Using the PISTOL SNIPER for a day…

What’s up guys, this is M3RKMUS1C and today I’m going to be using a pistol sniper in modern warfare for a whole day That’s right guys. It sounds as terrible as it looks I honestly have no idea what this class is I don’t know why I made it the attachment combos here. Don’t really make any sense I mean the snub-nosed and the tech legs will help you ATS faster. It might actually allow me to quickscope with this pistol So yeah, I thought this would be a fun class a trout and a bunch of random different game modes So without further ado, let’s see how it does in hardcore if you push to douse 24/7 in the rotation, it’s all you get I’m actually I’m kind of tired of playing it I’m taking it off. I don’t want to constantly play the same Maps I’m sure you guys are tired of seeing shootouts. Looks like we got we’re maza Look at the fucking levels It’s like the reverse boosting is worn off Tactical human bundle from opposable thumbs to cupcake charms the tactical human uses anything to gain the advantage. I’ll try to prefer the tactical robots There’s no way I’ve lost my mind already. Let’s see how this stupid pistol does that does aim pretty quick Anyway, hit some dank nos with it Box and ask so let’s go there’s already do their Oh might now that hit oh, he’s actually saiping Yo, why is this working or what? No scope for the quad feed. Oh, oh, what a way to start it off or did I just start the game doing that? What the fuck? Then I can’t hit for I can’t handie though shots, really Colette Why am I so shit? How can I start off with a quad feet and then just miss everything good lord? Man, did all my skill get used up in that one clip Dude I’m doing this Gotta get props of this class I mean if you wanted to quickscope with a pistol look how fast you’re aiming in with the snub-nosed. Oh My god, I can’t hit the shots though. It doesn’t seem to be completely centered when I’m aiming in So if you actually do want to try to quickscope with this, it’s not the easiest thing. Oh fuck There we go. There’s a shot. I Wanted some going, please. Why are you front-flipping? What his gun wasn’t been making any noise As you can probably tell him a little flustered. That’s just because after the start of this game nothing has been making any sense I don’t know if getting that quad feed on that. Maybe I want to camp the whole game either Cause you just in a corner right there. Come on, man. That’s their best player This is pathetic Good lord, what are they doing? Bullshit I could have had all of them. Uh He had no idea I moved does quickscope, come on keep it up Eric I Got him shit. Oh fuck you was in the Corps down there Oh, Got the core stuff. There we go. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna go look at that shot. Oh Fuck dude, I’m legitimately trying to quickscope with this thing But since your aim isn’t always Center when you look you’re not always gonna hit your targets Come on give me the noscope There we go another headshot Oh Hydra feed No pie. Oh, how am I gonna hit that shot? Although I’m not necessarily doing the best This is a really fun class to use They’re really quick Amy with the snub nose paired with the scope is actually a lot of fun but outside of hardcore I don’t see this being very useful. And since this game is over. I’m gonna check this thing out in court Ooh, my quad feet had to be play is it? Oh, yeah, this was at the start of the game There’s my only highlight from the whole match. Thank God. I got that noscope right there 25 to 17 years Is that the best thing to use but definitely pretty fun? All right. Let’s see how this thing doesn’t core I’m laughing because I know this thing’s gonna be utter shit in court I feel like me trying with this glass is basically gonna be reverse boosting. All right, here we go gunrunner It’s a good map in a shit class. Let’s waste a perfectly good Lobby. Oh I feel like I probably should’ve had a double kill there at least Where the fuck to the first shot go Holy shit, dude, I don’t know what this Lobby is almost the whole enemy team is just crouching by be the hunchbacks of gunrunner I’ll just campaign together This shot is leg quick sculpt it, huh? There’s another dude here. Wow, I can’t solve this thing is consistently getting one shot headshots up close I mean if it is I can try to aim for it. It’s just not the easiest thing to do here What’s up? Oh, come on. He was climbing through a me at the other dude. Oh No, come on, this thing is killing potential is so horrible. It was definitely a little bit better in hardcore What are you oh Lucky ass headshot. Let’s go another one. Oh, so I’m talking about those up-close headshots the quick scoping with the snub nose helps it happen Anyway, he’s all I fucked this is definitely one of the tougher classes to use I mean, it’s a completely terrible, but it’s definitely a challenge I Can’t handle no can’t get drop shot by the mp5. I think we get the idea This thing’s not that good in core, but it’s actually pretty good in hardcore. So yeah, that’s what I like to keep using it Okay, we’ve got some hardcore Dom on shoot house. I feel like this bill could actually have some potential on shoot house Let’s see if I can hit those opening Snipes There we go actually did hi Li n oh my god Scopes come on Daria glitchers my am Let’s go There yeah Where is my aim going? Oh It disappeared. Oh My god I had to go for the melee Oh Clap shit so dude. You can’t be over here. What the fuck? Oh my god. What’s who goes up there to camp never-before-seen camping tactics Come on I don’t know how these shops are not on it’s so weird. They must be like so slightly off. Oh My god, there we go I reload this shit. Come on you get a feed though Where is this? He’s still up there. Oh my god I can’t believe how dedicated some of these campers are I can always shipment was in rotation so I could check this thing out on Shipman. Oh I just missed a cult Lac. Come on. I Can’t believe how many close calls er, I’ve been with this class Holy shit. That was a nice shot More Not there’s so much potential in this Lobby. That’s why it’s called potential because it just turns to shit instead of actually hitting This class is starting to make me lose my mind now, I really just had beginner’s luck with this class No, no, come on, ah, sorry split but I Miss a fire up close. So at least I got pink unlocked about the corner What why is the guy to t-bo’s ha ha ha? Oh, he just timed out. Okay, let’s go say that made no sense. I Got crushed by a damn care package. Nothing is going right for me in this lobby. Oh my I’m gonna lose it Thermite I’m dying. I can’t handle it. I just can’t do it. I thought I was gonna be able to survive playing that lobby I just couldn’t handle it though Maybe I can try this pistol out in the Amazon Prime game-mode possibly get some drop zone. I gotta cheese played yet Let’s see how it doesn’t a Big Mac Okay, not bad Oh one two shots, oh shit, there’s a Tungus Blancas coming in Oh Give it. Give it give it give it give it. Yes. I did this lobby of drop zone just another shit show I can’t see anything. Where the fuck am I? Oh Okay, I’ll get the juggernaut come on you didn’t see me he didn’t see me go Fuck those white phosphorus. He doesn’t see me though. Hit him hit him Now Hilly’s one of the jug kill Oh What the hook oh god this is I’m getting killed by people who are almost afk. Come on man I think it might be time to retire this pistol. I can’t handle this anymore, but that’s going through for this video I thank you guys very much for watching. I hope you guys enjoyed watching me use the pistol sniper on modern warfare I honestly don’t know if I’d recommend this setup or not I mean it’s okay in hardcore, and it’s really not good at all in core But if you want to try this thing out go for it, but aside from that I really do Hope you guys enjoyed this video If you guys did it and you want to see some more weird guns on modern warfare Make sure to drop a like I’ll see you guys later

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  2. You have the loadout so wrong, the barrel and sight is the best but you need stippled grip tape and lightweight trigger

  3. You talk about people being pathetic but playing hardcore is pathetic to begin with

  4. merk got the dank forest camo. Me remembering the dude from the days of summer event going, "that's a dank dumpster"

  5. Its due to the accuracy penalty when moving , usually strafing the Opposite direction when slowing down to a stop will counteract the inaccuracy . Or in normal speak " ThIs ShItS BrOak"

  6. Still wish this game was on steam. I'd love to try these crazy weapon combos.
    …I can't believe I said that.

  7. That Modern Warfare 3 Menu music got me feeling the old day man 🙄🥺

  8. Imagine you doing a video where you get quad feeds with every gun in cod but they have to be headshots only XD

  9. It’s always a good time when you upload, I wish you uploaded more each day lol

  10. Try the M4A1 sniper- sniper scope, socom mags, bipod, corvus marksman barrel and monolithic suppressor.

  11. bruh merk be calling people defending flags when they have 2 out of three camping

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    also merkmusic : yo why is this working ?

  13. Much appreciated for making your captions really good. Keep up with your YT career, my g.

  14. 3:41 this game uses proyectiles, not hitscans, he moved, your shot missed. Lol

  15. You can’t say because you went 25-17 doesn’t mean it’s not a good thing to use. You did miss like 300 shots too

  16. I was really confused when he was one shotting with the revolver, then I realized he was in hc

  17. heyo m3rk decided to drop a comment cause i saw ya in ground war on karst river quarry and ya blew me away with the pistol lmao. anyways i cant seem to have any fun in groundwar its just a huge shitshow and i cant get more than two kills without a tank or sniper blowing me away across the map. i want to play groundwar but its so discouraging when you can even move around lol. anyways keep having fun with mw i sure am whenever im not being camped on with the 725.

  18. Use the pistol with over 30 rounds attachment. Im pretty sure its not the x16 or glock, do your best tho

  19. This is a perfect example of why I dont play core anymore. I'm tired of emptying an entire mag into someone and only getting hitmarkers. We need a hardcore groundwar mode.

  20. My God I totally forgot about your channel. Feels so good to see you still rocking in cod. 😄

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