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In this video, I talk about what kind of clothing
you’re going to need for your new baby. One of the ways I’ve been able to survive
having had 5 kids in 6 and half years is that for the first months I really don’t worry
too much about what my baby’s wearing. I just keep him or her in pajamas and if I
can, front snap pajamas, which are much easier to take on and off. These days you can find a lot of very comfortable,
cute pajamas such as some of the ones I’ve laid out here which have little designs on
the feet or ruffles if you have a girl or dogs if you have boy and they’re just adorable. They’re super practical. And your baby is sleeping for half the day
anyway so it’s just comfortable and nice for your baby to be in pajamas. When you go into buy your pajamas, don’t pay
so much attention to what the age indication is on the pajamas. They will say things like 0-3, 3 months or
3-6 or 6-9 or even sometimes 6-12. There’s a really wide variety when it comes
to these ages so what you want to do is bring a pajama that fits your baby right now and
go and buy something that’s similar to that size but a little bit bigger. That way you know your getting something that
the baby can wear. And you do want to buy big because these pajamas
are going to tend to go in the dryer a lot so they will shrink. Also your baby is going grow very, very fast. So go for the front snap pajamas, buy them
big, and get some cute little designs and patterns that you’ll be happy seeing your
baby in whether inside the house or outside the house.

14 thoughts on “What Size Baby Clothes To Buy | CloudMom

  1. u r awesome.. two boys have sucked the life out of me n now im having a third boy hahahaha God help me…

  2. When it comes to baby clothes, I say go BIG.  For that and other tips, watch my video:

  3. I don't know if I'm sane or not — ha ha — the videos keep me distracted from worrying too much about the kids!

  4. Yes!!! Pj's with snaps!! Love those. I let the grammas get baby boy his outfits…..I literally bought nothing but pjs, socks, swaddlers and a bunting!

  5. I agree I keep my newborns in footies for months. Even more so having three fall babies because those socks never stay on.

  6. Must of my baby clothes is 3-6 mths, and just a few is actually newborn sizes!

  7. Hey i'm back.. having my fourth n yet again a boy! Haha due on march 20th
    4 boys! your videos r a huge help.. I can't thank you enough for sharing.. God bless you! 🙂

  8. I need information about preemi babies…clothing..bathing.. Feeding tips…everything helps!!

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