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Hi everyone, it’s Justine. Welcome back to
this channel. I love to look at what people pin onto their Pinterest boards.
I’m very curious… it’s super insightful because it tells you what they like what
they have on their minds what they might want to buy a shop in the future. Sso if
you put all those pins together over time you get really clear trends and
Peaks Pinterest collects that information and really it is a trend
report every year their new report is out so here are 14 trends for 2019 with
examples and where I think they’re coming from because sometimes you can really
see them coming you’ll see what I mean and we’ll start with menswear and then move
on to womenswear, let’s go. first men’s wear by the way I ranked the keywords
the trends in order of search volume growth from small to big so the more we
go through this list the bigger the trends are on Pinterest at least the
first one is light-wash denim full-on nineties revival I’ve mentioned in a
video I think two and a half years ago on this channel that the 90s were coming
back big-time and that the 80s would be over soon we are in the middle of it
right now it’s peaking soon so clueless is back in
mom jeans have been around for some time the next big thing I’m sure will be
those headbands the huge one also so 90s what was missing was beached anymore
nothing says 90s more than bleached denim and distressed denim so expect
this trend to grow even bigger in 2019. then mismatched prints remember that
we’re in menswear we’re mixing prints and colors is not exactly normal yet
it’s still quite a bold thing to do I would say compared to the classic
menswear style so the new creative director could she have an influence
there he makes his prints a lot so most likely because he’s been very
influential in the last season’s but not just him also generation of designers
who are coming from street wear street art and who are mixing media on paper or
on fabric that calls for super bold mixes of of
colors and of textures. then vintage watches if you’ve seen many
sponsored posts of nice wristwatches that are not fitness watches on
Instagram lately that’s no coincidence brands like these are advertising like
crazy and their hype because they represent a quality alternative to the
booming market of fitness watches which are mainly in plastic actually I have a
board about a watches on my Pinterest account this is my Pinterest name
I kept it private so far but I will make it public if you’re looking for
inspiration other than Fitness watches I like
traditional ones you will find inspiration there. next: 1/4 socks.
remember how last year was all about sheer socks that was a trend coming from
Asia and it was both in menswear in me twins where it was all over the place
and huge on Pinterest well this year it’s quota socks things change because
it shows between the shoe and the hem of the pants which is usually cropped more
on this in a minute because that’s another trend that’s huge and growing
it’s an opportunity to set an accent of color in an otherwise maybe
monochromatic outfit. then plaid pants: it’s a fast-rising and oh-so-British
trend. so the British people among you will say that’s nothing new we’ve had
forever and you’re really really good at making plaids there is huge know-how in
your region of the world but in 2019 the trend will be not just regional really
global think McQueen Vivienne Westwood Scottish clothing which I’m a huge fan
of this is your year. then corduroy: you know it’s this fabric
that you can pet in one direction or the other and it changes the colour I don’t
like it so much because it’s not very durable it can rub off very quickly from
sitting down in the bum area or on the knees but ok every couple of years
corduroy is back in this year apparently is a year of corduroy.
Crop trousers is another huge word, growing like crazy, it has been a thing
for a while already on in high-fashion tailoring the gentleman on the red
carpets of this world have been wearing cropped pant suits for at least one or two
years so four seasons it goes really well with the quarter socks trend that
I’ve mentioned earlier it’s it’s matching really but if you’re watching
from Berlin you have been to Berlin you probably
think in Berlin we’ve been wearing cropped pants with colored socks for
years way more than five years already and it’s through that in terms of street
style Berlin is often ahead of other regions of the world it’s a good source
of inspiration. Sling bags: this search grew by over a thousand
hundred points versus last year so it’s a boom
it’s the biggest trend in menswear for 2019 according to Pinterest it’s more
elegant than a backpack it gives you more freedom of movement it’s focusing
on craftsmanship if you look on Pinterest all the bags are very
high-quality and premium materials the biggest trend of this year in menswear
is in fact an accessory it’s funny moving on to women’s wear for women’s
wear the trend Peaks are going from plus 200 to plus 2,000 points so the peaks
are a lot bigger. The first one is African print fashion:
do you know for instance what buttock is dat I K I’m not sure to pronounce that
property probably not please let me know you design a pattern with wax onto a
piece of clothes then you die that piece of fabric and the dye won’t go where you
had the wax so it’s a resist dining technique then you remove the wax and
that gives you the pattern it’s very time intensive and hard to make by hand
but now mass-market and ready-to-wear brands are finding inspiration in that
traditional technique and they try to mimic the kind of patterns you would get
with the hand technique. Then oval sunglasses. because ladies and gentlemen
cat eye sunglasses are out according to Pinterest now sunglasses
should be oval and and really thin so they sit here on the tip of the nose and
you can really still look above them I’m pretty sure that this trend was started
by the models so the likes of Gigi Hadid in the Kardashians may I also add that
that’s definitely a thing we got from the 90s as well think clueless. Then
snake print: animal prints are always in in some way at least if you look at
Italian it’s a classic for them but the animal
varies depending on the year and this year apparently it’s the snake if I’m
honest I’m not sure why so do you have any idea where where this train is
coming from next one (sit tight) Biker shorts: + thousand three
hundred points in searches versus last year. this trend is I believe definitely
a Kardashian trend and I think it was Kim Kardashian who first wore biker
shorts among the major influencers combined not with a gym outfit but with
the Sheik evening outfit outraged at that time all the critics made fun of
her now it seems that she single-handedly started the whole new
trend that’s real influence. Statement sneakers: for several years now sneakers
have been invading the runways more and more now even Chanel Couture is showing
sneakers on the runway together with Haute Couture looks sneakers have become a
pair of shoes that you can really wear every day so you don’t own just one pair
that you were to go to the gym anymore you own several pairs and so looking for
statement sneakers means that you need a specific style to mix and match with
specific outfits this trend makes total sense and it will no doubt keep growing
this year. Bamboo bags: bamboo is really really
trending right now and here is why plastic bags plastic cutlery plastic is
being banned from supermarkets in many countries little by little especially in
Europe by law so that’s not going to be an option anymore
one day hopefully soon then the interest for sustainability is growing globally
across industries not just in fashion bamboo comes in at this point it is very
affordable it’s extremely light and it’s super environmentally friendly so bamboo
is being used more and more in all industries including to create fibers
that serve the textile industry if you enjoyed this trend review thumbs up
thank you very much which trend did you like most
all that trends where you thought never heard of it do we need that why is it
that big on Pinterest let’s discuss I’m looking for
to your comments there is one more thing that I urgently need to tell you we have
crossed half a million subscribers on this channel I would like to thank you
for all your support for your interest for spreading the word… imagine half a
million so if each one of you talks so just one more person that’s 1 million
already it’s such a big number. so many zeros… thanks also to everyone who has
been spending time to translate my videos to add subtitles under my videos
this is extremely helpful for the people who don’t speak English correctly but
still would like to watch and understand thank you for them in a nutshell thanks
to all of you very much I will see you soon in a new video and until then take
care, bye bye!

3 thoughts on “Top Trends 2019… according to Pinterest ! ǀ Women’s & Men’s ǀ Justine Leconte

  1. Batik is such a creative and time consuming process with rich traditions in many countries. Now yet again a tradition will be ruined by mass production. I'd sooner wear biker shorts than be seen in one of these mass produced knock offs. Please people if you are going to follow this trend please source from traditional stores

  2. To answer your question, Justine: I'm pretty sure batik is pronounced: "bat-teek". And congrats on your half million subscribers. I have also just become one of them. 😉 🙂

  3. After learning about the Kibbe body type system, I can confidently say that none of these trends will work for me. I'm at the Yin end of the spectrum and the monochrome, power suits, flowy coats, big prints, heavy fabrics and chunky accessories are Yang. Dramatic and Natural body types are in luck.

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