The River | Carhartt x Guinness

So just who gets the honor
of dying the Chicago River green for St. Paddy’s Day? Perhaps it’s the bagpiper
from the Shannon Rovers. Or is it the Queen
of the Parade? [MUSIC PLAYING] Is it the boys who
build the floats? Or the Policemen
who keep us safe? They all make Chicago great. But they don’t dye
the river green. So is it the girl
who paints her face? Or the guy who wears
it on his back? Maybe it’s the ones who
carve the corn beef. Sounds tasty, but no. Is it the South Side
Irish Rugby Club? Surely it’s someone
who loves Guinness. Well that never hurts. Do they wear Carhartt? Most likely. But there’s only one way you get
to dye the Chicago River green. You need to be a plumber from
Local 130 in Chicago, Illinois. These fine folks don’t
just dye the river green. They dreamt up the whole darn
parade in the first place. Cheers to the plumbers– [CHEERING] –from your friends of
Guinness and Carhartt. Cheers to the plumbers! [MUSIC PLAYING]

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