Things That Happen When You Wear New Clothes

(upbeat rock music) – Damn! You’re wearing a hat today! – Yes. – Look at that hat! Hey Andrew, Andrew!
– Just keep it on the low. – Look at Quinta’s hat! – Hey, Hatrick Swayze. – Ha ha, hey, Steve. – Hey. – Hey. – That is a cute hat, Quinta! – Thanks, Allison. – Are you having a bad hair day? – No. – Hey. – Hey. – You’re wearing a hat today. – Yeah. Uh, did you need something else, or… – Hmm, no. – Hey there, Hatty Styles. – Check it out. Hey look at me, I’m Quinta. I’m short and straightforward. – Hey, you look really good in that hat. – Oh thanks, man. Oh, come on. I was kidding. – Yeah man, I think I might
have to stay late tonight. It’s not a big deal
but I just want to be– – I love that hat. It’s so cute! – Hey Hatjelina Jolie. – Man, come on, Steve. – Did you get it on sale? – No, regular price. – Okay. I just thought the only
thing better than a cute hat is a cute hat half off! But it looks like you
paid full price for it. – Good day. Not a bad hat. (upbeat rock music) – Could I try it on? – No. – [Voiceover] I wish
I had a hat like that.

100 thoughts on “Things That Happen When You Wear New Clothes

  1. Quinta is so pretty.. 😍

    But Andrew you're so freaking hot in this video!❤

  2. Everybody is just thinking about the video but I'm just thinking that hats aren't really clothes😂😂

  3. I hate when this happens!! Whenever I try to wear something new, people always point it out, why can't I just be subtle with it!?!

  4. “Are you wearing a hat ?” NO I AM WEARING A GODDAMN FLAMINGO

  5. How did it stay on??? She put it on the back of the head

  6. "You are wearing a hat."
    Yeah! Yeah i KNOW I'm wearin the hat! D'you think someone else dresses me, my head has no sense of touch and there are no mirrors in my house!?

  7. Why does wearing a hat seam so weird to everyone? This video is literally me!😩💖😂🌹

  8. Just wondering why does Quinta wear her hat at the back of her head

  9. Im wearing a hat and im not a hat wearer normally and three people noticed 😊

  10. Uhm…my coworker would even comment if I wear my hair diff…cuz it’s usually in a bun. Why.

  11. My anxiety was kicking in after seeing the hat on the back of her head

  12. Me too something happen to me like that .
    One day I wear a new shoes .
    Everyone is doing the same thing that is showing on that videos .
    I feel so creepy just like they are laughing to me or making fun of my shoes .
    So annoying

  13. When I came to school in my new croptop, this girl from my class was following me xdd

  14. When I wore a new shirt:

  15. RIGHT!!!!! Last time I tried a Beanie and everyone was telling me stuff about it!

    My cousin asked if I had a bald spot (I didnt) and my aunt put on a Beanie after she saw me and i was super embarrassed 😂

  16. Me: wearing something new
    Everybody else: saying absolutely nothing about it

  17. 95% of comments: how did that hat stay on?
    5% of comments: literally any other comment

  18. this happens when I wear colours other than black, grey and white, or smth fitted and girly…annoying but funny

  19. I'm not sure I should be offended, annoyed or bothered by how its 90 degrees do the ground

  20. I don't wear makeup but my eyebrows are a lot darker than my hair so when I meet new people they always question my "makeup skills"

  21. Hats are really not supposed to do that, it was literally on the back of your head

  22. WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE TRUE?? Like can I just wear something new, feel good about it? And not get any comments about it?!?!

  23. I have one shirt that I literally wear all. the. time. but every time I get three people asking "is that a new shirt?" And I'm like … No…. I wear it every time I get it back from the wash…. And I've had it for two years. It's kind of weird but also really funny.

  24. The people in the comments are basically like the people in the video. 'How is that staying on?' 'Witchcraft!'

  25. Quinta can look good in anything and everything! Love ya girl! ♥️

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