Unconventional Suit Colors for Men – Should You Wear Bold or Loud Suits?

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette!
In today’s video, we’ll be talking about unconventional suit colors. Now, you may
be wondering what exactly I’m talking about when I say the word “unconventional”.
Now, we typically see a certain array of colors worn by most men whether it’s a
professional or a casual setting. Now, this would include shades of blue, gray,
or brown, also black. We’ve also got some separate thoughts on black which you can
find in the video here. Then there are some color options that are much more
whimsical, especially in comparison to their more classic counterparts. Now,
despite that these colors might be considered unconventional, at the right
time or place they can be accepted. So what exactly are unconventional suit
colors? Well, let’s look at the word “unconventional” The definition of
unconventional is not based on or conforming to what is generally done or
believed. Now, over history, we have seen men time and time again tend to
gravitate towards neutral and dark tones for suits but there is an array of color
options which some might also like to wear. For example, some might be yellow,
green, purple, bright red, even orange. Some trendy brands would like to use some of
these loud colors when developing a whimsical pattern or a unique fabric. Now
you might be wondering how exactly you can differ between classic and more
modern styles when it comes to color palette for your suits. Now, let’s first
talk about classic color options. Think blues, grays, browns, these tend to stand
well over the test of time. These colors work well with a variety of skin tones
and for a variety of different occasions for men. Now, landing on the more modern
style of color options, instead of a navy suit perhaps somebody is wearing a
bright blue colored suit and instead of a black maybe they’re choosing for
something more punchy like a red or an orange color. These styles probably will
not last long during the test of time but because they’re popular,
they’re often quickly adopted by fashion enthusiasts. Now, although we are talking
about two different sides of the spectrum in terms of classic and modern
style, there are some ways you can marry both of these styles together properly.
First, wearing a dark colored suit and then also trying to infuse that option
with brighter colors in your accessories, for example, for a more modern approach. And
also, you could try wearing a more bright colored and modern suit but toning it
down a little bit with some darker elements, maybe with
your shoes or the tie option you choose. So let’s say, for example, you’re just
starting out with suiting, what are some good foundational colors which give you
a lot of options? First option would be a charcoal gray colored suit. The reason,
it’s a very neutral color and it works for a variety of different skin tones
and different occasions. The warmer tone of the charcoal color keeps it versatile
year-round as opposed to its cousin, the light gray colored suit. Both options
actually provide a lot of versatility year round but charcoal would give you
more options than the light gray. Also, while a navy suit would make a young man
look younger, charcoal would have the opposite effect. The next color option would
be the classic navy suit. Reason, it’s also equally as versatile as the
charcoal but adds a little bit more color. Also, the suit color is able to be
dressed up or dressed down quite easily. There are an endless number of the
combinations which make this an extremely versatile option to which you
should probably have in your wardrobe. Now, you can find more information on how
to find shirts and tie combinations for a blue suit or a gray suit here. Now, your
third option for color for a suit would be brown. Now, the reason is the brown
color allows you to break up the monotony of the blue and the gray
options you have but still remains classic and understated. Now, historically,
we see that medium to lighter brown shades for suits are much less formal.
Typically something you want to refrain from wearing while in town ,maybe just
while you’re out hunting in the countryside. Darker browns or more of a
chocolate brown could actually be worn in the same setting as a charcoal suit or a
navy suit. Overall, we find that brown is quite an underrated color but you can
find more information about it here. Next, we have the classic black suit. It’s a
more serious color, typically reserved for celebratory occasions or a business
setting. Now, while we find black and in particular, black suits, quite overrated,
it would not hurt to have at least one in your wardrobe for those certain
occasions, perhaps a funeral. So now you’ve got a
little more information on what good colors to have foundationally. Now, let’s
go over how to find the best unconventional colors for yourself.
One of the first things you want to consider when you’re picking your colors
is where are you going? Now for an example, let’s say you’re out dining with
friends, this is a great time to have your suit color choice be more
moderately colorful. Having a warm touch of color or having a neutral
base with some color woven for your overall suit. Next, let’s
consider a possible wedding for former classmate of yours. Now, some wedding
parties can have a very strict dress code for their attendants. Now, if this is not the
rule for the wedding you are attending, consider wearing something more
traditional leaning for your outfit choice. Meaning, instead of wearing a
traditional navy, you could try a more bright blue or instead of a charcoal, try
wearing a light gray. Next example, let’s consider your getting ready for a job
interview. Depending on the type of job you are
interviewing for, it might be helpful for you to try to incorporate some of the
company colors into your outfit. I’ll be careful not to go completely overboard
with this concept. Now, the key here is to make sure that the interviewer takes
note that you are aware of the company in which you are applying for. Also, you
don’t want to have your interviewer assume that you’re trying too hard or
that you may be trying to get your job simply off of your color choices and not
your merit. You want them to pay attention to what you are saying, not on
what your clothes are saying. You also want to pay attention to seasonality
when you’re selecting your different colors and the fabric weight. Now, if
you’re anything like me and you get warm quite easily in the warmer months, you
probably are going to prefer a lighter weight fabric and something that
breathes a little bit better. There are often a lot of great bold and bright
color options available in these warmer months. Now, in the cooler months, it might be
more advantageous for you to try to opt for a darker color of suit in contrast
to the lack of colors you’re going to be seeing outside. Now in addition to black,
gray, or navy, try adding in camel or burgundy or an olive and for some fun,
the classic black watch pattern is always a great option. Now, you might be
wondering, why exactly is it important to pay attention to seasonality when
selecting your colors? Certain color options are going to look completely out
of place in certain parts of the year. Knowing when and where to properly wear
something ensures that your unconventional suit color will make sense. Now
that we’ve got a better understanding of when to wear certain suit fabrics
depending on the season and depending on the occasion, now, let’s try to figure out
how do we find the best suit color for your skin tone? First, let’s go over the
medium skin tone. If you have a moderate amount of melanin in your skin, you have
quite a few different options for suit fabrics in which you can wear. This is
because the faint undertones in your skin easily compliment a variety of
different colors. Try wearing different suit colors like cream,
egg shell, different shades of brown, or even a bright red. Next, let’s go over
those of us who have a darker skin tone. Now, although the higher amount of
pigmentation in our skin offers a great amount of versatility for different
unconventional suit colors, it’s important to note that not every color
should be considered an option. Try colors like burgundy, camel, mustard, even
olive green. Individuals with a more fair skin tone or a lighter amount of melanin
in their skin are going to be able to wear colors like bold shades of blue, various
shades of gray, even pastels in the summer months. Okay, so now you figured
out how to find what color looks best on your skintone, now, how do you find which
ones you want to incorporate well into your wardrobe? Now, the first thing that
you’re going to want to do is find a suit or sport coat that incorporates even a
minor amount of the color in question into the pattern on the fabric itself.
Then you could try to find a tie or a pocket square that incorporates that
same color in a different scale size and use that to complement what you’re
going to be wearing on your outfit. Now, if you choose to wear a bold bright color
unconventional suit, you can tone things down a little bit by trying to
wear dark warm neutrals. You could try wearing a dark sweater or dark overcoat
in the cooler months and a darker tie or pocket square when it is a little bit
warmer outside. Now, let’s say you have your mind set on a particular bold color
you want to wear but you’re not quite sure if it’s going to mesh too well with
where you are going. One thing you can do is break up the suit. Try wearing the
jacket with a different pair of pants. Now, if your jacket is more of a bold
color, make sure your pants are more of a neutral color, make sure the bold color
does the talking while everything else falls to the background and complements
that. Now, one thing you want to make sure you stay away from is wearing too many
unconventional colors together at one time. For example, wearing a very bold tie
with a very busy patterned shirt along with your suit fabric, this could be seen as
visually confusing and begins to look as though you may have gotten dressed in the
dark. A better way to do this would be to choose one to two bold colors and
letting everything else fall to the backdrop by wearing more neutral tones,
perhaps wearing a more neutral colored shirt and tie to prevent competition
with the unconventional suit color. Now, you might be wondering where exactly do
you find these unicorns of unconventional suit colors? Many suit
stores will offer basic color options but not all of these different stores
are going to offer those out-of-the-box unconventional color options. Now, brands
which offer a nice variety of colors and patterns would be SuitSupply, Paul
Stuart, Ralph Lauren, and Brooks Brothers. Now, many might be extremely surprised to
hear us list Brooks Brothers on this list but their made to measure program
offers a wide array of various color options for you to choose from.
Just to recap, it ultimately would be easier to wear neutral, more classically
styled suits. On those occasions when you want to add a little bit more flavor to
your outfit, it is ideal to know how to properly incorporate unconventional suit
colors. Now, when in doubt, consider mixing classic neutrals into your outfit. Taking
an unconventional suit jacket and pairing it with a more neutral bottom. Always an option to consider mixing classic styling with more modern
elements, it’s important to keep in mind the season, your skin tone, and the
location of where you’re going to be wearing your suit when selecting your
unconventional suit colors. Today I’m wearing a plum purple tone suit it has
some blue and black flecks woven inside of the fabric I chose to wear that
because I loved how the dark richness of the color pops wonderfully against this
great Fort Belvedere tie now this Fort Belvedere tie has purple petrol blue and
light grey stripes woven in I’m also accenting the overall outfit
with a great linen white pocket square now I’m finishing off the look with a
classic black dress belt and some black leather dress boots as well
now the richness of the tie and also the suit fabric look wonderfully in contrast
to the crisp white dress shirt I chose to wear as well

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