Thrift Shop Dolls Part 14 – Bratz with Clothes

Welcome to part 14 In this group we have fully clothed Bratz Like this one with white hair and this one with red hair and this Sasha! Thrift Shop Dolls Part 14 Bratz Dolls with Clothes and Shoes Let’s make room and open them up And because I have my nails on I have Declan here to help me with the camera and the dolls Say Hi to Declan! Hi! First bag I have 2 in here I’m sure this is Jade She’s so pretty I love her bangs Her hair is in great condition Her outfit looks thrown together This belt looks like a hair elastic These pants aren’t jeans They feel plasticky These running shoes are awesome! Although I don’t think they go with this outfit Okay we’ll do a close up and a spin around later Put her at the end Okay This one, oh my goodness! She has a lot of purple and pink going on Pink lips Purple eyeshadow Purple dress Purple shoes Her is in good condition Just really messy She’s the purple girl If you love purple, this one is for you! Her dress looks scrunched up How is this suppose to go? Pull it down? I don’t know It’s a halter dress We’ll get a better look in the spin around Alrighty Declan Put her down beside Jade You sit beside your friend Next bag I have this doll already This is Girlz Really Rock Cloe Her dress is awesome It looks like her hair has been cut Her hair is suppose to be down past her knees I like having duplicates It gives me the freedom to experiment with their hair Here Declan. Sit her down Okay! This one next So I’m pretty sure this is Yasmin She has a beauty mark here Her hair is in okay condition Look at this outfit The top Looks like there’s another layer underneath Yeah. Is it attached? Oh yeah it is. How about that?! Ooo. Look how cool these sleeves are! Glitter on her jeans. Very nice! And platform sandals Don’t know if this is her outfit But you’ll let me know if it is or not. Right? Here you go Declan! Put her beside Cloe You sit there! Got to sit them up and get them looking in the camera Like this Next bag I believe this is Jade But it could be Kumi She has red earrings Both of them! Yay! Her hair There’s some sections held with elastic Don’t know where they’re suppose to go There’s 3 sections Hmm I don’t know if this is her outfit This is a pleather skirt Black ankle boots She’s looking good! There’s so much we could do with this Jade I’ll sit this one down Declan You just hand me the next one Yep Okay. This one Ooo. I don’t know who she is She has the same beauty mark as that one Can’t be Yasmin She has different colour eyes She has a necklace T-shirt says Troop Red snake skin skirt White ankle boots She has thigh high fish nets Hair is in great condition! I just need to smooth it down One earring and, oh I think it’s broken Matches her necklace I’ll sit her down It’s kind of a reach for you Declan Okay Next Just one doll in this bag Wow! Can’t see her face! There’s so much hair! I believe she’s a Wild Wild West doll Come on. Look at her cowgirl boots The whole outfit looks cowgirl Whoa! So much hair it’s amazing! I love it! Lots of original curls Is she Wild Wild West Yasmin? I’m not sure Let’s sit her down right here Next. Only one in this bag as well I don’t have a red head like this Aw she has a stain on her face! Looks like ink or Sharpie marker Well this will put the acne cream to the test Look at this. She has some short hairs I don’t know if this has been cut Short hair and then some long hair It would be too bad if it’s been cut Because red heads are really really hard to find Check out this awesome dress! Look at this! These are beads! Glittery shoes She’s so worth fixing up She’ll look awesome after her makeover Sit her at the end beside Jade You sit there Next Another bag with just one doll Oh it’s a beautiful Sasha doll She has earrings Hair is caught in this one She has purplish eyeshadow Ooo. This one has joints Wrist joint and elbow joint And something here that makes it bend too That’s pretty awesome See? She’s waving Hi to her fans Declan wants to take the hair out of her earring Okay. Fix it and bring her back Okay Good job Declan. Thanks No problem Got the hair out of her earring Maybe another piece is suppose to hand down form this I love her sparkly dress She looks like a diva Strappy high heels I love the articulation in her arms Sit you down at this end Last one! Oh my gosh! Look at this face! Wait ’til we get a close up of her! I have no idea which Bratz she is but she looks amazing! Ah! No shoes! I’ll find her some shoes Label is still here It says Bratz This must be for wings What’s this lever for? Don’t know The holes are for wings I’m sure She has a butterfly on her face Sparkly lips Look at this outfit Ooo. It’s wired! Don’t know how it’s suppose to go but it looks awesome! Once I know her name I can google it Look at this hair! White with some purple in it Sit her down Make room! This one has a lot of hair! I can do that! Thanks for your help Declan! Anytime! Here are all the dolls from this group If you know their names and what collection they’re from Let me know Let’s get a close up and a spin around of each doll Number one Pretty sure this is Jade Number two The purple girl Number three This is Girlz Really Rock Cloe Number four I think this is Yasmin Number five This could be Jade or Kumi Number six Doll with the thigh high fish nets Number seven I think this is Wild Wild West Yasmin Number eight Red head with the beaded dress Number nine Sasha with posable arms Number ten doll with white hair Here they are together again Thanks for your help identifying them Which one is your favourite? Post your answer in the comment section Thanks for watching and see you again soon If you like this video, click like Check out this video! Is that Sharpie marker or ink? [Crying] I don’t know. Do you think it will ever come off? Don’t worry. It’ll come off! We’ve seen worse Don’t forget to subscribe! Thank you!

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