Super Plus Size Clothing and Super Plus Size stores video 3

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15 thoughts on “Super Plus Size Clothing and Super Plus Size stores video 3

  1. @TheRantsOfPat I bet you would lol. But wow i didnt even think about that and i got lots of it so i guess that will be my next project. đŸ˜‰ But i will not be trying on any on camera…lol

  2. @fefelamour1 Thank you so very much and your more then welcome

  3. I'm searching for super plus size exercise wear and sauna suits, if you came across any of this let me know where to look. Thanks.

  4. for me Simply Fashion clothes actually last me a while! When I wash my jeans they don't shrink Im having an issue with them getting bigger over time instead of smaller! I mean I've had jeans from Lane Bryant shrink up on me!

  5. we have a store in los angeles called rainbow they mall and large size clothing very very cheap from thactory but they dont always have bigger than 3x and 3x is standard size 20 not very big I am a 24. I make my own clothing too but I really need to take a pattern class. I like torrid but 3x is too small 4x is like swimming init, lane bryant is made for tall women Im 5' 4" and fashion bug uses cheap fabric and they make cheap shoes. I have always wanted to open my own plus size clothing line.

  6. I live in miami and shop at simoly all the time in fact i will be going tomorrow for a sale they having but they stuff last longer than some items i got from Ross and i have kept clothes for years from simply fashion.

  7. I have shopped at simply Fashions since jr. high now so its been about 10 years or more and I don't get what you are talking about I still have pants and shirts from the beginning it might just be the ones where you are but in Mississippi & Georgia they last a long time

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