Winter/ TRY-ON Clothing Haul

What’s up everyone, welcome to my channel if you’re new here, my name is Marsha and I’m excited to be filming a fall and winter clothing haul I have been wanting to film this forever, but have been living in my own little world of procrastination so We’re already kicking it off with awkward Hand gestures. So without further ado. Let’s go ahead and jump into this haul if you are new to my channel Please hit that subscribe button Thanks, let’s get started already. I’m going to start with what I got at Nordstrom because it’s the first bag in front of me and That’s why We’ll come back to that sweater. The first thing I want to show you that I bought at Nordstrom are these well I’m actually wearing them. So I don’t know I have to show you the empty box But but they are these little gold hoops from made. Well, these were $24, I think these are the medium size I was going to order them online But I’m glad I didn’t because I was going to order the small size and those were too small Great story, but yeah, I really like these earrings. They are really light and I think they’re just the perfect sized hoop So I’m excited about those Next up from Nordstrom. Is this really fun? Bright sweater from BP. I got this in an extra extra small because it is very oversized This is definitely something out of my comfort zone. But I feel like my winter clothes are usually so neutral and light colored and Boring, so I really wanted something bright and fun You can wear this sweater just like a v-neck or you can wear it off the shoulder both shoulders off however, you want it so I know I’ll be wearing this a lot and this sweater was a $39 this next piece I have is from Free People and it’s this faux leather skirt I got it in a size 4 and it was $60. I’m obsessed with this piece I was on the hunt for a fake leather skirt that looked nice I had been trying on so many cheaper ones, but they just looked Cheap or they just don’t look Nice, this one has a very nice finish to it. It’s actually really comfortable and it’s surprise mainly warm I saw a girl out the other day and she had on a leather skirt Black tights and a white like turtleneck sweater And I thought that was such a cute outfit and I get so sick of wearing jeans and leggings in the winter So I just think pairing this with some tights Some booties and a sweater will be a really different when our outfit and I’m so excited to start wearing a skirt I’m actually going to do a whole video on styling it so be on the lookout for that, hopefully Soon next up. I have two pieces from Target target has had so many cute clothes lately I kind of have to stop myself from going into target because I always leave with an article of clothing and so No more target for me. The first piece that I have from Target, is this really cute little animal print tank top This is from the wild fable line at Target. It was only 15 dollars this pairs so nicely with a black cardigan It’s also really cute with a denim jacket So many different ways to style it and it’s the perfect little way to test out the animal print trend I’m not a hundred percent sure how I feel about it. So just kind of can Try it out with this little number What am I saying? The next piece I have from Target is this adorable? White fluffy teddy is this called the teddy? I don’t know. I’m just calling it a fluffy Jacket, this is from their universal thread line, and I got it in a size extra small This thing is surprisingly warm and it’s so comfy It looks great with a black crop top black leggings black booties and just to have this piece Really pop and stand out. The only thing with it I will say is that it sheds? Like crazy. I haven’t rolled it a couple times and that’s helped a bit But I don’t even care it can shut all over me. It’s so cute. I Love it the next few pieces of clothing. I have to show you are both from H&M And the first one is this really pretty light pink sweater. This was $20. I got it in a size extra small It’s so soft. It’s so cozy and I just envisioned wearing this with black jeans or black leggings and then knee-high black boots So I think this will be a staple peace for the winter the other piece I have from H&M Is this red and white striped sweater? I got this in a size small it was $17.99. This is definitely a bold piece. I think it’s like a lot on camera Even I kind of feel like the Where’s Waldo Guy when I have it on Insert a picture of Waldo here so You know If you’re going to like a really crowded area and you want your friends and family to find you just throw on your Where’s Waldo? sweatshirt or sweater and They’ll find you. So that is everything I have to show you that is fashion related I did want to share with you one more product It’s kind of random, but I’m really excited about it, and I wanted to tell you guys about it So it is this collapsible reusable straw from the final straw? I bought this months ago during their Kickstarter campaign that they did so it is a little reusable straw comes in a little keychain Carrier and it folds up like so when you’re ready to use it then you just snap it together It’s really easy to fold back up and put it in your keychain And I just got this because I get a lot of smoothies out coffee out tea out Beverages out and I felt like I was going through so many plastic straws So this way I can just always have it in my purse. I feel like Harry Potter So that’s fine. The other thing is that it came with a really cool little drying rack in here and this little warmish thing is actually what you use to clean your straw, which I think is really clever because I have so many reusable straws and They are paying to clean. So this one just slides through Into the straw like so and then you can clean it out. I think this is an awesome product I want to say it was around 20 or 25 dollars But if you’re like me and you get a lot of coffee out or water out Whatever you do and you want to have a little straw This product is for you and it’s really cool. Plus it’s a cute like Look at how cute this color is Adorable so make sure you check them out. I’ll leave their website and all their info down below already So that is it for today’s video. Thank you so much for watching this haul Please subscribe to my channel and I will see you in my next video

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