Switch Alerts & Warframe Black Friday Sale: Merch & Orbiter

Warframe Black Friday Sale
Before We get to the black Friday deals, Nintendo Switch players have yet to receive their old
blood update and the follow up prime vault relic release and because of this DE are running
two alerts up until the 2nd of December at 2pm Eastern time, where upon completion you’ll
get a Vauban & ash prime blueprint. For all platforms, Warframe has a 50% off
sale on select Orbiter Decorations up until the 2nd of December at 2pm Eastern Time. All Domestik Drones now cost 50 platinum. The Dawn, Dax, Day of the Dead and Mimica
Shawzin cost 20 platinum with the Nelumbo costing 30. The Pet toys cost 10 platinum, so Cephalon,
Data Cube, Grineer Armor & Grineer Tech. And All Vignettes 45 Platinum and the Vignette
bundle costs 270 platinum. The Vignettes available are the Aquarium,
Cephalon, Earth, Europa, Kuva Fortress, Luva, Mars, Plains of Eidolon and Venus. Once again those items will be on sale until
the 2nd of December at 2pm Eastern Time. The Warframe Merch Store is also running a
Black Friday deal and that’s buy one get 50% off the second, and the second item must
be equal to or less than the first item. Everything on the website is eligible with
the exception of the Warframe Holiday bundle, Ancient Infested Scrawl Skateboard, Ugly Holiday
Sweater, Deck the Scrawls Holiday Bundle and the Holiday Ornament

12 thoughts on “Switch Alerts & Warframe Black Friday Sale: Merch & Orbiter

  1. Someone ask DE why drones cost 100p. And why Shy bought 100 for 10.000 platinum

  2. Thanks for clarifying what was on sale, I’m gonna go and buy me a Domestik Drone.

  3. Irony is that alongside (or before) this black friday sales they added a orbiter captura for 10mil credits

  4. Yeh thanks for letting us know what the discount was actually on, saw that there was a sale but couldn’t find anything on discount.

  5. Cool sale, i will grab all of them and spare roomba set for when we can deco our new TARDIS.

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