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Hi loves! This is Marie today I’ll show you three outers from SheIn and some ways to style them. I’ve been a fan of SheIn since forever and thankfully they sent me these lovely items and here I review them! but! don’t worry yall I will never lie to you😤 there won’t be any false-sponsered-words here all opinions are mine so just relax and watch~ aaand lets get started! tha first item is this jacket I’m currently wearing when I first saw this I went rETRO this jacket screamed retro to me if you’ve been following me on youtube or instagram (come follow me on ig! @marihyunsuh) anyway if you’ve been following any of them you’ll know how much I love old/vintage/retro things so you can imagine how hype I went when I saw this this jacket reminds me of 80s a bit of 70s?? but especially 80s era. actually this reminds me of ‘Stranger Things’ *explaining that it’s a netflix show* any of the characters could wear this and still look natural in the show thats shows the amount of “80sness” this jacket is throwing the color is… a camel color? caramel even??? there are a LOT of colors black, pink… (in ur area) I’ll link it down there so you can check the color variation anyways I chose camel/khaki color out of all those many options since I think this color cooperates with that retro-vibe this came out quite tight so if you want a oversized fit, buy this in a larger size and if you want it fit, get your exact size sooo how did I style this? I’ve been rambling about how retro this jacket is for ages now naturally I added a lot of retro pieces in this look 😂 well since it is Winter right now people tend to wear dark or mono looks these days compared to Spring/Summer season but I wanted to style this jacket a bit more lively so here’s the look! I personally think this jacket looks better with low-cut tops rather than crew necks that go all the way up here or those turtle necks looks much brighter showing your neck and you can’t exclude a choker necklace when it comes to low cut tops like this! kind of reminds me of Mathilda from Leon haha I was going to wear this low cut top and simply throw on this jacket right on top but went ‘heyyyyy I should add more colorss’ so I found a red flannel from my closet and layered it in this look the moment you add the color whoooop the monotony gets eliminated now the bottom! you can wear a normal pair of jeans but for that bright and lively look I wore denim shorts this time aand I wore knee socks AGain, if you’ve been following me you’ll know that I love knee socks along with the retro things tbh I think a pair of knee socks tops off a retro fashion look so my two fashion interests kinda boost each other so Marie’s ultimate combo of retro-and-kneesocks shined again in this look lol and I chose round framed sunnies to go with this look it’s important to choose an accessory that goes well, in this case, -you say it- these round ones matches the “”retro”” I personally styled the jacket like this, but the way of styling is up to you you can replace the denim shorts with a denim skirt, or you can wear all-black and top off with a marine cap, or heck wear a girly flowy dress inside and throw this bulky jacket on that would also look flyy I can see diverse ways to style sooo the explanation of this corduroy jacket has ended the next item is~ ta-da this jean jacket! I’ve been searching for a jean jacket for such a long time but those “basic” jackets in stores always failed me I wanted a jacket with some sort of patterns or with unique details and all that aaand I found this! these eyelet details on sleeves look niice different from the previous corduroy jacket, this jean jacket is very oversized. so if you like that oversized boyfriend jacket look, I’m pretty sure youre gonna like this denim can easily look meh a dangerous fabric yall! but this jacket looks fine sooo yeah I’m fond. oh one thing! this jacket comes with the straps separated so I had to lace them up myself lol tho these straps/ribbons are not normal ones they are velvet textured so a point for that~ sooooo how did I style this? ※when you wear an oversized top/outer, style shorts with it※ sooo I also wore denim shorts in this look. BUT there are two different points when I styled this corduroy jacket, I wore dark denim shorts that are not distressed but when I styled tHIS jean jacket, I wore light denim shorts that are distressed. so why different? we’re trying denim-on-denim when we’re wearing this guy when I wear denim-on-denim, I style one of them distressed and the other one plain so that I can keep the contrasting looks while I also maintain the unity by styling two similar color schemes you can obviously style a deep dark denim with a light one, but I personally prefer having a tip of unity soo I styled like this another thing different from the previous look, I wore turtle neck this time since I like the look of denim and turtleneck together I wore the exact marine cap from my last winter fashion haul video. you can throw on a marine cap in any oufit and look like you put lots of efforts in clothes I wore chunky boots for the shoes since the chunky-ness tops off the look. soooo out of three items, finally there is one left! tadaaa this fluffy coat I wore similar fluffy outers since I was vERy young (like 4 or 5 lol) so I saw this and went ‘ahhhh fluffff’ and chose this fleece coat haha while the last two jackets were casual this coat is more of a feminine style I love how fluffy and puffy this is really matches the chilly winter season better than any other stuffed animals this coat is also oversized so if you’re planning to buy this, check the size properly! how did I style this? I wore this black top with a classy ribbon detail and a black tennis skirt. since the coat itself is big and puffy, I chose tight fitting clothes inside so they contrast a bit which leads to a synergy effect if the weather is warm, tight fitting little black dress would look great I mean it would add the vintage/classyness but sadly its freezing these days sooo I gotta wait a bit more for lil black dress choice of the shoes are different from preivious looks not chunky boots this time, I wore a pair of nice and slick boots from nikoand. oh and this coat is actually great for layering last time I wore this underneath a long padded coat this pink hoodie peeping out from the bulky coat looked.. nice and unique! I didn’t really expact this to be layering-appropriate so I was sHooK so if you’re searching for a warm outer to layer w your huge coat, yeah actually this one’s for you!😃 sooooo this SheIn haul video has come to an end! thank you so much for watching my loves❣️ don’t forget to like, subscribe, comment, and goodbye till my next video!! ✨💖

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  1. 핡 저 지금 기묘한 이야기 정주행중이예여!!! 역시 언니는 복고 코디가 짱입니다

  2. 영상 잘봤어요! 머리는 검은색 염색하신 건가요? 예뻐용ㅎㅎㅎ

  3. 저도 한국에서 쉬인옷만 거의 시켜서입어용♥♥

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