What I Got at Aritzia Warehouse Sale 2019

All right, hi everyone I’m back home now And I’m gonna be doing a small little haul I only got five things at the warehouse sale today I got there at around 9:30 and I didn’t get in until like 10:20 ish So that was about a long time waiting the line and I didn’t leave the building until 12:00 p.m So it was about a good two hours digging around and looking through all of the racks. I only picked up five things Just mostly sweaters and long sleeve t-shirts for the fall and winter season There were a lot of good deals on jackets and blazers if you’re into that and there were also mittens and scarves. So, um, Without further ado. Let’s start on my haul The first item that I got was this orange tank top with a straight neckline Then I got a white long-sleeve button down shirt perfect for layering in the wintertime Next I got a Sunday Best sweater with a heart in the front Then I got two cardigans the first one this cropped green ribbed cardigan with three buttons down the front And then lastly I got this pumpkin coloured cardigan again, which is more baggier and it also got two buttons down the front Yes, that’s all I got!

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  1. so good! i just posted my video on the warehouse sale aswell if u wanna watch it 🙂

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