Trying On Homecoming Dresses!!

(upbeat electronic music) – Hey guys! – I’m Marissa. – I’m Ellie. – And today we are gonna be
trying on dresses off of Amazon. (girls laughing) So I have my bestie Ellie here with me. And she was in actually a couple of videos so you guys know her if you’ve seen those, and today we’re gonna be
just trying on some dresses that we’ve ordered from Amazon. So, what I was looking for in these dresses that we ordered was something that’s more conservative, probably something like, a thicker sleeve, a cap sleeve, even like,
long or short sleeves. And then something that’s like, not super long but not super short. That’s golden. That’s my comfort standard right there. – So normally homecoming
dresses are shorter, and not as long. Long is more like, prom dresses and stuff. – So we definitely ordered
dresses that were above the knee. I really don’t know what we’re gonna get because I haven’t opened
any of the packages, I’ve just seen like, the colors of them. But from what I saw that we ordered, it can really be anything like, I’m just scared. – Yeah (nervously laughs). – But I hope they turn out. – Our hair’s all done up. We got our makeup! – We’re all glammed up and we made sure to be fancy for this video so, you’re getting the full show here. – Woo! – And also be sure to
subscribe for more videos and give this video a big thumbs up. And anyway, let’s just get right on into the video. So how we’re gonna be doing this video is, we have our dresses right here and we’re gonna be unboxing them and getting our initial
reaction first on film. And then we’re gonna go try it on and then just kinda switch off. So, are you ready to open it? – Yeah. – You go first. – Sure, okay. (girls nervously laughing) – This one is… It looked cute online so we’ll see. – Ooh I like the color. – Yeah the color’s really pretty. You have some purple
eyeshadow on today, so. Okay! – Cute. – Okay. – Cute. I like how it flows.
– That’s actually cute. The lace like, looks pretty good. Something I like about
it is it has this like, two-textured thing you know? It’s like a little see-through up here but then it has this like neckline. – Yeah. – Which is pretty cute. I can’t wait to see that on.
– So cute. – And then it like flairs as well. – I like how the sleeves Have like the… (girls laughing) No I love, yeah. – Yeah, I think it’s
gonna be really cute on. And then it’ll be like a little tight around the waist and then like flare out. I think it’ll be good. – Get some definition. – Yeah. – That’s actually pretty cute. It could be a good option. (air whooshing) My turn! This one looks interesting ’cause it’s like bright
red, something I normally wouldn’t go for.
– I love that actually. Like bright red. – Yeah, I’ve never had a dress bright red. But this one has thicker sleeves. Oh! (girls laughing) This is probably not my favorite thing. Something I just would not go for. ‘Cause you can see the
band of elastic underneath. (girls laughing) Sorry I’m just, a little shocked. (girls laughing) (Ellie exhaling) Okay so. – You’re gonna pop in the dance in this. – Pop! – If you wear this. Cute, cute.
– I’ll be a statement. But it looks pretty good. It looks a little long, but, anyway. That’s the first round
of dresses everybody. (air whooshing) Next round of dresses. This is the only long
one that we picked out. The anticipation is real. – Yeah! Yeah. Oh. – Okay wait. – Okay. It’s super long.
– Wait this is actually so cute! – I love it. – This looks high-quality. – I love the ribbon. – Like the little waist definition. What’s the top like?
– So cute. – Okay. I mean, that’s actually cute. And it has the same like
sweetheart neckline down there. – This feels good.
– The fabric could be the best one. – Like it feels nice.
– Yeah. Quality. Good job Amazon. So this one… This looks really fancy, so. And it’s navy blue. Oh? (girls laughing) No! Wait what mom? Mom! (girls laughing) Oh I see it’s inside out! – It’s inside out. – I was so confused! (Marissa giggling) My laugh… I can’t. – Okay. – Uh-oh. – It got some poof! – Some tulle. Here it is. It’s just probably not my style but I can see it’s a good
potential for maybe other people. (girls laughing) – Yeah. – Yeah. All right! Next round of dresses. This one is another red one. – Yeah a little more velvety. – More lace. Lace is very popular on Amazon. Okay. – Yeah yeah. – This is good. – Yeah. – It’s very similar to the first one. – I can see this. Let’s just see what it looks on. – Yeah I feel like we
can’t judge these too hard before we see them on. Like when we try them
on it’ll be the real, the real judgment of it. This is black. More lace! – Ooh! – Oh yeah! This is see-through. Okay, the ribbon on this, maybe wish I’d be a little tighter. Like it kind of sags.
– More accessible. – Yeah, like maybe sewn
all the way through. You know, ’cause it has some holes. Point seeing all of them. (upbeat pop music) – Woop! – Hey guys! These are the first round of dresses and they’re actually very similar. [Ellie] The neckline
is a little different. Like, hers is like circles. – Yeah. [Ellie] Mine’s kind of a triangle. But they actually fit really good. The waist fits good.
– Around the waist! – [Ellie] Like, length is good. They swish a little. – Yeah, they’re really
comfy and just a side note, we’re both size small and ordered size smalls
and they both fit, so. [Marissa] The sizing is spot-on. [Ellie] Yeah, spot-on. We did order them from different companies but they turned out very similar. – [Marissa] I kinda like it. Like you could actually
wear this to Homecoming. – Okay so this one was $39.99. – And this one was $25, so. – They’re really similar. – Similar, but this one was more expensive.
– Buy that one! – But if you want I think this had different colors in it too. So if you guys wanted this
dress and like it then… – Cute! – Yeah. So here are the first dresses. Let’s do a 360 turn of it. Go! (upbeat electronic music) Hey guys! How ya doing? (girls laughing) – We’re doing good. – This is the second round of dresses. I actually love Ellie’s. – I like this, yeah. – So cute. – [Ellie] The fabric
is really comfortable. Like, flowy.
– I love like, the silk ribbon right here. And then the little lace. Mine, um… – [Ellie] I like it. I like it. – [Marissa] I mean, the tulle I wouldn’t pick out for myself. Not my favorite.
– Poof is fun though. – [Marissa] Yeah, it’s fun. Like, it’s definitely a
fun and cute dress, but. In this dress, I think an extra small would actually fit me better just ’cause it’s a little big up here. But I would actually prefer
a little bit of a cap sleeve or even like a long sleeve on this one. Like lace? Just preference. These are the second round
of dresses everybody! – Loving it! (upbeat pop music) – Okay, so! These are the next ones. We’re both wearing black dresses which is, maybe not a color most people would pick for Homecoming, but I actually kinda like it. It’s sleek and like, classic. – I love it. I love the high-low. – Yeah that is really cool. – So cute. – Actually we did not get
this one off of Amazon. One of my friends lent
this to me just to try on. Hi Casey! How you doing? But this one I think is from Free People. So, I bet it’s a little more expensive, but it’s still a super cute option. Oh, this one is $23 and 99 cents. So a very, very good deal. And again I would recommend, not recommend but prefer, sleeves. Yas! – [Ellie] Cute! – [Marissa] These are
the dresses everyone. Thanks for watching everybody! That is the “Homecoming Dress” video. I hope you guys enjoyed it. These dresses were actually, better than I expected. For sure.
– Yeah, they were cute. Like some of those Ellie
tried on I was like, “What the heck!” That pink long one? – That was cute! – You could actually wear that
to prom. It was super cute. Anyway, those are the dresses. If you guys like any of
them they’re on Amazon. – Go get them! – Pretty simple. Prime shipping. But out of all of them that we tried on, what one is the one that you liked best? On me and you. – I really liked Marissa, I loved the navy one on you. – Really? – The tulle. That little poof. – It was just a little out
of my comfort zone, but. – Yeah.
– I mean, it was still pretty. And then for me I liked you in the, oh I can’t decide between
the purple or the pink one. Like the long one or the… I don’t know. I think I like the pink a little better, but the purple was really cute. – Yeah, they were both really cute. I lucked out. – And then the one… What one did you like better on yourself? Out of the three that you tried on? – I liked the long one. – The long one, yeah. It was just like, it fit really well.
– So cute. – It was really cute. Good quality. And then the one I liked
probably was the red one. The first one that I tried on. Just ’cause it was like, it fit well. – The neck was cute. And the sleeves.
– Yeah the neck was kinda cute kind of cool. – Lacy. – Yeah! – Be sure to… – Like! – And subscribe. – Woo! – Hope you guys enjoyed this video, and see you next time! – Bye! (upbeat electronic music)

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