongue in cheek ok, but it still seems to be the way it works. Don't get mad at me. I love how women try to look good, but if you do get mad, why do you keep buying it all?

  22. open-back tops are no problem for the us flat girls (if you like not wearing a bra)

  23. Ive literally never had my dark jeans do that, and thats all i wear Jean wise….maybe she needs to invest in better quality jeans….just a thought

  24. As a plus sized girl, any shorts I wear have such bad chafing. My thighs have rubbed together my entire life, even size 6. Im just a big thigh girl ok? Also my breasts are too big for strapless. So, I can't wear any fashionable shoulder bearing tops. Blah

  25. When you think you found something cute at Forever 21 and thn you turn it over and hate the design or saying it has. Sometimes I’d like to see a jean jacket or a shirt that doesn’t say random, such as “Taco Tuesday” or “Girls rock”.

  26. how much is this woman peeing that’s she’s VERY concerned about using the bathroom in everything

  27. The girl that showed all the clothes looks like Michael Jackson.

  28. Half of the comments are about pocketless jeans 😂😂😂but I ageee

  29. All these people annoyed by clothes while there is me:
    With backbrace so i have to wear long pants,can't use tops or short skirts or anything strapless (; – 😉

  30. is no one gonna comment about how the girl going thru all the clothing problems looks like Micheal Jackson

  31. I hate it when it is so hot in the summer that you sweat so much. Then there are giant sweat patches in your arm pits. Like I get self conscious about that!! Like why do we have to sweat and why does it have to leave marks on your shirt!!!!!

  32. If you’re wearing a see-through top wear a bra that matches your skin tone. You won’t see that you’re wearing a bra.

  33. when short sleeve shirts have tiny sleeves that only cover about two inches of arm

  34. I hate tight fitting clothes because i don't want to show off my body because I find it disgusting and I am serious when I say when you try to get me to wear something that's tight fitting I will fight you so I usually go to the boys aisel to get my shirts because they're baggy on me and not everything is pink and it's more comfortable anyways and I also get my shoes in the boys aisel because I hate pink

  35. why does the girl who wears the clothes look like michael jackson after the surgery?

  36. the clothes that annoy me the most is when you go to the store and find something really cute but the material is so uncomfortable and like scratchy but you buy it anyway cause it looks cute in ur closet

  37. I had this cute Dark green shirt with a nice design but the back doesn't have it so it ruin it.I had a a cute shirt but it was a vneck shirt so it exposit almost everything.

  38. The awkward half sleeves they put on women's shirts. When you have bigger arms, it looks terrible.

  39. I don’t really like jeans in general, they make my legs cold and feel weird on my skin while I’m wearing them.

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