What Most People Don’t Know About Niki And Gabi

Their channel may be light and fluffy, but
it’s no joke. Niki and Gabi DeMartino are 21-year-old YouTube
sensations who have almost five million subscribers and over 418 million views. What started as a place to share their parodies
and music favorites has since become a beauty vlog success.Today, the DeMartino sisters
continue to reach new heights and expand their brand — while still keeping a semblance
of a normal 20-something life at the same time. Let’s take a look at some facts you may not
know about these beauty gurus. How it all started Niki and Gabi had a love for creating video
content even before YouTube hit big.They told Cambio how it all started back in 2008. They would carry a webcam around the house
making remakes, parodies,and cover band music videos. They loaded them up to YouTube,in what would
eventually become a beauty channel sensation. They explained to Teen Vogue that their original
channel was called 00RemakeGirls, filled with just parody content. They noticed, however, the comments they were
receiving overwhelmingly beauty-related. How did they do their hair? How did they do their makeup? Niki and Gabi saw this as an opportunity,
and created a separate channel called NikiGabiBeauty, which was eventually changed to its current
title of Niki and Gabi. Today when you look at their YouTube page,
they’ve combined everything they love from their different channels — from music videos,
to tutorials, to DIY projects. After all, why should they have to choose
one? A rocky start The DeMartino twins continue to grow their
fan base into the multi-millions. But when the duo started their videos, YouTube
wasn’t the sensation it is now. Speaking with YSBnow, the twins shared their
experiences when first starting to create their video content. “Back when we started, nobody did it, so everybody
kind of put us into this separate category and thought we were weird.” And who seemed to struggle the most with understanding
their interest in posting content? Niki and Gabi’s parents. As soon as the two high schoolers stopped
being social, their parents knew something was up. They’d lock themselves in their rooms and
film for hours. “They would ask us, ‘What are you doing?’ They thought we were wasting away our high
school and not making memories, but here we had something in our head and we were working
at it.” Though their parents were worried about their
lack of concentration on their studies, it all worked out in the end. Both girls are studying in college, while
at the same time creating their content and expanding their well-known brand. Bad breakup leads to good music After creating musical parodies for years,
the DeMartino twins were ready to become original singers. The song “First” was released on January 1,
2017, and during an interview with AOL, the girls opened up about the song’s origins. Gabi explained that she worked on the song
with a friend over the summer, trying to make it relatable to their age group. But after her sister suffered a bad breakup,
she thought it might help. Turns out it did: “She calls me, like, I just listened to this
five times, know all the words, this is my new favorite song. Let’s make this a single, let’s do this. And I was, like, oh my god, I didn’t even
think of it like that.” It was a positive song that helped in a personal,
negative situation. Niki elaborated on the song’s power: “I think every girl should have this song.” “Every girl needs it.” “Every girl needs it. It’s a ‘feel good, be sassy, not sad’ song.” And all their fans seemed to agree. Just a few weeks after the twins unveiled
the song and music video on YouTube, the content had almost four million views. You go, girls! How they balance their busy lives Running a YouTube channel, being college students,
having fun, keeping up relationships…the DeMartino twins are busy. Speaking with Glitter Magazine, the girls
explain that they handle their busy schedule by planning ahead and creating an agenda. They schedule time for boyfriends, downtime,
school studies, and of course, video creation. Gabi emphasizes that school is a top priority
for them. Though they’re both majoring in communications,Niki’s
minoring in journalism, and Gabi has a special love for costume history. There’s no question they’ll one day bring
their studies to their work and continue to create even more amazing projects. A day off? What they would do Being so busy with school, boyfriends, family
and their business ventures, it makes you wonder when the DeMartino sisters have any
free time to just have fun. Glitter Magazine asked just this question
— what would Niki and Gabi’s perfect day off look like? Niki said, “Not having anything to do! I’d get to sleep in until mid-afternoon, and
just lay around watching movies or TV shows, being cozy in my bed, and just having a complete
relaxing day.” And as for Gabi, she doesn’t mind leaving
her bed — at least for part of the day. She told the magazine her perfect day off
included, “Definitely going shopping with my friends,
baking, or just lying in my bed watching old films — specifically (my favorite) Breakfast
at Tiffany’s.” Their tips for YouTubers So what do these YouTube pros suggest to those
who want to take the same path and find success with their content? Gabi told AOL, “Stay raw to who you are. Don’t try to be any other YouTuber but yourself,
and upload constantly.” Niki added her own two cents as well, focusing
on the idea that the content you post should be important to you. “Being like passionate about what you’re making
and putting it up there and being proud of it and being yourself 100 percent is what’s
going to really be successful because you have to be true to you!” And even if you don’t want to be a YouTube
sensation, Niki and Gabi give advice along those same lines to teens in general. They told Glitter Magazine, they understand
how harsh kids can be in high school or middle school. But ultimately you’ll realize that their
opinions don’t matter. They said, “Just to be you, and not care what anyone
else thinks. If you do you, you’ll be happiest.” At such a young age, Niki and Gabi have found
their calling and stay true to themselves through it all. Can’t wait to see what happens for them next! Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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