The Try Guys Get Makeovers From Little Girls

My aesthetic, you’ve described is nerdy or bad. [Kid] Yeah, yeah. When you’re a kid, you don’t care what you look like. [Kid] I want you to wear yellow earrings. [Ned] Oh-kay [Keith] Especially at like Target, I think I always see one little girl dressed as a princess. *Girls screaming and laughing* And her mom’s like, “Yeah, she wanted to dress like a princess.” And I’m like, “You go… Princess.” [Zach] Why? That- That’s your thing? [Kid] You need to find your own thing. [Eugene] Today we’re gonna get makeovers by little girls. [Zach] Then we are teaming with a stylist who is gonna take their visions and make them a reality. [Kid] You look like Harry Potter. [Zach] Good luck making me more of a child than I am already. [Ned] Howdy partner, I was dressed by a six-year-old girl. *Try Guys intro music* [Zach] I think there’s this idea that kids don’t care or know about fashion. [Ned] You just wanna play, you want to run around outside. [Keith] You know, I don’t know what little girls think is fashionable. I think they think costumes are fashion. [Ned] You’re wearing whatever your mom bought you. [Zach] Kids express themselves through their clothes. Often misguided, but they do it! [Eugene] Today we’re gonna let little girl’s imaginations run wild. [Ned] There’s this magical time when you’re a child where you don’t really give a [BLEEP]. [Ned] Roman! How’s it going? [Eugene] It’s the Eugene and Roman show. It’s like In Living Color, except instead of one Jim Carrey we have three. [Zach] Roman is the guy who makes us look dope. Do you know about Hot Ankles Kornfeld? [Roman] I’m happy to be involved in–
[Zach] Involved? You’re the cre-a-tor! There would be no hot ankle without Roman. [Roman] Your ankle moment, I’m here for it. [Zach] Oh, I’m having an ankle decade over here. So I’m here with my new best friend. This is Jade. Jade, would you say we’re best friends already? [Jade] Uhhh, I just met you. I don’t think so? [Zach laughs] Hello there people, my name is Jade. I’m 9 years old. I still don’t know how to use a stove.
[Zach] Yes, I think that’s okay. [Annie] Hi.
[Keith] My name’s Keith. [Annie] My name is Annie. [Keith] Annie, how old are you?
[Annie] I’m 8. [Keith] I’m 31.
[Annie] Okay… [Giggles awkwardly] [Ned] What do you think that your outfits say about you? [Lilly] What I like about the world
[Ned] Yeah? [Lilly] and colors and animals. [Ned] That’s a very nice thing to say to the world. [Eugene] Do you watch My Little Pony?
[Liyah] Yeah. [Eugene] Yeah, who’s your favorite pony?
[Liyah] Oh, Fluttershy. [Eugene] *Whispers* I love Fluttershy. As long as it’s not Applejack, no one likes Applejack that much. [Liyah] I like Applejack… [Eugene] Oh, she’s okay. She’s like the friend you’re like, “Oh, it’s Applejack.” [Keith] Are you a fashionable person? [Annie] I don’t really know, I just– I would say yes. [Jade] It depends. Did my Mom picked it out? She’s not stylish. [Roman] Jade, your little girl? Adorable. [Zach] People think that kids are all just sunshine and rainbows, but kids are angsty, you know? They have real adult emotions. [Jade] When I feel really sad, I wear black. And red. [Zach] Why red? [Jade] Because! It’s the color of blood. [Zach] [Laughing] It is the color of blood! [Eugene] Liyah was fabulous. [Roman] I love her!
[Eugene] Yeah. [Roman] She probably gets me the most. [Eugene] Pants, or skirt.. you think boys can wear whatever? Ohh! Liyah! So progressive. [Annie] There’s these new kind of shirts. They’re little sequined shirts where you flip ’em up and it’s a different color under it. *Makes explosion noise* [Eugene] How would you describe my outfit? [Liyah] Like you’re in high school? [Eugene] Oh, thank you! How ’bout Ned, do you think he looks like a high schooler? [Liyah] No, like a grown-up. [Ned] I agree. Gotta keep things light. [Keith] What do you think of my outfit right now?
[Annie] Nerdy. [Keith] Okay… My style, I… don’t have any. Especially as a kid! I just wanted to get whatever clothes on my body as quick as possible, so I could go do something else. This is sort of– my aesthetic was sort of anti-fashion. Make an impact. [Annie] Did you really even care? [Keith] *laughs* I would probably say no. I was a hand-me-down kid, so I always had like t-shirts of bands I didn’t know, or movies I didn’t see. And then people would be like, “Wow, you like that band?” and I’m like, “Yeah, love that band.” [Ned] Uh, I would say my mom dressed me like a tiny J.Crew model. There’s a couple of photos of me in elementary school where I’m wearing a bow tie. It’s so cute though. [Lilly] I like the red and blue, ’cause they’re both of my favorite colors. [Ned] *gasps* Really? One of your favorite colors is red?
[Lilly] Mm-hmm. *Realizes red rhymes with Ned* [Ned] *Whispers* Amazing! I remember the first time I felt self-conscious about my outfit, I was a 5th grader and some kids were making fun of my pants. Okay, maybe I’m not like a cool, cargo short kid. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I’m just an older version of that tiny clean-cut kid. Except now, my wife buys my clothes. *Laughing* [Eugene] When I was in elementary school, I would have to say I dressed really well. I looked kind of like I came out of a Ralph Lauren catalog. My mother was very worried about how we would assimilate with American society. For her, fashion was a way for us to show that we were not “scary” or “foreign.” She thought that if she could dress us well, then people would respect us. I don’t know if it worked in the end. I was made fun of for my face. But not my clothes. [laughs sadly] [Zach] When I was a kid, I wanted to be cool. All of my old outfits are like me in like, Yankees apparel, or like super baggy jeans. When you’re in elementary school you’re expressing yourself wildly. You’re trying all these different things, and then as you get older, you start to look around and realize, “Oh no, I’m different than the other kids”. You just try and fit into this narrow corridor. I might have been a dweeb, but I was me. What I miss is this feeling of wild, spontaneity in clothing. When you’re a kid and you can just be yourself, whatever the hell that means. So, what do you think about this young boy’s style? [Jade] To be honest? [Zach] Please. *yells* [Keith] She screams with joy. [Liyah] Rainy day looking. [Eugene] You might be very young, Liyah, but your shade game is strong. [Zach] Okay, this is me at Nickelodeon studios when I was kid. Yeah. *laughs* Well, then you are not gonna like YouTube. [Eugene] So that’s how we dressed for church on Sunday. [Liyah] You guys go to church?! [Eugene] We did. We did. We did. [Annie] I like the wall, but… the outfit. [Keith] Okay! We all like the wall. [Zach] That is also me.
[Jade] In an oversized shirt again. [Zach] Yeah… [Ned] How about this?
[Lilly] I love it. [Ned] I love it too! You know, I don’t get a lot of compliments from the other Try Guys. So it’s really refreshing to feel some positive energy from you. It sounds like there’s not gonna be a lot that we’re gonna do differently, or is there? Oh, boy… [Roman] Working as a fashion stylist, I thought I had seen it all. [Ned] So what is your vision for how you’d like me to look? [Roman] These girls definitely, like, stumped me a few times, just with some of the pieces that they needed me to find. [Lilly] Uhhhh, wear a tutu. [Ned] Okay!? [Roman] Ned always gets the funnest outfits. [Annie] You need ripped jeans, black shirt, leather jacket, stuff like that. [Keith] Sort of a bad-boy aesthetic?
[Annie] Yeah! [Roman] I feel like everyone wants you to be cool. [Keith] She said I look nerdy, and yeah, I do look nerdy, but I’m also a nerd. So… [Zach] What are we rocking as a shirt? And what are the words?
[Jade] Hello darkness! [Zach] Hello darkness! What is hello darkness from? [Jade] The Trolls, “Hello darkness, my old friend…” *Laughing* [Zach] *sighs* Yeah, from Trolls… [Roman] Once I really started thinking about what they were asking I’m like, “This might actually look really cute”. [Eugene] If you could dress me in anything, based on what you like. [Liyah] This dress. [Eugene] Ooh, okay! [Liyah] And then, your dress can flip! [Eugene] Well, we got to find a dress that flips. Wow, I look like I’m made of magic. [Zach] Should I have animals on me? [Jade] Kitty cat pants! [Zach] Jade, now we’re talking. She wanted like Bruce Springsteen on top, Lisa Frank on the bottom. [Jade] Black, red, green, blue… [Zach] That’s four, we’ve got eleven more. [Jade] Oh yeah! Pear! [Lilly] I want you to wear yellow earrings. [Ned] Oh-kay.
[Lilly] Maybe a tie. [Keith] Any other accessories? [Annie] Wait, we can have a necklace and a money sign. [Keith] Wow I’m gonna need to make a music video in this outfit. [Ned] Okay, so plaid shirt with the green, red or yellow. [Lilly] Mmmm, a cowboy hat!
[Ned] *laughs* A cowboy hat! Okay. Sounds great, so far! Everything individually, I would be excited for, but all together I’m worried about. [Annie] Like, gold bracelets.
[Keith] Gold bracelets? I was expecting you to want to dress me as like a butterfly. I didn’t expect you to actually want like, a real aesthetic to improve my coolness. [Zach] So we’re neutral up top, Party on the bottom?
[Jade] Mhmm! [Zach] Okay! [Jade] Like a party animal. [Liyah] So the back of the dress is gonna be soft and then the front of the dress is going to be flipped. [Eugene] She had a lot, but it was pretty consistent in vision. [Liyah] A choker! Yes. High heels.
[Eugene] High heels?! I sound gorgeous. [Jade] Shoes, I want you to wear slippers! [Annie] Shiny shoes.
[Keith] Shiny shoes. [Annie] I like all the people who wear stuff like that. [Keith] Who are some people who wear stuff like that, that you know of? [Annie] Like cool people on TV shows? [Keith] Cool people, Keith. Like cool people. [Ned] Wow. This sounds epic. [Eugene] Nailed it. [Liyah] No, I didn’t. [Roman] In my line of work, I have to think like I did when I was a child. A lot. I took Annie’s advice for your full look. And for starters, I guess I should just show you the Dollar sign necklace.
[Keith] Wow! Oh my gosh, Look at this. I was definitely picturing like– giant,
[Roman] Me too, me too! Flavor Flav size. [Roman] So I guess, probably one of the craziest missions that I’ve been on for some cat pants. I basically had to make them. [Zach] Oh my god! Whoa, wait, what are you talking about, you made these? How–out of what? You can’t just make pants. [Roman] I can do anything. We have 15 colors–
[Zach] Shut the front cat! [Roman] –in this cat pants. [Ned] Wow… Oh my god!
[Roman] How pretty is this? [Ned] Yeah, I can just spin around and–
[Roman] Oh I– [Roman] I had this on– [Ned] BOOM– [Roman] for most of yesterday. BAM! [Eugene] Oh, my goodness.
[Roman] Sequins: Almost to the floor. [Eugene] Did you get what I think you got? [Roman] Did I make what you think I made?
[Eugene] Oh, damn! You made this?!
[Roman] So good- I mean, where else am I gonna find a sequence flip dress in your size?
[Eugene] Wow! Oh my god, she’s gonna die. [Roman] And then, to top it off. Sparkle away. [Keith] Wow, Wow, this is what sneakerheads get excited about. [Zach] I’ve never worn a jacket this style In fact, I’ve always been afraid to. [Roman] Who is the LA Carrie Bradshaw? [Ned] Roman. [Roman] Yes!!
[Ned] Yeah, okay, alright! I was about to say me. [Roman] No! [Eugene] And I like the palette. Everything’s like very dark, but shiny and sparkly. Which I feel like matches my soul. [Roman] Are you ready to go from breezy to cool? [Keith] *sighs* I’ve always wanted to be cool.
[Roman] Alright, perfect. Let’s go. Roll call! Ned Fulmer?
[Ned] Present! Eugene Lee Yang? [Eugene] Present, was here the whole time. Zach Kornfield.
[Zach] It’s Kornfeld. There’s no I. Slate for me. [Ned] So, how did Annie do? [Roman] She did well. She wanted to see a cool guy. He’s always the cool guy. [Zach] Keith?
[Roman] When I dress him up. [Ned] Annie, what’s one word you’d use to describe your aesthetic? [Annie] Epic. [Keith] Epic? When I was eight, I would not describe my own style as epic. It would be, “What My Brother Wore.” Are you boys trappers? Because I’m a keeper. Wow!! *Applause* *Screaming and laughing* [Annie] I love it!! [Keith] Describe my outfit to everyone, since you designed it. [Annie] Those are legendary shoes. Those are legendary pants. That is legendary jacket. That is a legendary necklace, and that is a legendary fanny pack. [Keith] So, I think if there was one word to describe this outfit, it would be legendary. Wow, that’s huge for me. [Eugene] If we were in an elementary school class together, I’d give you my Valentine. [Ned] I’d give you my lunch money. [Eugene] You know what I just realized? You have better looking ankles than Zach. [Zach] Shut your fanny– pack! [Keith] Okay on a scale of 1 to 10?
[Annie] 10! [Keith] 10? Wow. Wow. Wow [Jade] 10.
[Keith]10. Wow! [Lilly] 10.
[Keith]10! [Liyah] 11!
[Keith]11! Wow!! This is how cool people dress right now. My, like, crazy stretch from a little girl was to be normal. [gibberish] *Screaming* Bye girls! Bye! [Girls] Bye!! Uhh, class? We have a new student today. Keith Habersberger. [Keith]Hiiii! [Ned] You have such a deep voice!
[Eugene] Such a deep voice for a child! [Keith] I just moved from, from–
[Eugene] Puberty? [Keith] Tennessee. [Zach] If I pull this off, how are you gonna feel? [Jade] Excited! And let’s partyyyyy! [Zach] And then you want to party? What does the party look like?
[Jade] Cake! Cake! Darkness. [Zach] Cake in the darkness! Lisa Frankly, my dear? I look dope. Look at me meow!
[Jade] Oh my God!! [Ned] I love this for some reason! [Eugene] All the individual pieces are amazing. And I think it’s pretty bold to put them together. [Jade] You have the best outfit ever. [Lilly] I love it! [Jade] The beautiful slippers! [Zach] Here. Why don’t you all just give it a little pat? [Keith] You got some dirt in your Hobbit feet. Can I…?
[Zach] Yeah, please. There are exactly 15 different colors on here. [Annie] Hello darkness my old friend!
[Jade] Yep! [Zach] What do we know that from? [Lilly] Trolls. [Zach] From Trolls… I wish as a kid, I had this confidence. I wish that today, I had this confidence. Can I admit something to you all? No? *Laughing* [Jade] I’ll hear it, i’ll hear it!! [Zach] I’ve actually always been too nervous and shy to wear a leather jacket. I didn’t know if I was gonna be able to wear it. [Jade] I’m glad I pushed you out of your comfort zone! [Zach] Me too! Do you want to dance? Every reveal must end with a Floss! [Eugene] Keith’s touching me! [Keith] I’m not touching him. Keith, please keep your body parts to yourself. [Keith] I am keeping them to myself! Get them out of Eugene’s face!
[Eugene] Stop touching me! *Zach snickering* [Ned] What would you feel if you saw me in this outfit? [Lilly] Mmm, proud of myself. [Ned] I would feel proud of you too! [Lilly] Because I kind of never told somebody how I wanted them to dress. [Ned] You get to be a fashion designer now. E is for extra. Extra Edward. [Roman] Yes! [Ned] Here I come! [Annie] Oh no! [Lilly] Amazing.
[Ned] Oh, thank you. [Keith] This looks like a hot rodeo clown. [Roman] I might actually use this in the future– like, the tutu for sure is gonna go on one of my next editorials. [Ned] Roman, our stylist, said this can be on a magazine cover. Whoa. [Lilly] It’s fashionable! [Ned] It’s fashionable. [Lilly] The rodeo tutu. [Keith] You know those toys, where you can rotate the top, middle, and bottom to be random assortment of outfits? You are that. [Lilly] So, you’re wearing black converse. Jeans. A red tutu. A plaid shirt and a blue tie and a blue cowboy and earrings. [Ned] We nailed it! N and is for Ned 2.0. [Eugene] When Ned gets an outfit, he just becomes a very specific character. This one’s like a– [Ned] *whispers* Don’t worry about it. [Keith] Very aggressive.
[Eugene] You look like the fun spunky kid in class. [Zach] or the kid who is the biggest pain in the [BLEEP]. Everyone is like, Please someone control Jeffree. [Ned] Sorry Zach! I didn’t realize I was a pain in your butt butt! [Eugene] You’re like a little kid who becomes famous for something online, and then goes on Ellen for a segment. Give us that spunky vine that made you famous. And, scene. [Ned] Uh, my mom doesn’t know what she’s talking about. *Laughter and applause* [Eugene] That’s it! Everyone’s like, “Wow, have you seen this video of this kid?” [Ned] Uh, well, should we Floss? Should we do the Floss? Should we all dance? *Flossing intensifies* Alright class! We have a new student joining us today! [Keith] Aw man, I like our class how it is. [Ned] I like meeting new people. [Ned] So, how are you gonna feel if you see him like this? [Liyah] Umm, crazy. [Eugene] I might feel a little crazy too. I can tell you with confidence, I have not worn this outfit before. [Liyah] You should have. [Eugene] My girl turned this Flutterguy into Twilight Sparkle. [Everyone] *yelling in shock* [Ned] What!? [Keith] I feel like you’re about to seduce us, which can’t be allowed in elementary school. [Eugene] Are you ready?
[Liyah] Yes. *Screams* [Eugene] Are you surprised, Liyah?
[Liyah] Yes. [Eugene] Do you wanna be more surprised? *Screaming louder* *explosion sound* [Liyah] Wow! [Roman] I feel like a proud mom that just sent her son to school. [Eugene] I feel like I look like the girl who found her really fancy aunts clothes and just put it on for dress-up. My name is Fluttershy Rarity Twilight Sparkle. *Laughing* [Keith] Whoa, it feels so much nicer than you’d expect.
[Eugene] This is not awkward at all. Keith was the cool guy. Who am I at the school?
[Liyah] You’re Beyoncé! [Eugene] Oh! Yeah. [Jade] Basket case! [Eugene] Beyoncé basket case. Beyoncé basket case. Maybe, where I want to be with fashion is, of the mindset of a little girl. [Zach] As a kid, you’re looking up at adults and you’re trying to emulate, what is the grown-up you want to be and fashion is just an extension of that. [Ned] As a new father, I have to start getting used to the fact that I will be judged by children. [Keith] I really have only thought about style because of videos we’ve done as the Try Guys. [Zach] I don’t think you’ve ever been so huggable in your whole life. [Ned] Yeah, I just want all the textures.
[Keith] Your body’s so firm. [Zach] What’s down here?
[Eugene] Is this video over? Are we done? [Keith] You’re so strong. *Outro music* [Eugene] Just quickly remove your glasses.
[Keith] Am I in a high school movie right now? Oh my God, and did I just from go from the nerdy girl to the hot girl? *Singing* [Liyah] Drop the mic!
[Eugene] Yes.

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