Teen Vs. Adult: Prom Dress Shopping Challenge

75 thoughts on “Teen Vs. Adult: Prom Dress Shopping Challenge

  1. Lol, when you work at Macy's and are kind of excited to see dresses you recognize 😂🤷.

  2. All the ppl saying these aren’t prom looks and I wore basically the exact same dress as Mei to my prom lol

  3. Tbh the real challenge would be having plus sized girls find good dresses cause there still aren’t a ton of good options that are easy to find

  4. I know she says red suits her skin color but I can't help but think a light beige would suit her best

  5. I feel like the adults in this series never actually listen to the teens style and just shop like they're shopping for themselves

  6. I felt like the teen didn’t like her dress. She most likely wore something else

  7. I highly doubt she even wears that to prom. That will definitely go to a friend. Didn’t seem like her style or her vibe, as they said several times.

  8. As the “teen” has tattoos and is older, do a teen actually going to prom

  9. Can there some be plus size in this series? I remember that shopping for prom as a plus size was kind of terrifying and difficult.

  10. The dress was a little too big on the teen, she could’ve went for something more out there than a basic red dress with no style to it other than the back, it wasn’t flattering on her and ik she would’ve looked GORGEOUS if the adult picked a different dress

  11. A little confused why they chose to reveal the outfits in the thumbnail… But ok?

  12. personally i want to see a younger teen! maybe 16-17? like this comment if you agree so that as is sees it!!

  13. Instead of this, I think they should’ve had a teen come on who is going to prom soon and maybe he doesn’t have enough money to buy an expensive fancy dress, help her pick one out. They spent the money anyways, why didn’t they use it in someone who maybe needed it more. I dunno…

  14. The adults outfit is amazing. The teen did a great job on hers, but the adult did the teen dirty, her outfit doesn’t even match.

  15. I thought it was going to be like a teen in high school actaully going to prom XD not a 18-19 year old but cute video non the less! :3

  16. So the teen isn't even a teen? 😂She said she never went to senior prom

  17. I mean it was an interesting idea but lets be real, either one of them would be dress coded at most schools for either dress, not right but it is what it is.

  18. As someone who hates to show my toes, I would have hated her for picking those shoes =(

  19. I am genuinely concerned that the teen doesn't know how to properly wear a seat belt. Why is it on her arm??

  20. Anyone else watching this and thinking that their school would not allow this because of dress code? Fun times. 😒

  21. this is not a prom dress, this is a regular night out in the club dress, which is not a compliment.

  22. The "teen" had tattoos but you can't get a tattoo unless your 18 and above

  23. When you can't tell who's the teen and who's the adult because Black don't crack and Asian don't raisin!

  24. Maybe next time get a teen who is actually going to prom and follow up on how well the look went at the actual event.

  25. The teen doesn't like her dress, and it does not flatter her as much as the adult's does.

  26. the adult was literally shopping for herself. she was like 'i'm sure she'll like this.' she fking told you what she liked and what she didn't. So fking ignorant.

  27. I like these videos a lot! I wish they wouldn’t show the final looks in the thumbnail though. It makes it less interesting :/

  28. The necklace doesn't match the dress. Like TOTALLY DOESN'T MATCH. 😭

  29. how can she get a tattoo and she's 18 because it says she's a teen and you need to be and adult to get one

  30. Yeah the older woman did awful i feel like the younger girl didn't like it at all

  31. This is so boring… the teenager isn't young enough for her age to be a factor in her decision, both the girls wanted plain no-frills styles (which is all well and good, but it's not entertaining to watch!). They were both.. just so boring, can we find people with more interesting and challenging taste in clothes?

    This video would be far more fun if the teenager was 16 and wanted a giant neon ballgown- or a punk-rock body con- or even a pantsuit, that would have actually been difficult to find.

  32. Both outfits are terrible that’s the tea no originality or uniqueness

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