Transgender Finishing School: Lessons in Being a Lady

COMM: For many transgender women and cross-dressing men, learning to live as a woman is something
that is learned by themselves or in secret. COMM: But now, thanks to a revolutionary ‘Trans Finishing School’, they are being taught
how to move, dress and even speak like ladies. LADY ELLEN: What do you think? LADY ELLEN: At Le Femme we offer classes in make-up application, walking, feminine movement,
deportment, etiquette. COMM: ‘La Femme’ finishing school in New Jersey, America, is the brainchild of wife
and mother of three ‘Lady Ellen’ who dedicates her life to helping her pupils feel more confident
and comfortable in their feminine skin. LADY ELLEN: I have a couple of different categories, one is the very closeted married man who doesn’t
want his family to know what he is doing because he never told his wife or kids. Now some people
they want to go into the community they want to be out in public, so they come for a series
of lessons and once they’ve learned what they want to learn and they feel comfortable,
then they move on, they don’t need my help anymore. COMM: Today Antoinette, Alison, and Belinda are among those attending the school. BELINDA: I’m transgender and I live half the time as a woman and half the time as a man. Not
growing up as a girl you really don’t learn the things that women learn. ALISON: I have 2 children, I’ve been married for 21 years, she’s always known about Alison
ever since we were dating and she is very supportive and she’s everything to me. BELINDA: Lady Ellen taught me a lot of those things, make up, deportment. Lady Ellen’s pretty much helped me with all aspects of my behavior. COMM: Cross dresser Antoinette has been visiting Lady Ellen for four and a half years and has
come for a full male to female transformation. ANTOINETTE: The first time I dressed in women’s clothing I think was way back when
I was a teenager. I just loved the look of hosiery on women. One day I just finally said I want
to just get a full fledge make over and see what I look like as a woman. COMM: The school – which is run from Lady Ellen’s home – houses an extensive wardrobe
consisting of a variety of outfits. LADY ELLEN: This is a breast form and its a pocket bra so we are just going to tuck
the breast form right into that and this is called a jiggle bra so that as she moves the breasts kind of have a natural wiggle to them. ANTOINETTE: When I’m in these clothes it feels great, it’s just like such a release
it’s like, it’s like escaping reality. LADY ELLEN: I’m putting up Antoinette’s hair so that I can try some wigs on her. ANTOINETTE: Lady Ellen actually gave me this term, dual gender, I’m happy being both
boy and a girl. When it comes to my friends and family, I am what you call closeted so
nobody really knows except for me and the girls that I associate with. LADY ELLEN: I think Antoinette looks great as a blonde. I’ve tried all different shades
of blonde on her. COMM: Transformation complete – Ellen shows off Antoinettes’s new look. LADY ELLEN: Are you ready to take a look in the mirror? ANTOINETTE: Yes I’m ready. LADY ELLEN: Okay spin around, what do you think? ANTOINETTE: Oh awesome! I feel great. I feel like a new person. LADY ELLEN: To see the confidence that it gives people when they see themselves in the
mirror and they say okay I look like a lady, I can go out in public, I’m not going
to be laughed at. LADY ELLEN: Alison you’re right there. COMM: The next lesson for today is in applying make up. LADY ELLEN: What we’re going to do is put on our eye shadow, eye liner and mascara.
We’re going to do it step by step, ready? Okay pick up your eye shadow. ALISON: Eye make-up has been the most difficult area for me to conquer I think it is for most
girls. COMM: When they’re looking fabulous, Ellen makes sure the women training at her school
can walk the walk. LADY ELLEN: So what we’re going to do is use this rope as a practice line keeping one
foot on each side of the line walking as close to the line as you can without going over
it. Closer together, head up, head up, try again going back. That’s better chin up, good, feet closer together. Antoinette that was very good. ALLISON: I’m a rather tall, large person so the feminine movement would be very helpful
for me to try to perfect my look. LADY ELLEN: She can walk and talk at the same time. Wahoo! Alright Ally, don’t trip on the rope. *Laughter* COMM: With training over for the day, Ellen’s pupils meet up with some transgender and cross-dressing friends at a local restaurant. WOMAN: I thought they were adorable and that’s why I had to stop and say hello. I thought hmmm, it might be a man but it’s what they do, it’s their style, it’s okay. WOMAN: To sexual freedom! *Laughter* COMM: And for Ellen, every transformation brings a new friend into her life. LADY ELLEN: The most rewarding part of my job, when I’m finished with the first transformation
and they see themselves in the mirror and you see this look of surprise on their faces
because they never thought that they could look so realistic.

100 thoughts on “Transgender Finishing School: Lessons in Being a Lady

  1. this is disgusting and shameful. They think being a woman is dressing and putting make up on, these guys just have sick fetishes that run so deep that they genuinely believe they were born this way. so sad

  2. This is really sweet. I like this video and the beautiful people in it

  3. Transgender is the umbrella term used by WPATH. Transsexuals , Transvestites and others are included. This school is for Transvestites. When I saw "finishing school" I thought how about " starting hormones school" until I realised they meant Transvestites not Transsexuals . A lot of people use the term Transgender to mean Transsexual because it doesn't have sex in it !! It's a bit like saying Tummy for stomach or belly.

  4. Eyeshadow is hard for most girls to learn? Doubtful. Maybe for a cross dressing man.

  5. And this is why people don't know the difference between transgender/transsexual and cross dressers

  6. "to sexual freedom" ugh. even the woman trying to teach trans and genderqueer individuals how to act more 'lady like' doesn't understand that this is a gender issue and not a sexuality issue.

  7. These men cross dress in their spare time, they are not living as women or identifying fully as women, therefore they are not transgender. And who did the voice over on this, he's terrible, so amateur! Talking of amateur, how that woman dares to charge those guys for putting the worst, draggy make up on them I do not know! Those lips – my God, he looks like he stuck his face in a tub of jello!

  8. Cross dressers are transgender people. WTF I get so tired of people putting us in little groups I know cross dressers are just perverts I think those girls are braver than any transsexual You can clock them a mile away, but they are being who they are. Good for you girls👍

  9. I mean its cool that there happy as ppl,but this is disturbing and scary af to me lol.

  10. true they still look like crossdressing males and not like girls. for them its about expressing primary gender conditioning. little boys are raised by their mums or sisters its only as they get a bit older that they have more exposure to masculine conditioning. influential female role models also will masculinise a young male child as the boy becomes more aware of his genitalia or its arousal. a penis focus. we are all shades of grey people.

  11. Gonna say this now, (not trying to be rude) but if you got a stick don't go and trick other people to get with you , unless they agree and don't have to problem with that. Moral of this poem/story is don't be tricking people. 🙂 but good for these people, I hope they have a good life

  12. I'm 11 and I am a boy and I love wearing girl underwead my name is Kaleb Lee brumbelow

  13. This is the cringiest crap I have seen in a long time,damn…those dudes look like Bob the Builder,no one believes that they are anything but creepy men.

  14. If "she" is a woman trapped in a man's body, why does "she" needs lessons in being a woman?? Isn't "she " supposed to have a female brain? The trans agenda is a bunch of bullshit and anyone who falls for it is a fool.

  15. These are not transgender women they are simply crossdressers

  16. Im too busy being a tomboy to want to act "feminine". I believe gender is just a gender. It doesn't define how or why we should act in a "way." I choose "boy" clothes over "girl" clothes because they're my style.

  17. So being a ladybug automatically makes me a girl! Is that it flyboy?
    I don't believe it! She's a guy.
    A Bug's real life

  18. I guess you should go to her if you wanna get the stressed out, out of shape, housewife of 6 kids look.

  19. (I'm part of the trans community and I dont get it like honestly let trans women learn themselves, she didn't know how to do makeup did she)

  20. this is really nice of her to do
    i'm glad that there is people out there willing to help others out without profit or material gain

  21. People can do whatever they want to but one of the things they can't do is change their own DNA.. So no matter what they say, if they were born with a vagina then they're a female and if they were born with a penis then they're a male and there's absolutely no changing it EVER!! So you can go cut your stinking armpit out and roll it into a circle lump of flesh and attach it between your legs like some girl did or you can have the innards of your penis scooped out and then have it flipped up inside of you along your crapper but guess what? Your DNA didn't change and now you're just a mutilated monster worse then what you were before!! Deep down inside you know the truth!! TRUST ME…

  22. Where is this Transgender finishing school at ! I'm so ready to sign up ! Plz contact me Name is Jason ( Jenna ) Davis I'm transgender and I need this so badly ! My phone is 865 442 1063

  23. Antoinette is one ugly looking woman ,dudes stop dressing like a woman you'll never be one

  24. That school is sexist why do women have to WALK different than men? That is so stupid… I'm a girl and I don't wear makeup or walk like that I don't even have that have hair that long. I am only12 but still

  25. I would hate this let girls / women be who they are im female and hate being feminine

  26. I don't even like combing my hair = who has the energy to be a girl – no thanks lol

  27. Well it s absolutley ok to be trans in my opinion. But they re neither woman nor man ! What do humans want from their life? Seriously what?

  28. I'm an trans person myself, but I can't approve of this. I don't really like that they're trying to push these women into a box of hyper feminine traditional woman. Gender can present in many ways and you should stay true to yourself, not be pushed into being a "true woman", a bs concept.

  29. Very heartwarming to see older individuals pursuing their preferred gender expression. It's never too late to be who you want to be!

  30. I feel like they may not be cross dressers, that they're just women who didn't grow up in a day and age that gave them language to describe their gender like they have today.

  31. What success is greater than mutually understanding valid Love in your Human Nature Pattern as 'Eternal Optimism…?
    The ultimate climb/war fought anywhere on earth can always be reduced to the selfless circle of "Love" vs the 1way linear selfish "Greed."
    Ps. Choose to treat others the same to make the selfless circle in love for global peace; always. _Reciprocal Selfless Circle
    (Human Nature Pattern)

  32. I'm so happy for them, but just wish they had the opportunity to become, whom they really are, at an earlier age! They lost so much time, living a false life, and now can only attempt to catch up!
    I'm of the belief, that you have one time to go around, live this one life with as much courage, love, happiness and dignity you can.

  33. Shouldn't the teacher be perfect picture of femininity? …n have good makeup skill ….js. awesome idea.

  34. I feel so bad for the ones that look so masculine. They will never be able to pass as a woman!

  35. Mental health issues. If there was no such thing as sex. This wouldn't even be a thing. It's all about sexual deviation, period.

  36. Appalling! That “finishing school “ is a joke and an insult to trans folk everywhere. I think the intention is pure but the results are deplorable. A trans woman should run a trans finishing school.. not some basic woman that has no clue what true style and grace is or how to bring the beauty out of others. Wigs and makeup cheap! Clothing outdated! Come on!!!

  37. Y'all need to find somebody else to teach you how to be a woman 'cause Ellen is jacking y'all up & making you look ridiculous! Heifer needs some classes of her own! 🤦

  38. I love the message, I love what she’s doing for all these beautiful women by supporting and encouraging them BUT I do not think she should be teaching anyone how to do makeup when she clearly doesn’t even know how to properly apply it. I mean these women are going to her and most likely paying her for these services and it’s clearly a disservice when it comes to the beauty department. The eyes weren’t too horrible but sadly the way she tried to shape their upper lips honestly looked like a child applied it. So maybe she could/should take a few makeup classes herself before she even attempts to teach anyone anything about application. Overall this is a beautiful thing she’s doing for these people and I felt bad saying something about her skills or lack there of but I felt it was wrong if I didn’t say something about it because these poor women are going out into the world thinking that they’ve learned some beauty tricks from a “master” meanwhile it’s just going to draw even more unnecessary negative attention all because their lips are shaped like triangles. just want them to live their best lives and if they’re happy that’s really all that matters🖤

  39. Did We all just get Punk'd
    why would this frumpy grand mother teach anyone to be feminine. wonder if her boys are playing in the closet in Jersey

  40. They are just female impersonators. You can never change your sex and chromosomes. What does living as a women really mean? Is it just wearing make up and wigs and dresses?

  41. ewlll. just NOOOOO…dude DOES NOT look like a lady..some of thee ppl should not b doing this…omg no

  42. I expected more of this video!!! we have better crossdressers here in my country!!! and they didn't attend any of these courses!!!

  43. When the sickness is presented as something special….im just waiting when pedophilies will be in fashion… but swearing is bad,farting is bad,to say the true is bad etc but this(video) is something special and interesting…fck this sick society

  44. Even with all of the hair, makeup, clothes, and training I can still tell that they are men.

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