Trying Products That Asked To Sponsor Me (Not Sponsored)

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  1. HELLO FRIENDS!! what do you guys think of my not sponsored haul? the tea is mildly warm!! xoxo, saf <3 PS – I know we are missing one blur, I just fixed it on my end in the YouTube edit screen and that is in process! Please don't harass the psychic in question! Thank ye 🙂

  2. UPDATE ON ZENPOP: They now have a disclaimer "*Ramen packs contain meat products. Please check local regulations before ordering. We can not be responsible for any problems that may occur with importing."  O.O

  3. I have a weird question- why do you have a calendar that includes Jewish holidays?
    When you were showing shipping for the Chinese snacks, you had 'yom kipur' on your calendar.
    Just interested 🤷

  4. The Macy’s Wi-Fi you never needed a password it’s not because of the app that you got on it because it was free

  5. Professor Trelawney is always right. Watch the Super Carlin Brothers video on the topic. 😁

  6. "Hello Dear, this is XXXX, i am your fans."
    The updated saying replacing
    "All your base are belong to us." ?

  7. I hope you take up any Japanese snacks sponsors and taste them for us 😀 I LOVE japanese snacks, I have a H mart like 35-45min from my house so I have gone there a few times to buy some wishing I was in Japan pigging out.

  8. She gonna lose sponsors trust! She do it behind them and exposed the fact they are asking her! Who will trust her now! Maybe in future will do something more and destroy there business!

  9. lol when i found your YouTube channel i though you were Danish……but im Danish and Theres so many that has gaard in there name in Denmark LOL

  10. "Sorry, we are sold out of the only one of them option…. all's we got's left's is the three's of em's options's's's's"… "No, that doesn't mean we can sell three things once, that's crazy's… only one thing once a month three times… for $70… only way".

  11. The psychic app wasn’t super wrong, they going engaged in January of this year 🤔🤔


  13. Haha I used to do tarot on Kasamba, I didn't charge no $8 a minute though. Started at 50 cents but then they made the minimum 99 cents a minute. They promote the expensive ones because they get a percentage of the fees.

  14. The thing with products like the telescoping seat is that while they might not really improve the life of a "normal" person, I can see that seriously helping someone with limited mobility/chronic pain. Like imagine going to the DMV and not being able to find a seat if you have serious pain while standing, and how great it would be to get at least SOME relief. It's an angle that was pointed out about "As Seen on TV" products, which are often designed specifically for people with disabilities, but there isn't enough of a market for them so they put them on infomercials and show "normal" people using them, so the commercials are ridiculous and easy to make fun of, but they're actually really useful for people with specific disabilities…

  15. LIFEGUARD is the best!!! Try it in bottle-form when you're in Japan. It's wayyy better than their candy and soda can versions!

  16. Omg… I own that 'shampoo brush' – I bought it from Amazon, who are selling it as a grooming brush for a cat! 😆 🐈 same colour/shape and everything! Needless to say, my cat hates it!

  17. According to hindu astrology it's generally good for us to wear black on Saturdays to please Saturn which affects luck and fortune. The psychic made a pretty generic comment.

  18. Online and phone psychics are charlatans. They like drawing out the time you burn through, too.

  19. I watched this video, and are getting adds about mediums and tarot reading! CREEPY!!

  20. Ok i will learn you to say “Hi my name is safiya” in dansih “Hej mit navn er Safiya”🤣😂

  21. I actually think the shipping situation is because of the contents of the box. It contains ramen, one of the most confiscated non-illegal items in the mail that goes to and from the US to Japan. That mainly has to do with the ingredients so if there's any indication on the package that it may contain ramen, customs will open it and investigate it which can cause significant delays.
    Even if the package doesn't contain ramen but indicates snacks, the same thing can happen.

  22. Omg dulcelandia wanted to sponsor u!!! They’re a well known Mexican candy store among the Mexican community in Chicago (:

  23. med vennleg helsing is commonly used in both Denmark and Norway and it means with happy regards

  24. Oolright = 11 , oheky =6…… Almost similar to all of your other videos.

  25. Danes are generally recognized as having the highest level of General happiness… if an astrologer doesn’t ask where you were born in addition to date and time, then they are less competent than they could be, though, you may want to explore, because this stuff has never been shown to be better than chance…. but if you like it and are a believer, date, time, geographical location of birth, are all necessary for a ‘good’ ‘accurate’ reading.

  26. can a 1 month subscription box be sold out but not the 3 month. That is such a scam!

  27. Wow that psychic one was such a ripoff. I wish I can remember the one that I tried before but it was a flat $10. And it was a very in depth answer about my relationship that turned out to be very true.

  28. I love your videos I love your approach to clips a do washroom forward to watch them they relaxed lol

  29. I love all the Swan Lake and Nutcracker music that’s typically in the background of the videos. Winning.

  30. Psychic: Next year will be better for you dear!
    Me: That’s bullcrap
    2019:*Saf and Ty get engaged*

  31. Psychic one was sorta correct since she is engaged! And so is two if you look at 22:00 since she is having a good love life!

  32. I can’t believe I’m rewatching this video thinking it was new!! Lol it was the sit pack that reminded me

  33. I just realize that the ZenPop was a 3 subscription for 3 months, does it mean you had the other 2 boxes…eventually?

  34. I mean 2019 has been good for giant lipsticks and normal sized colourpop ones so the psychic could’ve been right

  35. Since Safiya is getting married this year, I definitely say that the psychic was right about having a good year! 🙂

  36. Safiya: it's been about two weeks…well it's been more than two weeks, it's been two months.

  37. who is here after seeing the psychic one and seeing when there video was on the wedding stuff.

  38. I feel like the side kicks are right. You hit 8 million and you got engaged

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