summer outfits of the week *warning: v cute*

[Pleasant music plays] Oh howdy there, and welcome to another
Outfits of the Week. Or as I like to call it: Five Aspirational
Outfits I Never Actually Wore Out But I Put Together While Listening to Hot Chelle Rae Last Night, and I Thought That They Were Cute So that’s the video that you’re watching right now. For Monday, I started out the outfit with a
simple white flowy dress. I really like to take timeless basics like
this basic white dress, and switch out my accessories based on
the current trend of the season. That’s my way of balancing investing in timeless basics like this white dress that are gonna last me for years and years and years, but also occasionally keeping them
updated like the fashionista I am. I do like to have a trendy look here and there So, for example, I bought this leopard belt and this
adorable, but entirely impractical, tiny little leopard purse to help kind of
update some of my more basic pieces. And I finished up the outfit with some platform espadrilles that match my dress, and complete the kind of playful funky vibe of this outfit. [Music continues] I called this outfit my pajama-chic outfit. Okay, in reality, my pajamas are this old
Periodic Table of the Elements t-shirt, with a hole in the armpit that I’ve been
wearing since second grade, but, this top is what I imagined I’d wear to bed if I actually had my shit together. It is insanely soft and comfortable but the plunge neckline makes it feel a little bit fancy. Since the top is a bit more tailored, I
passed up my usual distressed cutoff shorts, and went for this clean, dark-wash pair instead. I really like the unique 90s inspired
silhouette of these shorts, and they’re also a great option for those
of y’all who, like, are not into having the bottom of your
butt cheeks hanging out your shorts, like, these ones are a pretty reasonable length, I think. For my shoes, I went for these super sleek, super minimal, just, like, tiny little strappy shoes. I always think about the vibe that my outfit has going on so far and I try to just carry that through my shoes. So, I felt like I had a bit of a Parisian chic vibe going on. So, I wanted some nice sleek and chic sandals as well. And to finish everything off, I went for this pearl purse which, first of all, is just [pauses] absolutely gorgeous and it also matches
with the white piping on my top. So, it was the perfect way to tie the color
palette of the whole outfit together. [Music continues] Of course, we’ve got to have at least one
outfit that is picnic ready in this video. This is what people in LA call a top and people everywhere else in America called a glorified bra. It really is puttin’ the crop in crop top, But I am a sucker for this
incredible lace-up detail in the back and, of course the fact that it was designed by Jen Im. I am such a sucker for patterned pants, but I have to be careful when buying them, because sometimes if the pattern is too crazy, it makes my legs look shorter. Like, I am all torso, and not very much leg, which is why I’m
always wearing high-waisted things to, like, try to fool you guys into thinking
I’m proportional. Anyways, I like that these were mostly
black so they still keep my legs pretty streamlined- – while having a little bit of pattern. I went for these v-cut heels to tie in the white on the top and the white flowers in the pants, and I added this pearl purse to finish off
the ladylike look. And also just ’cause I’m obsessed with
this purse and I wear it with everything. [Music continues] Thursday’s outfit is probably the trendiest
shit you’ll ever see me wear. You know, normally I don’t do this hard with trends, But recently, I’ve just been, like, so
inspired by how crazy fashion is right now. Like, if you look on the Instagram explore page, if you look at the Met Gala, if you look at runways, like… Fashion is just crazy right now. There’s so
many colors. There’s so many textures. There’s so many new silhouettes. So, I don’t know, it just got me excited and
I wanted to get extra funky with this outfit. I knew I wanted to go for kind of a Spice
Girls vibe with this outfit, so I started with this sheer leopard print top, and matched it with orange velvet skirt
for a little bit of contrasting textures. I normally find when I’m mixing patterns
and textures and colors It’s nice to tie everything together with the
same color accessories throughout. So for this outfit I went with black. I have
these black platform Docs, I have a black fanny pack and I also threw on a black velvet choker to go full-send 90s mode. [Music continues] My outfit for Friday looks like I put so
much effort into thinking it out but honestly, it was one of the simplest
ones for this video because [pause] all I did was was put a dress over my
head and that was pretty much the whole outfit. That is the glory of a good old maxi dress. And it’s the perfect thing for the summer
because it’s just easy to throw on. It’s cute as hell. It’s very comfortable.
There is sufficient crotch ventilation. What more could you ask for? Since this dress is so flowy and girly and ruffly, I wanted to edge things up with the accessories. So I went for these ultra chunky boots from Unif. Years ago, I never ever would have
thought this is my style but they’ve been so fun to throw on with like vintage slip dresses and maxi dresses like this. Any outfit that feels a little bit girly and then I can just ~juxtapose~ it with a really chunky badass shoe. Alright, those are all the outfits that I have for you guys.
I hope this gave you some inspiration. I also hope this gave /me/ some inspiration to actually wear these outfits for, like, a full day and not just to do this video. Also, thank you so much for your patience this week. I know my video was a little bit late. Alrighty, I will see you guys next week. Bye!

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  1. hey y'all, i'm so sorry this video is a couple days late from my usual thursday! i thought i could film and edit a whole room makeover in a week.. turns out it took 5 days to film and will probably take another 5 to edit. i couldn't finish the room makeover in time for this week so i made this video yesterday! anyways hope y'all enjoy + thank you so so much for watching! i'm gonna sleep now bc i pulled an all nighter editing this 🤠

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