Travel Fits for £50 (Streetwear on a Budget) feat Mabel McVey | PAQ Ep #11 | A Show About Streetwear

51 thoughts on “Travel Fits for £50 (Streetwear on a Budget) feat Mabel McVey | PAQ Ep #11 | A Show About Streetwear

  1. Anyone else think that elias got all these plugs, and they may not be from this earth.

  2. in my opinion danny and shaq can not dress at all. not into that style at all

  3. what's the point of the challenge id Elias just gets stuff for free.. wtf

  4. I really wanted to try elias' style on budget but sis be getting his whole wardrobe from his friends, not all the viewers have plugs, I wish you can stay within the budget next time, meaning actually spend the money without special discounts from friends, I am happy about that genius idea Shaq came up with, I'll be trying it out with a patterned hoodie

  5. 12:05 whats dannys tracksuit called?
    it looks like fred perry but i cant find it

  6. 15:58 How is this considered style?!! Goofball out here looking like a fucken bum🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. when i first saw this i was thinking yeah more like how to hide your money like you cant get far with 50quid but then i was thinking if your alfilated with labels and that then thats how its done prety fun tho status and style ahah

  8. Danny looks like he is going to do a photo shoot for Golf.

  9. Danny is straight jokes but it’s funnier cus you don’t expect it

  10. Yo what shoes is Elias wearing at the start pls. Are they like custom AF1s

  11. I thought the point was to show that anyone can buy a nice fit for £50 Elias has just used plugs and got shit for free which has missed the whole point of the video

  12. idk if elias was trying to look cool but that shit was cringey and fake

  13. How is a full nike tracksuit and a pair of black old skools under 50?

    Best price they are
    Hoodie 20£
    Pants 20£
    Vans 35£

  14. You should all style Danny with clothes from the same store. BUT Danny entered the store first and found the outfit he wanted and the others had to find that exact outfit

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