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Hi everybody, Melissa here. So I have a show about nursing in public and
really one of the key things about nursing in public and about nursing when you’re home
is finding something you can wear in which you feel totally comfortable. So I don’t know about you but for me when
I’m home my standard outfit is a comfortable camisole, a pair of yoga pants. Okay, if I feel very cold I just throw a cardigan
on top and this to me this works the best. I don’t like to be at home, dealing with my
kids, giving the bath, kids are coming, they’ve been doing play dough or crayons or whatever
their hands are filthy and the second I have something decent on their like “hi mommy.” And I don’t want to be one of those moms that’s
like “don’t touch me.” So I always change the second I get home and
I put these things on. And I know there are some moms out there that
get dressed up at the end of the day for their husbands and God bless them but that’s something
I just don’t do -sorry honey. I just really have to do what works so this
to me has been the best thing. Now just a quick word about camisoles- all
camisoles are not created alike. This is what I have found. The one I’m wearing right now, you can see
it just has a lot of stretch in it. And it’s a very easy camisole to nurse in
because you pull down, you unbuckle your nursing bra, and you have very easy access and when
you’re finished it stretches right back into place. Okay, I’ve got a couple other camisoles here,
which I love but they actually haven’t been as effective for nursing. This one for example is a ribbed camisole,
you can see it, and it’s really, really nice but the second you use it to nurse it gets
stretched out after one or two times and then it’s no longer good for the things you need
to use it for. Okay, and here’s another example of a camisole
that works in that way. It’s nice thin cotton, I love it, it’s super
comfortable but it stretches out of shape. Meanwhile, this one I’ve had for a couple
babies and it’s really, really just been great. It’s got this lace thing so you can sort of
flip it down and then it flips back into place and it doesn’t get ruined. So these camisoles are really great. Now I have these in a bunch of different colors. And what I do is, I wear them at home and
then when I’m going out what I often do, when I’m going out with my baby, is I just throw
a button down shirt on top. And this is just such an easy, easy thing
to do and it’s really conducive to nursing. Let me try to get my hanger out of my shirt. Here’s another one that’s brown. Sorry I brought my whole wardrobe in here
today, but this is really important stuff. And it’s just easy when you don’t have to
worry about what to wear. You have your own little uniform. And it also makes it easier in the morning
because you’re not running around being like “what do I wear.” So look you’ve got your little button down
shirt here. Okay and when you want to nurse, you take
your burp cloth, you get your baby situated, you sling your burp cloth over your shoulder,
you just unbutton the top few buttons of your button down shirt and you just stretch down
your camisole. And you’re all set. This just a super easy thing. Now in terms of fashion, I also think you
get a lot of bang for your buck because you can have a very plain shirt on top, this one
is denim color, you can also do a white shirt which is very nice and very classic, I’ve
got one here and what you can do is you can just vary the camisoles that you use underneath. This one is chocolate brown, this one is green,
this one is yellow, and you can have a lot of different looks without actually having
a lot of different clothes. You might only have a few button down shirts
and then you’ve got a bunch of camisoles and you’re kind of getting a lot of bang for your
buck. Okay, so again easy, easy simple things to
wear which give you a lot of access. Here’s another great shirt — button down,
you can wear a camisole underneath, it’s going to be very easy for you to nurse your baby
in public. Okay, so sorry I brought out so many examples
but I wanted you guys to have these. Now, a couple things quickly about accessories
-most of us when we’re at this time are trying to sort of deemphasize what’s going on over
here and emphasize what’s going up here. Okay, so if you’ve got these simple outfits,
simple solid button down shirts, a camisole what you can do because the baby is not doing
this yet at this stage, you just buy a couple reasonably priced fun accessories. Like look at this necklace, you can put it
right here, that looks really cute with a white shirt and it’s not going to impact your
nursing. And you can also get some fun earrings, colored
earrings. So again, just adds a little bit of color,
adds a little bit of fun and the attention is all here and you’re keeping it away from
the part of you that you might feel a little self conscious about such as I did, your post
partum belly. Okay, keep in mind with these earrings this
is really something nursing wise you’re only going to be able to do at the beginning because
your baby is going to get big and she’s going to start to think those earrings are pretty
fun and she’s going to start to tug at them so you can only do this in the beginning. Okay, couple more things that I wanted to
show that are nice for summer. This kind of a blouse again because it is
a button down it gives you access is a super nursing blouse. It’s got this fun ruffle, it’s very feminine,
and it’s very pretty. It’s going to be easy for you to unbuckle
and go. This is another example, I love this, it’s
Express it was not expensive at all. It has a nice ruffle, it has buttons, very
reasonably priced, light, sort of loose on the bottom, great thing for nursing. And now I’m going to tell you what not to
do. Look at this adorable shirt. Okay, it’s got ruffles, it’s sleeveless, it
looks nice and cool, but guess what? This is actually really hard to nurse in. The only way to nurse in this shirt is to
pull it down like this, which you can’t do because this is a ribbon so it won’t stretch,
or to pull up from here. And this is what I ended doing with my first
baby and I was ruining all my clothes. And I finished nursing and I’m like “oh my
God, everything is so stretched out.” So you take this nice outfit and by the constant
motion of pulling it up like this and stretching it around your middle, it’s going to lose
its shape. So with these things I would just put them
in my closet and I would save them until after I’m finished nursing because you don’t want
to destroy your really good stuff for later on down the line when you want to wear it
in a way that’s more fitted and nice. So anyway hopefully these little pointers
will help you guys get organized in the morning, help you figure out what you want to wear
at home, what you want to wear when you’re out, and remember that there are ways to punch
some fun in this fashion wise and that, you know, you should hopefully feel comfortable
being out with your baby in public.

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  2. You didn't mention which brand of camisole you spoke so highly of. Please let us know!

  3. They are called Eloise and I bought them at Anthropologie — if you go on my site and look under Lists and Schedules, there is a link where I list nursing equipment I love —

  4. What clothes would you recommend for winter? My baby is due end of January and although I'm not planning on going out until the end of Feburary, start of March for long periods we're meant to have the coldest winter in two decades this year… 

  5. i love that you made a video about this. With my first I couldn't figure it out and ended up pumping to bottle feed  in public… the light bulb came on with my 2nd when he refused a bottle. However, I don't prefer button shirts over a camisole— I recommend any looser fitting shirt (t-shirt or dress shirt will do) over a camisole. Camisole goes down over the breast I'm nursing with and the while outer shirt comes up. This provides an added layer (over the breast) for privacy without needing a cover or burp cloth draped over top of my otherwise bare cleavage. You just have to make sure its pulled up enough not to be in baby's airway.

  6. Then there are also nursing scarves which might be warm at certain times of the year they pack perfectly in a diaper bag if not worn as an infinity scarf.

  7. Also zippered tops are super easy for breastfeeding & babies onesies 🙂

  8. Nice tank top, I want to buy nursing bra in Amazon , I found one : https://www.amazon.com/Lightly-Wirefree-Maternity-Breastfeeding-Nursing/dp/B01CQPPKJ2/

    deserves my purchase?

  9. I saw these tank tops on Target.com that can unclip for breastfeeding.

  10. Love your vídeos!
    How do you handle BF in public? How do you respond to a not nice comment and looks?
    What are the laws I can use to guarantee that right out in the public?

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