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Welcome back guys, I’m Natalie, I’m Malindi
and this is wedding advice by Pink Book. Today we have the amazing Janita Toerien, she featured
in one of our previous videos, Wedding Dress Trends for 2020 and today she is talking about
the different body shapes and the dresses to go with the different body shapes. Very
very interesting, this is a go-to video for any bride, so enjoy and happy planning! Welcome
back guys, I’m Natalie, Stefan! HA AAH! Stefan! Hi, I’m Janita Toerien and today we are going
to look at how to dress for your body type. A lot of women want to feel comfortable on
their wedding day. Uh comfort looks different to different people and I’m going to have
a look and show you at how you can dress for the body type that you have. We commonly get
five different main shapes. Uhm the common ones are the hour glass shape, pear shape,
triangle, rectangle and the apple figure, so a quick review of the five different body
types, when we look at an hour glass, we really see an hour glass shape, where the bust is
wider, the waist is more narrow and the hips are wider again. This is for most people the
ideal body shape. Uhm when we look at the pear shape it’s a more narrow bust, narrow
waist and wider hips. This is a very common shape that we see with the women in South
Africa. Uhm when we look at the triangle shape, it’s often where you find it in swimmers or
people that work out their upper bodies a lot, uh you get broader shoulders, with a
narrow waist, narrow hips. Then when we look at a rectangular shape it’s a body shape that
doesn’t have a lot of definition going from the bust to the waist to the hips. Uhm and
then lastly we do have the apple shape, where this is also a very common shape, uhm quite
a big bust, more of a protruding tummy and then narrow hips. So I have three models with
me today, we have a beautiful hour glass shape, we have a triangle shape and we have an apple
shape. A lot of people struggle with the apple and the triangle shape, it’s not a shape that
you find clothing for very often. If you have a look on the internet and you google what
to wear for your shape, it gives you very little to work with. What I would like to
do today is show you what more can be done and that you don’t necessarily have to stick
within the rules to make it work for you. We are also going to have a look at the hour
glass shape, even though it is a very easy silhouette to dress or an easy body type to
dress. Uhm we’re going to have a look at how we can have fun with it and just do something
a little bit different to make it your own. So here we have Claire, Claire is our hour
glass shape for today. You’ll see with Claire that she’s got really good shoulders, nice
bust, you will see that she’s got a tiny waist, if she turns around you’ll see that there’s
a beautiful indent in her back going out to a nice bottom. Uhm and that is our ideal hour
glass shape, so uhm we’re going to have a look at how to accentuate a little bit more
when you’re wearing a wedding dress. So with Claire because she’s got an hour glass figure,
we really want to keep the shape of her body, we want to accentuate that, uhm because she’s
got a beautiful proportion between her shoulders, the narrow waist and beautiful hips, we didn’t
want to take any of that away. By using two different tones where it’s black on the skirt
and a more nude colour on the bodice, we immediately create a line in the waist and that complements
the narrow waistline, it accentuates it and ja it just adds to the beautiful shape. Uhm
with an hour glass you can also where anything you want to really and not a lot of people
can wear halter necklines uhm it often creates a disproportion when you have slopy shoulders
or when you have broad shoulders but because Claires got an hour glass figure, you can
pull off this halter neckline. Uhm we also didn’t want to shorten her bodice, so we kept
it quite high with the high neckline around here and to elongate her figure, even more,
we added the flowing leaves down here, we added gathers in the waistline creating these
beautiful vertical pleads. So when you do want to accentuate the hour glass figure,
try and keep with something that is fitted. Uhm wearing a shift dress that just goes straight
down from the bust to the hips is not going to do anything for your figure. Uhm I firmly
believe women have curves uh doesn’t matter where they are but use it and dress for that
shape to accentuate it, so here we have the fitted bodice that beautifully just fits snuggly
around her boobs, goes into the waist and then flows down softly to the skirt. This
is obviously not a traditional white wedding dress but for me, it’s important that it suits
the bride’s personality and not only her figure, so we wanted to make it personal. Claire loves
gold, she loves black uhm the uh birds here have a significant meaning to claire and her
husband and we want to incorporate those details and not just focus on what suits the figure
but also what suits the person inside. Marnel is a nice example of an apple figure. Uhm
with the apple figure you get the bigger bust, you get a bit more of a tummy here, where
it doesn’t dent in but often goes out a little bit and then again with narrower hips. Uhm
when we also look at the body shapes, you need to remember that a body shape comes from
where you carry your weight. With apple figures uhm the weight is gained in the bust, it’s
gained in the upper arms and around the tummy and usually, it’s gained lasts around the
hips and legs. Uhm this also means that the weight is gained around the breast tissue
and the breast tissue can often then go around the sides and towards the back, so you want
to take care in choosing something that would complement the back as well. Here is Marnel
in a wedding dress and now this is where I usually differ with uhm the style advice that
you’re getting from people. Uhm the first thing that they will tell you for an apple
figure is that you can not wear anything that accentuates your waist, however when you look
at Marnel, we’ve now put a waistband right in her waist, it’s a thick waistband to create
a narrow waist there. We’ve also added a lot of detail on the top here, which some people
would say creates bulk, for me, I feel it creates visual interest, also the v-neck compliments
her really well and it creates an elongating line there, which lengthens her bodice instead
of chopping it off by, for example, wearing a sweetheart neckline or a strapless dress,
we now get that elongated effect uhm and for me it’s always like rather slide into the
skid sometimes, add texture, add visual interest and by keeping the side seams open here, we’ve
also created, your eye just leads towards the middle. Uhm another nice thing with apple
figures is to create pleads over the tummy, which completely hides it and uhm with the
vertical lines running down, you just get the soft flowing and elongating effect. Here
we have Kelly, Kelly is a triangle shape. When we also think of triangle, it’s not necessarily
like a bulky man shoulder, this is not what Kelly has at all. Kelly has well-divined shoulders
and she’s got a narrow waist and narrow hips. She’s also got really well-defined abs, as
you can see, so we’re going to put her in something that is going to complement her
body shape. With her divine shoulders, narrow waist we have triangle shape and we’ve put
her into a gown that will complement that best. Uhm you’ll see that’s an off the shoulder
with a full skirt in tulle. With this kind of body shape, a lot of stylist uhm or the
internet might say to you that you need to stir clear of anything that might accentuate
the shoulder. Uhm I feel that rather use something to soften it, so we’ve used a very soft fine
tulle around the shoulder line, around the arms and just because it’s hanging loosely
it’s creating the effect that the arms are actually smaller than what it really is. It
makes the dress like it’s almost too big. Uhm then with the bodice because there’s cups
we’ve created a more feminine line, it’s a softer line and by using the diagonal pleads
around here and here, we’ve also created the illusion of the waistline going in. This combined
with a line here creates a natural waist then. Uhm we’ve also used gathers around the waistline
here to create more volume to almost add to a hip and that just flows down to a voluminous
bottom. So whats a rectangular body shape, what we want to create is curves. Uhm again
we can do that by using diagonal lines, we can do that by using a softer neckline and
most definitely by using a fitted silhouette. Whenever you think about the celebrities that
you see that like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, they do not have rectangular body shapes
but they wear fitted clothing to accentuate the curves, so once you put something fitted
on the body, it will accentuate even the slightest little curve, so with this dress for example,
we’ve used the diagonal lines here, running into the waist to create a shape that leads
the eye inwards and then again here we’ve used it to go outwards to create a line going
out towards the hip. By using this silhouette and going in there with the volume coming
out here, all of a sudden you create a curvier shape, which would be perfect for a rectangular
silhouette. So with the pear body shape, it’s quite a common body shape. A lot of women
have childbearing hips, as they would say, uhm and it’s a style that is easy to accommodate.
A lot of shops and designers cater for that specific body type. Uhm what I like to do
is to create detail on the bodice to lead the eye upwards and especially creating a
neckline where it flows out towards the shoulder, that opens this area up and creates a nice
balance between the shoulders and the waist. Uhm here we’ve also kept ah the waist accentuated
by using a belt and we’ve kept it quite simple just dropping a little bit lower than the
waistline and from there it flares out. As soon as you do the flare from just above the
widest part of the hips, it creates these vertical lines flowing down and it creates
the illusion that your hips actually is just that narrow and not necessarily that wide. Thank you so much for watching, subscribe, ring the bell, comment down below what you
wanna see on our channel and until next time, happy planning!

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  1. This is extremely helpful! Janita's opinions are indeed very different to the usual recommendations for body types. I'd love to hear what she would say to very tall and very petite girls. I'm 182 cm with a relatively short torso and crazy long legs. I'm really having a hard time finding dresses that look good on me.

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