Why you don’t like shopping clothes | shopping for clothes part 1

Are you dreaming of being chic but you
struggle with shopping for clothes? Maybe you just don’t like it or you feel
overwhelmed when you’re out in the store? If you want to know how you can overcome these shopping struggles and make shopping less overwhelming and more fun, then stay tuned. Hi, welcome back, nice to have you here! If you’re new to my channel:
welcome! I am Thea and you’ve come to the right place if you want to create the chic and confident life of your dreams. On this channel I do a lot of videos about style, confidence, positive lifestyle, self-care and if you are interested in these topics, then you’re welcome to subscribe. Today, I want to talk with you about your shopping struggles and the reasons for them. This is the first of two videos I want to do about the topic of shopping struggles. Today, I want to go deeper into the reasons for why you are struggling with shopping and in one of my upcoming videos that are planned for June, I will give you some more practical shopping tips. Alright, let’s get started! Many women often struggle with shopping because they don’t know what’s really for them. They buy something because it looks nice on the hanger and they think they like it on the first view or maybe they just buy something because it’s on trend, but when they have it at home they don’t wear it. For some reason they feel it’s not the right choice and it’s not for them. Maybe it looked flattering, when it was on the hanger or on the mannequin but it doesn’t flatter their figure or maybe the pattern is not good on them, or it’s just sending the wrong message. And then they end up with pieces in the wardrobe that they just wore once or twice or maybe that even have the price tag on them. I know that problem I have been there, too! It’s so frustrating, isn’t it? You spent a lot of time going out shopping, you spend a lot of money and you still have nothing to wear. Other women always buy the same basic pieces and then they start feeling bored and they start to lose the fun they once had in shopping. The results are the same. When you belong to one of these two groups, in the long run you will lose your fun and your creativity. You start feeling frustrated with your style. In one case you have a wardrobe full of things that don’t go together, in the other case you just have basics and feel bored. Maybe you start feeling overwhelmed because you don’t know what to buy , maybe you start to avoid going out shopping for clothes or maybe you even hate to go into an apparel store. You don’t know, what cuts or hemlines or necklines really look great on you and really work with your body type. You don’t know what fits your proportions and what can help you to look slimmer or taller. Maybe you’re drawn to clothing with a
great hanger appeal and you buy that. This means clothing that looks great on
a hanger or when it’s draped beautifully on a mannequin and you’re lured into buying it, but when you are wearing it, it doesn’t fit your body type or it doesn’t look great at all. Or maybe you’re buying things because you like it – you have seen a celebrity wearing that or you have seen it in a magazine on a great picture and you buy that and try to recreate that look, but it’s not working for you because you have another kind of body type or other proportions. Or maybe you would love to look more feminine and delicate and therefore you buy these ethereal looking girly girl dresses with all the flowers and all the ruffles or
the embroidery – you know this beautiful boho chic. But once you’re at home you never wear them, because they just don’t fit your down-to-earth personality. As a personal stylist and an image coach it’s my job to know what looks great on me and on others. So I can walk into a store and see things that I really like but I know they’re not for me – – like this kind of boho chic stuff I just talked about. I can see clothing and I can really like it, but in some cases I know that it’s just not for me. Some of these clothing items just don’t match my personal style and my unique chic, but maybe they will look great on a client of mine or on a friend of mine and then I will go and tell them. I came to peace with that. I have to admit, in the beginning I struggled with the idea that not everything is for me. I loved to go out and spend my money on clothing and buy everything I liked, but since I developed my unique style personality more and more, I more and more came to peace with that. I know that I have kind of difficult proportions and I know that patterns are a really big difficulty for me – most patterns are just not for me – but I can still be creative and playful with my style and mix-and-match all the things that work for me and try out some new things. If you don’t know your style and your proportions and what works for you, then chances are great that you end up with a wardrobe that is a mess. It just won’t work because nothing goes together. You may have a ton of stuff but still feel like you have nothing to wear, because nothing goes together. You can’t build nice outfits, you can’t combine things… So, what is the solution for your
problem with shopping? If you want to overcome your shopping struggles you have to take the time and effort to find out what really works for you ! Actually, my next upcoming video is about personal style. To help you get more clarity in finding your unique chic and your personal style I will film a video soon about creating a signature style, so you can look forward to that. And I already have a video on my channel about finding your best colours, which is also a great part if you want to know what colour works for you and your personal style and will link it for you up here in the corner and down in the description box. I would highly recommend to watch it, if you haven’t seen it yet. If you don’t have the time or the patience to figure everything out on your own, then you can still go and find some professional help from a credible personal stylists or an image consultant. There is a reason why there are people like me out there, who are working in that business. Creating and developing your personal style can really be an exciting journey and sometimes it takes a little time. Hiring an expert can have many advantages. So, for example: if my clients are tough nuts when it comes to shopping, then I will go into the stores with them and teach them personally how they can be more effective when it comes to shopping for their personal style, so they don’t have to feel overwhelmed in the future when they have to shop alone. I really hope this video helped you understand why you don’t like shopping in the first place, but I hope it also helped you to find out what you can do about it. I hope you got some ideas what you can change or maybe a little bit of inspiration on developing your personal style. As I mentioned in the beginning, in one of my upcoming videos I will give you some more tips and tricks on shopping and what you can do to make shopping less stressful and more relaxed and not so overwhelming. And if you need some more help or you have some questions on developing your personal style, then you’re welcome to leave me a comment down below in the comment section or you can also write me on facebook or on my website – you will find the links down below. And if you liked this video and found it helpful then give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to share it with friends of yours who also struggle with going shopping. That’s it for today, for more content like this subscribe to my channel if you
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unique beautiful self! Bye!

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