15 thoughts on “TRY ON HAUL SUMMER SALES 2016 // H&M – BERSHKA – BORN PRETTY STORE // | Carmen.

  1. I could listen to you talk ALL day, buddy! I don't have a least favorite, but my favorite is the black skirt and the black shorts. I think the skirt would look great with the top you have on now, and the shorts would look good with a black studded bracelet.

  2. I like the silver top, what's the material? My girlfriend used to buy me clothes that weren't hand washable, but now she knows I don't iron clothes and I like wash and wear stuff. Unless she is going to come over and iron them, or take them to the cleaners! Lol

  3. Loved the silver top and the black skirt! I am a huge fan of those skirts myself and think they fit to really man tops if you're able to stuff them under the skirt! But you have a great taste in fashion ♡

  4. You picked up so many gorgeous items! Love those accessories. Especially that gold statement necklace.

  5. Very cool shopping!💓 You're so beautiful! Check my last video if you want🎥

  6. Love the video 💕 keep doing what you're doing 👍🏾 You're so pretty 😍 I make videos too !!

  7. Ciao sono Claudia ti , avevo commentato su Instagram, mi sono appena iscritto il tuo stile mi piace molto! Anche io sono un amante di Londra, purtroppo ci sono stata per pochissimo tempo, comunque ti seguirò con molto piacere e se vorrai fare altrettanto ne sarà molto felice! Bacio

  8. Great video! I have a channel too and I would love if you'd check it out☺️

  9. Your do beautiful, love your clothing try ons girl! So nice! subbed, come by my channel… Say Hi

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