The positive clothing brand in the North East you’ll love

We’re arriving at Hamiedog menswear in Whitley Bay where they stock my clothing. Jerry J clothing is all about elevated people, it’s all about positivity, it’s all about the right mindset. Let’s say for me, coming from The Gambia it’s a long shot trying to achieve my personal goals in life, trying to support my family back home. This was the Jerry J Pride collection released for Newcastle Pride. It’s our first Pride collection. We’re trying to bring more inclusivity. People love it. Hi I’m Bethany, I’m former Miss Newcastle and I’m honored to be shooting the Pride collection with Jerry J today. Hey guys I’m Joni Valadares, former Mr Gay England and I am here today on the Jerry J shoot for the Pride collection. Jerry J’s one of my homeboys, been working with him quite a while now and I’m absolutely honoured to be back here. I was working full-time at a printing company, doing night shifts and I started talking to one of my co-workers about trying to start my own business. Then he recommended the Enterprise course with The Prince’s Trust. I learnt about marketing, sales, about money about HMRC. Jerry J has been going from strength to strength with the help of The Prince’s Trust and my business mentor. When I had Jackson it changed my whole world. I want to be financially stable so that
I can support him. He can follow in my footsteps, take over Jerry J hopefully one day. That’s where daddy’s things are bring printed! This is where the magic happens.
My office is in there. My family back home are really proud of me, especially my mum. Before the course I was just like a kid with an idea. But the Enterprise course has trained me to be a very enterprising person. They gave me the flexibility to spend time with Jackson, and because I’m my own boss I can see him whenever I want to see him. So I’m so happy that I did the Enterprise course. Jerry J for Elevated People. That’s the one baby!

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