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– [Twins] Hey Guys! – I’m Frankie – And I’m Izzie – [Twins] and you’re watching Squared. (upbeat music) (ding) – [Twins] So today – Is..
– We have.. – Very exciting! – Clothes rack behind us. – Yes.
– Which only means one thing. – However, this is a collection of our less fortunate pieces of clothing, meaning we are going to design ourselves, give each other makeovers,
based on our ugliest clothes and makeup. – So today we will be taking the roll of a fashion designer and making the other twin the most worse, – [Twins] most grotesque – outfit we can find. Now it doesn’t mean to say the
pieces of clothes are ugly. It just means the way we paired it up,
– Yes. – [Twins] once it’s been harsh, – I wanna see what people have got.. – On all the video. – Okay, so this is our
Izzie shows a hair pretty. Normal, basic, natural makeup on and a black vest top and a pair of jeans. Now this looks bad enough as it is but it will get much, much worse under the influence of Frankie. – So I have moves Izzie a
little bit along the wall. The first item is this. Now, put your.. – Oh no. I’m gonna have to put your at there. No, no, no, I want your
hair down actually. – Frank. You know I don’t like my hair down. What are? Item number one, check. And onto the next item. Now you’re gonna have to lift your.. – Oh no. – [Frankie] Arms up. – I feel like a spaniel. This is the next – Trust?
– Bit. – Trust me.
– Put your arms. Open your arms, no, no. This way is going to be like a little jacket.
– (laughing) Oh no! (laughing) – Oh! (laughing) – (mumbles) I think I’m
going to add that open a little bit there. Then you can see the (mumbles). So, this is one of the five little items. You can probably see my pajama bottoms. I’m really sorry. I just, who wears proper
trousers when they’re filming. No one, apart from Izzie. So this, you’re gonna have to.. I feel I need to keep
these jeans on actually. Put your leg. ♫ Give me somin’ blue, ♫ Give me somin’ blue. – I say these are the shoes
– An itch (mumbles). (laughing)
– I wanna need to wear. Put those on. – Ow! – While she’s puttin’ them on, it’s makeup time. – Ooh! – Very pigment. This is..
– Ow!! – So pretty.
– I don’t know if I could ever be (mumbles) – [Frankie] This is Izzie’s final look. Bearing in mind, the
viewfinder is around my way so she still has no idea what she looks like at the moment. Are you ready to see it? – Yeah. – [Frankie] Viewfinder
is turning around, now. – Oh, wow! Look at our eye shadow. That’s actually quite good,
– Very pigmenty isn’t it? – Isn’t it? I don’t know how I feel about this. About a 10, I’d probably give it on the badness, seven. – [Frankie] Yeah. – I’ve got to shut my
eyes for such a long time. – Okay everyone, so it’s my turn. I’ve got my outfit over here and I’ve got my client ready. I do feel like a piece of an idea but I will pretend that it’s not, I don’t look like this. So, of to the, here it is. Now, first thing is this beautiful garment here. Very short, so I’ve got
some surprises as well. You’ll have to stand
into this one, Frankie. Slide into it. No, no, stand. Yes, yes, that’s it. I also got the thing that’s
supposed to keep the dress up but I noticed that it
has a chain (mumbles). Just a tie to hold it together and Frankie’s loving it, I can tell. It’s loose a bit. – The wall is really cold (laughs). – Put your arm through the hanger hole and then we can have a like sleeves. There we go and then the other one. Then I’ve got, if you get
a bit cold on prom night, I’ve got a little,
another piece of fabric. I want this simple test
cause then she’ll know but can we undo it? – My eyes are twitching. I can’t keep them shut. – Liked. – Slightly a bit cooler, so. – This feels nicely. – Do think? – Mmhm. – Then I’m gonna tie this up into a little knot so you can still see the embellishments, and then, actually, I’m not gonna use the trousers. I’m gonna make her keep
what she’s got on already and I’m gonna be using these beauties which kind of match her dress to. So, if you stand up and
put your feet in those, then you won’t
– Oh these are really, really tight. – She will ace the prom so technically she likes them. Okay, so the (mumbles) outfit
looks as hideous as mine does so I’m gonna really go bad with makeup. I’m gonna use my finger, gets a bit easier. – I feel like my ankles are gonna snap! – Alright, close your eye. So I’m bringing out the colors in the arc. – Is it red, is it yellow? – No. – [Izzie] Ready Frankie, open. – Oh my gosh. It’s not that, like I actually really do like this this, this. Imagine this with like a
white vest up underneath and some shorts maybe but (sighs). Okay so that is the
finished ugly outfit look. – I hope you all think
it looks horrendous. I think that mine probably
looks a bit worse. – However, we need you to votes us in the comment section below. – So be sure you do that because we’d be very,
very happy if you do. Please make sure to check
out your state of view, it is up here. I’m more for Frankie on
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our impersonal channel, we are called Casually Twins. – And we will comment back to you, all comments to that channel
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  3. I think izzi's outfit for Frankie was the worst,, but Frankie's make up for Izzi was terrible

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