What I Sold on Poshmark in October & November 2019 • Part-Time Clothing Reseller

Alright! Welcome back to my channel; my
name is Jody Mitoma and I am a part-time reseller on Poshmark. I live in
Canada but I resell on Poshmark the US platform so I don’t actually ship to
Canadians just Americans. So let’s just get right into it without skipping a
beat – So the last thing that sold just 23 minutes ago is this NHL Reebok
Edmonton Oilers hat — So most of my stuff I get at the bins at the Goodwill bins
or the Outlet Center or the Impact Center; it has different names, but that’s
where I get most of my inventory so I pay no more than $2 for anything that I
pick up for example this jacket would probably be closer to that $2 mark
because it’s rather heavy but then I’m planning on getting just hats moving
forward so once my current inventory is no longer I will just I will only be
focusing on picking up hats moving forward so but I still do have about 550
to 600 inventory that is not hats but and so for example for hats I can– that’s
only about 10 cents worth because you pay by the weight at the Goodwill bins so
10 cents for hats, 2 bucks for this and so this is a Fiori a denim jacket
vintage paid two bucks probably and sold it for 14 also keep in mind if I say 2
bucks I guess that’s two bucks Canadian is
what I paid for at the bins and then these prices that you’re seeing on the
screen here are American USD so this would be closer to about 18 bucks
Canadian then you’ve godda take the fees out and all that so I’m not gonna mention
that every time just keep that in mind going forward so this one sold 14 bucks
this beanie probably got at the bins yeah I got at the bins probably 10 cents
five cents salt for seven American this champion athletic zip up top sold for 13
this one year I actually got at Plato’s Closet 90% off sale this is the beef this is Versace slower
and V Italia 1969 VG or something I don’t know exactly what it it’s here
1969 VT Italia so that one 446 retail but I sold it for 28 so I’m happy with
that playin us keep in mind and so I got this at the Google bins actually for
this would be about 50 cents so that’s pretty sweet
I’m pretty sure the reason this was that the bins is because it was a couple
little yellow stains on it that might even want with a wash so I did I did let
them know that in the description of course next is just this glasses case
from Dolce & Gabana that went for 10 bucks I probably picked it up for $1 at
the Goodwill thrift store this is a buffalo Dave invitin sweater very soft
Google bins probably for about 75 cents and then sold for 9 bucks but like hat I
was surprised at this sold but at 10 bucks probably paid 10 cents
Coors Light I had this forever for ages and ages and ages like oh but yes sold
for 11 bucks that’s cool and this was nice I actually found two
of these at the little bins one was identical to this one except for where
the green is it was red instead and I’m pretty sure these were vintage
absolutely close the tag and everything that one for 25 and I figure the other
one went for but around 20 or 25 as well and those were probably about 75 cents
apiece as well I took the little bins very light wind breakers this is a
marital button-up buttoned down yeah probably paid 50 cents and sold for
10 lrg this is a fairly popular brand probably played about 50 cents sold for
nine bucks not quite sure how you might have paid a couple bucks for this one
had a thrift store but it’s all free eleven no actually that was at the
goodwill bins yeah that one was at the globe in Seoul
50 cents for this shirt here newer tags even though the Tigers cut in half but
still no attacked and 11 bucks this yeah this would be
about a dollar at the Google bins I’m telling you can find some great
stuff with a Google bins it’s crazy it’s crazy what you find there and sell it
for 20 bucks us so 20 bucks you guys would probably be about 26 27 bucks
Canadian as a just to give you guys an idea if you’re Canadian Taylor Taylor
bird this is older I picked this off at a thrift store Saudi water they probably
would’ve been about six dollars Canadians or about four bucks USD and it
sold for ten so that wasn’t too good this was goodwill bin probably about a
dollar and then sold for eight nine West this is FootJoy they’re knowing more for
their shoes but I found this at the Google bins for about 35 cents quite
light and silver eight bucks DKNY Google bins probably like 30 cents 20 cents and
seven bucks this New Kids on the Block vintage shirt I picked this up for it
would be about eight bucks Canadian all said and done
it sold for 18 American so that’s okay I’d actually picked this up I actually
bought this from curiosity incorporated you may or may not know who that is
Alex Archbold there’s I think it’s Alex Archibald he lives in Edmonton Alberta
he owns we call it he owns a store a shop where he sells
like vintage stuff and things like that and so yeah I got to meet him and then I
picked that up from him picked up another shirt and a jacket as well
that’s still in my shop but anyway moving on we have this CN Canadian
National Railway I also vintage at the bins fill about 1020 cents and then sold
for 11 bucks no sorry no no and this is well so this I actually purchased for
myself I would say about about five years ago I say Johnson work with her 2
piece set so as you can see this is the top jacket here and then that has the
bottom bib I think you call later yeah and then it has the straps the jacket
had a lot of grease stains on it as you can see here used quite a bit I was a
bike for about five six years ago I had purchased this for $1000 Canadian at
marks work warehouse brand-new that was a weird choice but anyway so 800 us
that’s why that it doesn’t see a thousand there because this is American
Washburn comma here but these two here sold us a bundle and they went for 125
so not bad I’m pleased with that this jacket has been next he just sitting in
my closet for the past four five years so it’s good to see it go and get a
hundred twenty-five bucks out of it so next is these Lululemon leggings I
probably would’ve picked this up at a thrift store for about six dollars
Canadian sold for 25 US this chaps Ralph Lauren chaps isn’t that good of a brand
but I think this was out the Google bins for about 50 cents and then sold for
eight books US goodwill bins 10 cents sold for 8 bucks this is just a Las
Vegas I don’t even know what brand it is sano cap and nothing this is a
Jagermeister hat that’s well for 18 bucks so that’s pretty exciting right
there um also I think goodwill bins so again 10 cents it’s got the vented cap
says on the back I like to take pictures of my hats on me on my styrofoam head
that I got at the goodwill thrift store for like a dollar or two this would they
had that during Halloween they had a whole wall of them next this is this
Burberry sweater or sweatshirt and the elbow pads and this mm-hmm
I think I don’t know I think no this would probably would be at the goodwill
thrift store yeah seventy six or seven dollars Canadian Nestle 431 my head
except for quite a while and it wasn’t selling like I had first to put it up
for about 50 or 60 something like that and then wasn’t going sighs anyway sold
for thirty one little lemon this is a scoop of hoody I love selling school
booties anything Lululemon I love selling but especially school buddies
I’ve sold at least like probably one one like over ten for sure
twelve but this one went for thirty dollars
didn’t I mean I’ve sold some scuba hoodies for like eighty five ninety
bucks but what can you do moving on we have this Timberland jacket and I got
this hectic little bins as well so I probably would have paid about a buck
fifty maybe two bucks for that and then it sold for nineteen us this one I was
very pleased with that’s I think I’ve got this at a Google fair store yeah and
so I would have paid about seven dollars six or seven dollars Canadian as usual
and that’s all though for fifty dollars u.s.
the reason I priced it up 50 bucks is if you guys I can pretty sure that’s higher
than other people yeah look at this one right here very similar style to mine
and it’s going for $18 it’s on your twenty bucks
but I love the baby blue I love the two color whatever you I love that style and
I’d wear this a couple times and I wanted to keep it for myself so
that’s why I did raise it to 50 bucks because I was other than that I probably
put up for 35 or 40 but somebody bought it for 50 bucks so I was definitely okay
with that well definitely okay with selling it at
that price because I had price day where I would be happy enough to no longer be
able to wear it anyway moving on we have this Tommy Hilfiger button-down for a
woman and this would’ve been at the goodwill bin so about fifty cents and
sold for seven bucks us always you’re sorry I keep saying
that um Goodwill bins probably went above ten cents here it sold for $10
just as a kid’s hat so that was it took more time to sell that anything kids
takes way more time for me probably for most people this is a Columbia zip up
Hoodie and this was also at the Google bins so about a dollar maybe a dollar 25
and sold through $23 so that was a good pickup for sure and then last um initial
today is this seven for all mankind jeans I think I got these I think these
this pair here I got for free as a birthday gift my sister and her husband
gave me a cold I got a garbage bag full of clothing that they were getting rid
of and so they gave that to me to sell on Poshmark and that was my birthday
gift which is awesome and so this was part of that birthday gift just just
these 30 bucks us I got for these so thank you very much Tiffany and Justin
for that and so yeah that’s everything that’s sold there here let me just put
that back so not gonna take up too much more of your time I really appreciate
you guys stopping by and I guess we’ll see you on the next one bye bye

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