The Kyrie Irving x SpongeBob INSANE SNEAKER Collab w/ Nike YOU Can’t Miss! 👟 | SpongeBob

[music playing] These are fire, dawg. This is the SpongeBob Nickelodeon Nike
Kyrie 5 Sneaker Pack. Money, you know, it’s very expressive, very loud, but also,
you know, to the point. Patrick and SpongeBob,
the yellow and pink. They mesh very well together. They’re best friends,
they do everything together, but they’re literally total opposites. A man on an island by himself,
Squidward the musician. Really an introvert,
but also an extrovert at heart. And we have Sandy,
she brings the happiness to the sea. She’s the outside thinker. She’s a true representation
of just being a unique individual. There’s Mr. Krabs, pattern leather red
with a one eyed Plankton. Red’s my favorite color,
so it had me right away. They have taken something
from that animated world and made it come to life on a shoe. On every shoe there’s…
there’s something special on the tongue. “Secret Formula, Krabby Patty.” This sneaker pack is a lot bigger than
obviously just putting out the shoes. It’s the connection
they have to the youth and passing down some timeless gems. You got it, you got it, good job! I love SpongeBob because he’s a hero
and who doesn’t wanna be a hero? And learn from not only your friends,
but learn from yourself. He embodies the essence of going out
and just being free. I was glued to my TV when the first
episode of SpongeBob aired. The connection to SpongeBob
and Nickelodeon is still there. This, for me, is 20 years in the making.

100 thoughts on “The Kyrie Irving x SpongeBob INSANE SNEAKER Collab w/ Nike YOU Can’t Miss! 👟 | SpongeBob

  1. Everyone: Infinity war is probably the biggest crossover in history

    This video: hold my krabby patties

  2. I gotta get some!!! 😮

    Then I'll feel awesome, spongey, and above the road!! (I wanna sing it all-day long…!)

  3. The only thing that could make this better, would be if The Monstars from Space Jam, and Plankton in a big basketball player robot, burst in, demanding a game, then the Looney Tunes, Spongebob, and his friends appear at Irving’s side, both sides charge towards each other, and just as they’re about to clash, it cuts off.

  4. I love spongebob…. I would like to buy this kind of shoes but it is so very very not afford of my budget

  5. In case anyone was wondering these sold out almost completely in like 40 minutes…I’m insanely proud of Spongebob fans for being so obsessive.

  6. They imagine that kyrie irving makes a movie like space jam but with the spongebob characters

  7. Kyrie please give me a patrick because on 0ctober 1 qnd 2 and 3 are intrams the intrams is we will play basketball and october 4 is my birthday

  8. Just got my patrick kyrie 5's! Its real fire i love it

  9. If I buy those I'll buy 2 cuz I like to mismatch sponge and Pat I wear yellow on right and pink on left

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