Which Jeans Give You The Best Butt? (TEST)

100 thoughts on “Which Jeans Give You The Best Butt? (TEST)

  1. yalıyım kılı götunu osur osurt koklaya koklaya  yalıyım göt deliğini

  2. …a.k.a Link being weirded out by being attracted to his male best friend in butt-baring women's skinny-jeans for 13 minutes straight.

  3. Damnnnn…😉😏😍
    (Sometimes I forget they're 40 year old men with families)

  4. I really hope their children didn’t watch this episode 😂

  5. i just prey to god no one walks in on me looking at grown men prance around in womens jeans

  6. i always wonder how there kids go to school knowing that this is out there

  7. I really just watched two grown men slap each others ass for thirteen minutes

  8. I love that they are this comfortable with their sexuality and each other that they can do this.

  9. Wow, Link did an awesome downward-facing dog. I can't do it anywhere near as well, even without tight jeans and heels.

  10. Rhett: plunging toilet “oh, it… it released”
    My (male) friend: so did I


  11. They should bring drag queens on the show. They've already learned how to wear heels

  12. also the ending vid was so freaking cute. this entire episode is just iconic

  13. when two guys in heels wearing women's jeans look better than you… oh well

  14. Wtf. How am I just seeing this? I thought I’ve watched pretty much every episode. And guys…wtf 😂

  15. This is what girls are doing when they disappear to the restroom with their friends

  16. AHAHAHAHAHA Rhetts and Links butt jiggles!!😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Thats the best episode ever omg😂😂😂
    Just think how awkward it would have been if Rhett and Link were females

  17. I love how they slow down the spank, and make the sound even more pronounced lol

  18. i was excited to see the comments on the video you sent us to and they disabled the comments there 🙁

  19. I feel bad for the Bob Ross on Link's shirt. He has to watch this all up close and personal.

  20. We are all living our best lives, watching two "fully grown", middle aged dudes that also have children, slapping each others asses in womens jeans and heels on the internet 🤣

  21. I made a doody, I made a doody.

  22. Lol they shoulda done the pop and snap from legally blonde instead of just bending over haha

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