We Style Slip Dresses! (Style 3 Way)

– This is the one time where– – Classic. – We all look like we’re
going to the same event. – What’s wrong with you people? – I love it! – I love it, too. – I said don’t look! (upbeat music) – Hey guys, welcome back to Clevver Style. – Hi! Okay, today’s extra-special
because we have another style three way video for you. – [Drew] So, remember last
time, we styled leggings three different ways, but this time, we’re doing it with slip dresses– – [Sinead] Yay! – With our own pieces
from our own closets. – And last time, we all
wore the same leggings, but this time, we have
each picked out three different slip dresses, different lengths, different patterns, so we
can really give you guys a broad variety. – If you guys love any of the slip dresses that you see today,
we’re gonna link them all in the description below. – Yeah, I’m really excited
to see how we all style them, because we have very different styles. – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah. – So this’ll be interesting. – It’s gonna be interesting,
but I’m actually excited. I think that it opens up
a world of possibilities. So, shall we? – Yeah, let’s go. – Let’s do it! – Slip outta this and into that. (upbeat music) – Okay, you guys, our first
round is the wear to work round. And, I know you’re probably like, “Where are you going, Drew?” Listen, I work at Clevver, I’m a host. We can wear whatever we want. – This is perfect for
wear to work, honestly. And, I think the way
you’ve accessorized it with a denim jacket– – [Loren] Yeah. – [Sinead] And the sunglasses. – Even if you didn’t work
at Clever, the denim jacket dresses down the slip-ness. – I think it’s hard with a slip dress. Obviously, we think of slip
dresses, we think sexy. – [Loren] Yeah.
– [Sinead] Yeah. – And it’s like, “Okay, would
you be wearing a slip dress to work?” Maybe if I had a blazer on. – Right, right. – It just depends on
where you work, you know? – This is working for work. – But I got my slip dress
from Fashion Nova, of course. – [Sinead] It’s really cute. – So I put it with a jean jacket, just ’cause I don’t wanna
be completely naked at work. – Besides, it’s like a cropped jacket, so it doesn’t feel like,
“Oh, it was cold outside, I came inside, now I
gotta take my jacket off.” It’s completely part of the outfit. – Part of the outfit, you know? – I could totally see one
day, you picking up your kids from school in an outfit like this. – Oh! – I’d be like, “Jupiter! Get in the car!” – Jupiter? – I mean, if I have a boy,
I’m naming him Jupiter. Don’t take it! – What are you gonna name
the rest of your kids, ’cause it all has to be space-themed? – [Sinead] Yeah. – Oh, it can’t be Uranus. – All right, so for my
wear to work, I have gotten this black slip dress from Dolls Kill, and my idea was to wear… I have this really
awesome oversized blazer, ’cause I kind of like the
idea of having a slinky, kind of tight-fitting,
with a big oversized look. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – But, I forgot, so it’s not
gonna happen in this part. So, I just paired it with a very casual corduroy black jacket. I actually really like this dress a lot. I don’t feel very exposed. It’s crazy when you’re
not wearing a dress, a slip dress feels like
you’re basically showing off. But as soon as you put anything over it, the length doesn’t bother
you as much anymore, the tightness doesn’t
bother you as much anymore, which is probably why
slip dresses are becoming so popular again, because they are so– – [Loren] Because you can style it in so many different ways. – Exactly. – Versatile. – Exactly. And this just speaks to who I am because– – It’s black? – It’s black, which is like– – Is it? – Yeah, it’s all black. For me, a work or interview… Whenever I’ve had actual
interviews, it’s been something I always struggle
with, because I don’t know how to dress up. Black is just a very safe color,
so I always associate black with working environments,
or upscale casual. – Funerals. – Whatever! (laughs) – So, I also did a black slip dress for my wear to work look. I put a shirt on underneath
it ’cause I saw someone on Pinterest do that. – I love it. – I like it. – I’ve never worn a slip dress. I didn’t know how it was
going to look on my body type. I think I like your black dress more. Mine, actually, this is weird… I feel like it’s too long. – Yeah, it– – I feel like it could be shorter, yeah. – [Sinead] It’s kind of weird because it seems like it’s longer in
front than it is in the back. It literally does look like it’s kind of going on a slant. – What happened? – It’s like the Rihanna hair cut. – Yes, exactly. – It’s just cut that way. And then, it has these
little buttons right here, which is nice because my
arm will hide it forever. So, why is that there? – [Drew] Right? (laughs) – Where is this from? – This is Forever 21. And they also had it in a
blue, but, when I chose this, I forgot that I was wearing white, and the white shirt makes
my Converse look dirty. Out of all of our dresses,
this is my least favorite, so I’m very excited to
get to the next one. – Yay!
– Let’s do it! (upbeat music) – Okay, and the next
category is: weekend outing. Brunch. Girl’s night out. Kind of whatever you wanna
do on the weekend, you know? So– – Drew, whatcha wearing? – Maybe some people were
thinking, “Drew, this could have been your wear to work outfit.” But, you know what? I don’t follow the rules. I got the categories a little mixed up. I know I didn’t really follow the rules. I don’t think I followed the
directions on this category. – Drew’s living in her own world. – Actually, you could have
done a perfect switch. – A perfect switch. But I was thinking more brunch-vibes, like out with my girls, the other Bratz dolls. – Yeah.
– Oh! – So, I went with this slip
dress, and I put the shirt under, like Loren did,
too, and then I paired it with these pumps, and– – I love how matchy-matchy it is. – [Drew] Some hoops. I feel like it’s very
’90’s to really match. – It is. – The fact that it has a
little silver accent, too, speaks to the white.
– It works with the white. – [Sinead] And the earrings… – [Drew] And the hoops. But I cannot turn around. I’ll show you guys, but the panty line… Because this is like bodysuit underneath, so it’s disrespectful. (laughs) It’s real bad if I cup it. – [Loren] Oh my Gosh! – [Sinead] That’s like
before thongs were invented, this is what– – The bodysuits? Why do they do this? – Yeah, but honestly,
bodysuit production people need to take that into consideration. – Just make it a thong, always. – [Sinead] Yes, always. – This is just rude. – You look really cute. I like this a lot. – This slip dress is from Fashion Nova. – What? – Are all your dresses Fashion Nova today? – I think so. (laughs) Now that I think about
it, yeah, I just went ham. – Do you shop anywhere else? – Sometimes. – Okie dokes. So, for my going out, I was thinking more of like a daytime excursion. Like out with my girlfriends,
or that kind of thing. I don’t necessarily look
at this outfit and think it’s very fancy, but I do think it is… What’s the word I’m looking for? – It’s fun.
– Day drinking? – Fun, it’s really fun,
and it’s considered. – I don’t know, I think
this works day or night. – I feel like it’s more night than day. – Really? – [Drew] With the red and the gold chain. – [Loren] And the thigh-high
with the killer heel. – I don’t view this as
necessarily a nighttime outfit. Maybe because it seems
a little bit youthful? – Youths can go out at night. – I love this dress so much. I think this slit adds immediate… Something else to it. – We don’t see the slit. Oh, that is not a daytime slit! – I love that slit. – I love the slit. I think it really makes it different. – It’s edgy. – I like it. – Yeah, I just paired it
with a little gold chain. I couldn’t decide between that and one of those shoulder bags. But you could also wear… The way the girl was
wearing it on the website, she was wearing a belt bag. – Mmmm.
– Mmmm. – [Sinead] You know,
like a little fanny pack? But, I felt like, because
it was red and black, just gold naturally
sticks out a little bit, because these are very dark
colors, like, out-there colors. So, gold is a little
more subtle than silver. And then, I wore our giant– – That’s the giant one? – I knew it the moment I saw it! – Oh my God. – I got this giant scrunchie, mostly because I thought it was hilarious. And, we all saw it and we were like– – You should try to put
it around your whole head and wear it as a necklace. – You’d look like a sunflower! – Yeah. – Just put it around your face. – Just around your face!
– Right here! – I love this scrunchie so much because my hair is so thick, and usually when I put hair bows in– – It gets lost? – It gets lost, or I have
to put a hair tie on first, and usually I have to wear
three hair ties in my hair. But the giant scrunchie
just holds it all in. I don’t have to wear any
other scrunchies or hair ties. – I love that.
– We should name it. Gilbert. – This is my choice for, I
guess I was thinking night. I wouldn’t wear this to
brunch or during the day, but mostly ’cause it’s
just too much light on me, and I like to just sneak
into places and go unnoticed. But, this is also interesting, ’cause it’s a very tight dress. Not quite like that one,
but it said slip dress, so I was like, “I want it.” – It’s hot.
– It’s so hot. – I really, really like this. A lot more than the last one. I paired it with some
big, chunky earrings. – [Drew] I like it. – These boots, I basically
have not stopped wearing for three months. (laughs) – I really like this a lot. – I think she wore this
every day to school. You look so good. – Should I go back to school? (laughs) – No, I think this dress
is really, really cute, and I do think that because
you’re wearing a flat boot, it’s still a soft boot,
so it’s still elevated a little bit, but if you wore
a heel, like a stiletto heel– – You would get pregnant. – Ugh, never wearing this, then. – [Drew] Immediately. – Immediately, it becomes
a date night or going out, if you were to wear a stiletto heel. But this dress looks incredible on you. – This is hella cute, Loren. – I’m really into the
animal thing that’s going on in society right now. Okay, this dress, too, is from Windsor, which has just recently
come back into my life. I am obsessed with it right now. I would probably not wear this to dinner, ’cause it feels a little
revealing to sit in, but it feels like a great
standing, bar, night dress. (upbeat music) – Our final category. You know we couldn’t do slip dresses without doing a fancy AF category. – Mm-hmm.
– Mm-hmm. – [Drew] Are we going to the theater? Date night. – Show us the back! – The back is my favorite part. – [Loren] Yeah, it’s so nice. – [Sinead] Yes. – I love… Back-cleave is my favorite type of cleave. I think it’s so sexy. Initially, I was gonna
wear a leather moto jacket over it, but then I saw
the back, and I was like, “Oh, I can’t cover up the back.” – Mm-mmm. – And then, I paired it with
these gaudy AF earrings. – [Sinead] Love.
– [Loryn] I love them. It goes really well ’cause everything else is so simply sexy. – Yeah. – But I do like that it’s
not just a plain black midi. I do like that they chose
to do a lace-up detail in the back. – [Drew] Me too. – ‘Cause I do think it makes it sexier, I do think it makes it a little
bit more sophisticated, too. I think it just adds a little something to the dress, honestly. – I think it’s fun. – It looks very nice on you. – And you can pair it with
so many different things. I could put a jacket over this. I could make it casual. If I wore boots– – [Sinead] Oh, yeah. – We’re not quite sure
if we did the top right, ’cause all of this is connected,
so this might supposed to be droopy or something. I don’t know, play with it. – [Loren] But it looks good. – I think we did fine. You just can’t be completely
alone in your house when you put this on, ’cause
you’re gonna need help. – So, I decided to do something
totally random and weird for me, and I decided to get a pink dress. – I love it!
– I love it, too. – I really like this
dress a lot, actually. It’s really nice. – Yes.
– I like it. – It’s also very different for me, ’cause I would never usually get a midi, just ’cause I am shorter. I have longer legs for a short person, but I have zero torso. So, midis make me look,
generally, pretty short. I think that actually
having a longer boot, surprisingly, helps, versus
having a shorter boot. – The slit helps, too. – Yeah, for sure.
– Yeah. – That at least gives it some length. But I really like this color a lot. Obviously, you guys know I
don’t like a lot of colors, but if I were to incorporate another color into my wardrobe, surprisingly
enough, I do think it would be colors like this,
that are a little bit muted– – Earthy-ish? – This is pretty. – I really like it a lot, actually. I put it with this little
diamond choker from Forever 21. And, I just kept everything
else really simple. I didn’t put any other earrings in. – You changed your lip. – I changed my lip because
the red and the pink together looked horrific. – This glossy nude pink looks really good. – Yeah, it’s pretty. – Just because it’s a lot
of pink, so then I figured, and I changed my eye color, too. – If I tried to wear this dress,
it would look really girly. You’ve made it look edgy
and on-trend, and still you. And I think it’s ’cause of the boot. – The boot is my favorite part. – And honestly, I was
hoping to get that because I just can’t wear heels. I would if I could, but you
guys, I’m physically incapable. – Have we never seen her toes? – [Sinead] Not actual heel-heels. – Oh my God, what do your toes look like? (crickets chirp) – What’s wrong with you people? – For my date night
dress, I went with red. I don’t have a lot of red. I don’t know why because I
really, really like this color. I think it looks really good
on my fair skin right now. – Mm-hmm.
– Yeah. – It goes really good with my blonde hair, and I love a good red lip. I’m mostly happy with this. I don’t think… I don’t know… I don’t understand this drape. – I think we’ve been doing it wrong. So, for this dress, I
actually let it out a lot, and I actually think it looks a lot better when it’s not here,
’cause it just sits here, versus hanging down. It does make a difference. – But otherwise, I’m with you guys in terms of: I don’t usually
go for a midi-length dress. I don’t typically think
it’s very flattering on my body type, but I’m liking this. I like this little wrap slit. You know, my husband would love it, and it’s a date night with him. – Yeah, for sure. – I think you look really pretty. I feel like you’re
about to go out dancing. – So this dress is from
Lulus, which I’m a big fan of all their dresses,
and I’m all into these– – [Drew] Oh! I didn’t see that! – [Sinead] That’s nice,
that’s really nice. – [Drew] I love that. – Red, so it’s matchy, but I
really like the matchy thing. And then I got these
little glittery heels. Don’t look too closely,
’cause I put lipstick on my toenails. – She did. We were there. – First of all, she put them on her toes at first, and then she had to clean it up. – [Sinead] It was a hot ass mess. – I said don’t look! – Okay, guys, these are our favorites. – Yay! – We all like to be fancy. – Yeah. – You guys might think
that we were just too lazy to put another dress on, but it’s– – We weren’t.
– We weren’t. – Part of the decision
that made it my favorite is I didn’t have to
change, but also, I do feel like the epitome… These are the most slip-like dresses. – [Drew] They are.
– They really are. – This is the one time where we all look like we’re going to the same event. – We do! – So where should we go? – We should go to a brothel? – [Loren] The theater? – Let’s go to the ballet. – Why was this your favorite, Loryn? – I think just ’cause I
really am into this red. I don’t own any red. I feel good in this dress. – Sinead? – We’re so empowering right now. I love it. Honestly, I just think
it’s really well made, and I think the color is really cute, and it’s– – I like the slit. – I like the slit. – It’s unlike anything you usually buy. – Yeah, it’s different. – Drew? – I just like it ’cause
I like being fancy. I feel sexy. I like that my back’s out. (upbeat music)

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