This is Cuba’s Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify – all without the internet

When you want to watch a movie or a TV show,
you know what to do. You tap your fingers and within a few seconds
you are watching whatever you want. It’s frictionless. It’s easy. But in some places, it’s not so easy. “There’s no other way we don’t have foreign
TV, it’s national TV.” Officially, there is one source of permitted media in
Cuba. And it’s the state. “It’s because I don’t know what to tell you
tell you brother. I just know that’s the way it is.” But Cubans found a way to work around this media blockade to distribute the latest in global entertainment to the entire country, coordinated entirely by an informal market of underground data traffickers, based both in Havana and in the United States. It’s the fruits of the internet, without any
of the guts. “One guy will gather TV shows. The other Movies.
Music etc. and that’s how they go about collecting media until they have 1 terabyte.” Once all the latest media from around the
world is gathered onto one hard drive, the top dealers in Havana will prepare it for distribution. This extensive collection of digital media is affectionately called ‘El Paquete Semanal’ — The Weekly Package. “Someone brings it to me. It’s from someone
who gets it from someone else who gets it from someone else. In the end it’s a chain. It costs about $2
and what most people do is fill their flashdrive with the content they want.” A quick look into the Paquete, and you realize
just how massive the system must be to gather so much content in such a short of time especially in a country that has 5% internet
penetration and agonizingly slow connection speeds. Who’s behind all this? I found a couple of 20 year olds who make
their living hustling Havana’s streets, participating in the thriving industry of shadowy odd jobs
. Between driving taxi bikes without a license
and giving unofficial city tours to European tourists, these guys move The Paqeute between
distributors from time to time. They led me behind the scenes in Havana where
I saw how the Paquete makes its rounds every week. The distribution centers are usually in the
back of a cell phone repair shop or a DVD store. Hardware flowing in and out of these places
doesn’t attract unwanted attention. Distributors were not keen on appearing on
camera, but they showed me their operation and explained how clients come to their shop
with a weekly order of content. American TV shows are some of the most demanded
content, but some people show up with an empty drive every week to transfer the whole thing everything from the iPhone app updates to
the indie film section. After poking around, I finally worked my way
up the chain to discover who is coordinating this massive enterprise. They call him Dany Paquete, and he agreed
to meet with me. Dany was with a client so I waited for an
hour in his impromptu lobby. I didn’t know what to expect Dany Paquete
to be like. But i definitely did not expect this. He’s a 26 year old who was wearing board shorts
and not shirt when I arrived. He looked a lot more like an lazy college
sophomore than the king pin of a national black market of pirated media. But after five minutes sitting in his office
with a client in the room, I quickly gained a respect for Dany and the media machine he
is running. As Dany’s 40 year old assistant helped load
the hard drive of a local distributor, I watched a live feed of Telemundo digitizing on the
screen. Dany must have an illegal satellite hidden
in a fake water tower on his roof, a fairly common Cuban practice. Dany’s girl friend wandered in and began watching
a discovery channel documentary about a farmer who almost died in a tractor accident in Iowa.

100 thoughts on “This is Cuba’s Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify – all without the internet

  1. I'm Cuban and this is all true nobody is going to get in trouble it's just our thing we don't have internet so we have to go somewhere where there is right now I'm in an hotel

  2. Stopping flow of information is like slowing down our entire civilization. Internet helps us to know about the world and culture around it. It helps spread vital information why do many government dont see this

  3. To all cricket loving Indian viewers, the guy in the thumbnail looks like Indian cricket player Yuzvendra Chahal 🧐

  4. This video compromised the whole country's entertainment freedom. The hardwork of these guys. If anything happens to the network we know who to blame.

  5. the heroes of 21 century… so civilisation are advancing

  6. How about AFN TV from Guantanamo Bay??

  7. I’m Cuban an got family in Cuba it’s real bad atm ppl having like no food my old zoo as a kid all the animals are dying of starvation no cap

  8. Just inject a virus in the main coordinator's source file and watch the magic happen…

  9. Once when I was in Cuba as a kid, they had a showing of the first transformers movie with Megan fox before it even came to theatres. Good quality and everything too on a big projector

  10. I wonder if Americans realize that this whole situation is because of them not Castro but the embargo the us placed on Cuba… They probably don’t know tho because Americans are ignorant and stubborn and cause all of the worlds problems!

  11. USA | Situation
    (Disdain drake meme) | Online piracy in USA
    (Apprising drake meme)| Online piracy in enemy countries

  12. At first I thought he was Indian Cricket Team Spin Bowler Yuzvendra Chahal in the thumbnail

  13. Guys Cuba doesn't care that they're downloading movies. They aren't gonna do anything.

  14. Can someone please like this comment there is massive misinformation here. Cubans are not afraid to be illegally downloading movies. Do you really Think they'd consent to letting yous see their face if there was ANY chance of them being imprisoned? The Cuban govn't is very much aware. And they don't care

  15. The same happens here in Kenya. Unlike the centralized Cuban system, everybody has access to USA content without paying a cent to anybody. But let's be real… Most of the USA distribution companies don't view Third World countries as viable markets. Until then, it's impossible to fight this 'economy.'

  16. You only met the little fishes in the tank. They only distribute. You have to find "Omega". This dany is only a big mouth "we have people.." hahahah

  17. I’m from Cuba and I fear for the cuban’s faces that were shown because the government will punish them if they get the chance.

  18. I Love this channel and the content. The quality here is very high and the commentary authentic. Thanks for this good stuff.

  19. We take the simplest things for granted my Cuban family is scared to mess with this because of what could happen if you’re caught

  20. Woow such a good concept here and an even better reflection … very nice video over all

  21. this might not happen ever but maybe soon everyone in north korea can buy a dvd player and a cheap dvd with a bunch of north korea human rights issues video or something like that then the korean spring will happen lol

  22. These arent all the colors of the cuban people, tienen mucha más gente morena

  23. I don't even know if this should count as piracy in a country like Cuba.

  24. Without govt. Support it can't thrive. And sorry he is not the one running the empire

  25. "All businesses need to have competition, without it we would stop progressing"
    The man probably has never read an economics book and lives in a socialist country but still ended up saying the most capitalist argument ever.
    Shows what a complete socialist economy is able to achieve. 😂

  26. It's sorta boring to hear neoliberal opinions churning out from a spoiled brat's mouth whose salary is paid by us on youtube … what goes around comes around.

  27. The guy in the thumbnail looks so similar to one of the indian cricketer that I always misinterpret him.

  28. If my fellow Mexicans tried as hard as the Cubans to make Mexico great there’s no doubt Mexico would be a world superpower instead they’re all trying to come make America Mexico lol

  29. How does vox have so many connections and get people to get them to the top of the chain?

  30. Why are their still governments in 2020 who still deny basic human rights and information?

  31. "shady charcter behind giant illegal enterprise" really? I see a young guy trying to make little money best way he can in society where people cooperate closely to be able to fix car, get food or watch movie. Nice clip anyway. Thanks

  32. Terrible that you have to show how these people are trying to have a normal live. I bet their are being now bitten up.
    It is irresponsible to do this for views

  33. If all of these people came to the mainland United States tech company’s would fight over them like dogs over who gets to hire them because they are genius

  34. We arent even supposed to be on the internet. The World Wide Web was created for military use initially, right at CERN. Then they decided to let us on it. Im sure it has lots to do with the programming and mind control which takes place

  35. when I was a kid, in Romania (back in the 90's) we used to go to internet cafes and order cd's with games and movies (they even had adult movies for "older" kids+ ). i can't imagine how it would've been if we had 1tb hard drives

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