Tarik Jeans – Malaysian street wear brand for men.

hi we are at the Robinson
I discovered this new brand at the Robinson call “Tarik” a local Malaysian
brand quite like their merchandise , look at this
t-shirt especially this one like this one “Tapir Bagaimana” this animal
extinct animal, almost extinct and I look at the jeans I look at the jeans. Tarik
I love the logo. Label it’s very nicely made that’s stitching embroidery here love this brand
it’s very Malaysian.”Nusa Bencana” this one is denim tarik, very milo looking milo
looking green tee. Tarik Jeans. if you are patriotic, giant tarik hey. how’s
the price? price RM89 yeah I love Malaysia, wear it on a
Malaysian day! Hari Malaysia September 16 we are celebrating “Hari Malaysia” brilliantly designed okay check it out this brand Tarik and
the tarik jeans at Robinson the garden mall yay
that’s it

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