We Tried On 55 PROM DRESSES!

– [Both] Hey guys! It’s
Brooklyn and Bailey. – And today we are going to
be doing another video of us trying on prom dresses. Because it did so well last year and we have lots of formals this year for college.
– Very true. – We have launched our
very own prom dress line with Camille La Vie so you
can see that’s why our faces are right up here wearing prom dresses. – And we love Camille La Vie because it is literally
the prom dress shopping experience and destination. – I mean, literally we
got our prom dresses from here last year, so if you guys wanna check out our collection, the link will be in the
description box below to all of the dresses, so go
check those out because it would be awesome to see
y’all wearing those to prom. – Agree! – Alright! Let’s get on to the video. ♪ If the passion’s gone,
we are doing it wrong ♪ ♪ Baby you and I, baby you and I ♪ ♪ Should start livin’ now ♪ ♪ With the whole world at our feet ♪ ♪ We could stay or we could leave ♪ – Ooh! Look! – It’s real. It’s come to pass. It has happened. ♪ Cause we only have this life ♪ ♪ Wanna laugh and wanna cry ♪ ♪ I don’t wanna waste my time ♪ ♪ So baby we should start livin’ now ♪ – We’re gonna play a game
where you guys guess… – [Both] Which dress is in our collection. – There’s so many dresses on this rack, I don’t know which one
I’m most excited for. – I don’t either! I really
think this one will be fun. – [Bailey] I think so too. – And, I love this one,
I think it’s so pretty. It’s like so delicate and I like that. – We have our dresses, lets go find out. (“Grace and Mercy” by Mr. Chase) – It’s one of those things,
where like every style kind of fits a different
person differently, so its not necessarily, like, sometimes the ones you
don’t expect you’ll love, you try on and then you love. So I’m trying to pull ones that I wouldn’t normally, like, go after, because sometimes those end
up being your favorites. (“Grace and Mercy” by Mr. Chase) So we’re gonna hold up
two, like we are now, and you guys are going to
guess, is it this dress? Or is it that dress? – Comment your guess down below. Then we’re gonna go try them on, show you both dresses and then reveal which dress is actually in our collection. So these are the two options that we have for this first round. – [Mom] Will the real Brooklyn and Bailey collection dress step forward? – This is one of the
dresses in our collection. Hopefully you guys love
it, it even has pockets. We all know we like pockets, yes! Dress number one. – Silver, green, silver,
green, silver, green. Three, two, one, go! Brooklyn! This is like
my favorite color ever! – We really wanted our line
to be colorful and bright and have different colors for everybody. – [Bailey] You guys know
its all about the color. – Yeah and so this one
is another one of those bold colors statements and I just love it. So, look how pretty it is! – (whispers) It has pockets. – [Brooklyn] Is it this
classic white and gold dress? – [Bailey] Or this gorgeous coral dress? I don’t know… You guys
are gonna have to find out, comment down below and
we’re gonna go try these on. It is… this one! And you could probably guess because it has pockets. But also, the color is gorgeous, its also high-low which you guys know Brooklyn and I love
because we’re tiny short. – Is it this blue dress? – Or this pink one? – You decide! Comment down below. We’re gonna go try them on. – I feel like Cinderella in
this dress for some reason, even though she definitely
wears a blue dress. I bet you guys can probably guess it’s the pink one! – I feel like after a while
you all kinda get the idea of what our line looks like. – The style kind of, of our line. So, of course, this one has pockets. It’s also gorgeous pink, it’s
got this cute halter top. All the things that a girl would want in a gorgeous prom dress is right here. Trick round! (air horn) These are the same design
with different colors. You guys get to guess, – [Both] Which one is in our collection. One… Two… Three… – Both of them are! You guys know we’re twins. Honestly, we couldn’t pick between either so we have both in the collection. Several of our dresses
come in petite sizes, so we got you guys! Whatever size, no worries! We got you! (upbeat techno music) – Brooklyn’s dress.
– Mine. – My dress.
– Bailey’s. – Flowers, blue, pink, sparkly. Which one do you think it is? Comment down below. Its my dress! Okay, so you guys can
see the gorgeous floral I’ll do a spin for you guys. – Now you guys get to decide between this beautiful blue dress. – Or this, gorgeous beaded dress. So don’t forget to comment down below before we reveal which dress it is so that we know what your guess was. – We’re gonna go try them on. – So we can see if you were right. – [Both] Three, two, one! – Step forward, Brooklyn! – [Brooklyn] So, we love
this dress, the design of it, the color, the style, everything it’s very similar to the prom
dresses Bailey and I chose. – It looks exactly like the
prom dress I wore last year. – But the same style of my prom dress, so it’s kind of a mix of both. – This super cute, red two-piece with the flowers on the skirt, so cute. – Or, this beautiful royal blue – Guess down below which
one you think it is and just like we’ve done before, we’re gonna go try them
on and you guys can see. Okay, time to reveal, ready. Three… Two… One… Brooklyn’s dress! – Me! In beautiful royal blue dress. – I don’t know if you guys
have ever seen Anastasia, but for some reason it
reminds me of the dress that she wore in that movie. – [Brooklyn] It’s just one of those fits that’s just like so…
– [Bailey] Princess-y! – [Brooklyn] Yeah, it’s just elegant. So you can’t help but just love the dress when you put it on. It is this blue sparkly with the fun back? Or is it Bailey’s Princess
Belle yellow dress right now? – Three, two, one. It’s the yellow one, I don’t
know if you guys noticed but there was another
dress similar to this style because they are the same
dress, just different colors. If you guys remember, last
year we did a speed round where we saw who could
try on as many dresses. – As possible. – In, what was the time
count, ten minutes. (“La La” by Elijah N) – That was the most exciting and strenuous activity
I’ve ever done in my life. – But it was so fun
because it was glamorous. Like glam in ten minutes. – Yes! It was amazing. – That was crazy! – So we are doing that again. – We’re gonna see if we can
get 20 dresses in 10 minutes but if we can exceed
that, that’d be great. – So Sanne and I are together and… – Mom and I are together. Rules are, the dress has
to be completely zipped up or whatever, and then
you have to come out, and pose for a picture or do a video, and then go back in and
then you’re officially done with that one dress. – [Camerawoman] Get set. Go! – Go, go, go! (“Duiken” by Boyd Jansen) – We’re out of dresses! – This one’s a four! (laughs) (“Duiken” by Boyd Jansen) – (breathless) All right, all right! (“Duiken” by Boyd Jansen) – [Camerawoman] Two, one! – Yes! Did we win? – That is not done up! Nope! Not done up! – It was done up. (“Duiken” by Boyd Jansen) – Thank you guys so much for watching, hopefully you loved all the
dresses as much as we do. – Oh my gosh! To die for!
– Love them! So check them out if you
liked any of our dresses from our collection, you should definitely check out the link in
the description box below to go shop them and that is
all we have for you guys today we love you all so much and
we’ll see you all next week.

100 thoughts on “We Tried On 55 PROM DRESSES!

  1. 1. Purple
    2. Green
    3. Coral
    4. Pink
    5. Both
    6. Floral
    7. Blue patter
    8.royal blue
    9. yellow

  2. Gold or i is it just me or is beautiful you guys look so pretty in that dress I love you guys it's so Brooklyn and Bailey you rock thanks β€οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ’•

  3. I'm Alana and I need a prom dress for my birthday and I have a prom coming up to please my birthday is Thursday

  4. It's all of them that looks the same but different colours because I just figured it out

  5. i knew witxch one is ur cokection bc they r really fastionable and my sister has odered a dress frmo ur collection

  6. hey if anyone is looking for a new friend

    here's my discord


  7. I actually prefer the more unqiue and gorgeous designed dresses that weren't yours but hey good job.

  8. it was pretty easy for all of them because they all have the same style

  9. I don’t like anything tight cause I’m honestly a bit ashamed of my body but they look great.

  10. I LOVE THE FLORAL ONE wish I was back in prom so I can wear itπŸ₯°πŸ˜

  11. there are very cute but i recommend if you did this again don’t use the same fabric, don’t just have plain dress, more bling for variety, and some that are fitted differently just because everyone is different and you don’t want people to feel like there’s not many different options besides the same fabric and simple colors on most of them

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