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installment of Style Reboot, we’re at number nine, so you really have to go step by step by
step by step by step, highly recommend that
you follow the order. If you missed any, you can go back. I created a playlist called Style Reboot so you can easily find the other videos. So at number nine, I wanna
talk about closet organization. I’ve talked a lot about
closet organization in the past over the years, I will put links to the videos below, if you want more there’s plenty more. This’ll be a recap in a lot of ways of things I’ve already talked about but with some new things
peppered in there, new ideas and new tools that
you might be able to use to help you with your closet organization. Okay, so let’s get started
with closet organization tips, the first tip is to have matching hangers. Matching hangers is a
little bit of an investment, you have to pay for the hangers obviously. I’m gonna put links below
to my recommendations to make it easy for you guys. The recommendations will be from Amazon, so if you have the Prime membership you don’t have to pay for the
shipping which is a big deal, specially when you’re
talking about something as heavy as hangers and you’re like, “well how many do I buy?” “I don’t know how many to buy.” I always kinda guesstimate 100 hangers for about three feet
of full hanging space. So, if you’re looking at
your closet and you’re like, “oh this rod looks like
it’s about six feet “and it’s really jammed and
I’m not gonna edit it anymore,” then I would do 200 hangers for that space and you’ll have more than enough. So the hangers that I like are the clear plastic ones just
like you have in the store. I like my closet to look as
boutique-like as possible and this is what every boutique likes, use what every boutique uses. So I like the swivel heads, so no matter what direction
you hang your garment you can have them all facing the same way by just adjusting the head. There’s nothing more annoying than putting a shirt on a hanger and then wanting it to
go face one direction and then you have to
take the shirt back off and put it back on. So this swivel head’s a must and then I think they’re really thin, I don’t care if I break ’em because you don’t pay a lot for them and they have this to catch the garment so it doesn’t slip off, which is nice. I mean, are there times where your garment is too wide for the hanger, it doesn’t quite stay on
the hanger, absolutely. And that’s why some people
prefer the velvet non-slip ones, but I stick with these. I’ll put a link to the velvet
non-slip ones below too if you prefer those, but these are my favorite. And then you can also
waterfall with these hangers, so if you have a really small closet space you put this through here. Let’s say you wanna do three sets of pants all in a row to save on
that closet real estate, you can waterfall ’em like that or if you got a suit and you
wanna do the suit together, you can do that. And then I use this type
for pants and for skirts. And this type for shirts and for dresses. Number two is you’re gonna sort by type. And that can be whatever
categories you want, whatever makes it easier for you. The key is to be able to
find things quickly, easily, not labor over it, not wonder where it is, not search for it, not
waste time searching for it. The key to your closet is
to save you time and money when it looks like your
very own little boutique and you’re organized, it
will save you time and money. So if you sort by type then you can say, huh, I need a cami today
and I know exactly, b-line for the camies. I need a short sleeve top today and I know exactly where to look for that. I need a pair of jeans today, I know exactly where to go for my jeans. You needa have the types sorted out and you can decide how specific
you wanna get with types. For me, I have a bigger
closet, I have a lot of clothes so I do sleeveless, short
sleeve, long sleeve. You may wanna do sleeveless, short sleeve, three-quarter sleeve, long sleeve. Whatever works best for you. I also do jackets, I do blazers,
I do shorts, I do skirts and then I put jeans in my drawers. Trousers, really nice trousers I hang up but if they can be folded, I fold them. So you’re gonna determine
based on your closet space and based on your preferences
and based on your lifestyle, which categories, which
types you want to delineate and organize your closet into. Then once you have your types sorted out, so you got your hangers, your types, then you wanna sort by color. So you say to yourself, I
really need a black blouse today and I really want a black
short sleeve blouse, you go to your section
with the short sleeve tops, you pull out your black, that
you look in the black section, and you know, okay I have this option, this option, and this option. It’s very, very quick and easy. So that’s why its so
important to sort by color. Now whether you go dark to
light, like the KonMari method, or whether you go light to
dark, whether you do some other crazy color system is totally up to you. I like light to dark. I like to do the rainbow
because I like to see the red, and the orange, and the yellow,
and the green, and the blue, plus it’s easy for me to remember. So just come up with a system
that works best for you. And if you’re like, “well wait a minute “this is printed and
patterned and its kinda crazy “and it’s a mix of red
and its a mix of pink “and I don’t know where to put it.” Just put it somewhere, don’t
sweat those little details. Just get it in there, have it
all look ecstatically nice, have it all sorted by color
and type and you’re good. And those are the three primary
things you need to focus on with organizing your closet. I wanna get a little bit more into the nuances of organizing. So let’s say handbags, for
example, you’re always like, “(groans) what do I do with
these handbags,” right? So for me I do shelf dividers on the shelf and I do have built-in shelving, so that works really easily for me, the shelf dividers and I
put the bags in a slot, in a slot, in a slot, in
a slot on the shelf, okay. There also handbag
shapers if you’re worried about keeping the shape of your handbags. You can put in these shapers inside or you could just do tissue paper, it’s a lot cheaper, a lot easier. You also could put dust
covers over your bags for maybe the more expensive bags. However, then you may forget it’s there, although if you’re like me and you only have one
or two expensive bags, you’re not gonna forget
that they’re there. (laughs) But if you have a whole bunch of ’em you may forget so you may
not want to do the dust cover simply because you wanna see the bags. You could do the shelf
dividers for your handbags but you could also do bins, there are really lovely bins, linen bins, you could do baskets where you can put your handbags in bins and I’m gonna link you to
all of the options below, so don’t worry about
it, I got you covered. It’s all like Amazon and Target and Container Store links below and then I’ll put them
over on the blog also. So that’s one of the
ways you can organize, two of the ways you can
organize your handbags. What about boots? You’re like, “(screams) those tall boots, “they always elude me, I don’t
know what to do with them.” Well there are racks where you can hang your boots upside down and keep them all organized that way. You can, somebody, one of
you guys told me about this, you could put pool noodles in
your boots to keep the shape. There are also boot shapers
available at Container Store, believe it or not, and
they’re pretty inexpensive. I’ve found some even less expensive plastic options on Amazon. I’ll put that link below as well and then how you organize them
in your closet is up to you, whether you have built-in shelving, whether you need to get a shoe rack. I did put a recommendation
below for a shoe rack that I think is very easy to assemble and also looks ecstatically nice, ’cause there’s nothing worse than having some crappy
shoe rack in your closet. You want your closet to look nice and that’s the whole idea, we want it to look a boutique, we want it to be this little oasis. So you don’t want to through
in a crappy shoe rack that’s gonna break down in a year or be a nightmare to put together, so there’s a very specific
shoe rack that I recommend. I put it below. It’s not expensive at all,
so don’t worry about that. If you have a closet with
lots of shelving up high, it’s gonna be important for you to have a foldable footstool, so you might wanna think in
investing in one of those. Also, you don’t wanna ignore your drawers. So, your sock drawer,
your underwear drawer, your bra drawer, you got
T-shirts in a drawer, you got jeans in a drawer, whatever you have in your drawer, you wanna keep your drawers
looking nice as well. You wanna still color code the drawers. I color code jeans, yep it’s a little OCD but I do it because I’ll
put light jeans in one row, white jeans in one row, light blue jeans in another row, dark blue jeans in another row, black jeans in another row. I’ll even sort by is this cropped, is this flared, is this skinny? So you could really get
more specific and detailed depending on how many you have, depending on how important it is to you. And then for you underwear and your socks you can use those dividers. They’re really affordable, really it’s a game
changer for those drawers and it makes it a lot
simpler for you to find. ‘Cause again with your underwear, you do go for certain
pairs on certain days like you need a thong for a certain outfit or you need nude underwear
for a certain outfit, for light pants, light skirt, light jeans. You want black cause you’re
wearing a black skirt. So having those dividers
just makes it, again, a little bit more seamless,
a little bit easier, a little bit more efficient. So the dividers are great to have. Oh, and then I just did wanna talk a little bit about jewelry, how to organize your jewelry. So, I am of the mind that you
have to have things on display to know that they’re there, if you tuck them away and they’re hidden and
they’re behind the scenes, then it’s harder to
know that you have them, you forget about them
and you don’t use them and you don’t wear them. So I kind of put all my
jewelry on display in my closet and I use bracelet bars,
they’re called T bars. I use the high T bar for long necklaces. I like the necklace stands for necklaces, like big necklaces so
that I can display them and see them very clearly. I use little ring stands for rings. I’ll put some recommendations below so you guys can check those
out if you’re interested. Lastly, just wanted to mention I did find a couple of
really cool scarf organizers, they’re hanging, so you would
hang them in your closet, and then also belt, there’s the option of
screwing it into the wall or the option of hanging it. So you’re like, “what do
I do with all my belts?” You can just hang ’em up
right alongside your trousers or you can get the one
that screws into the wall, maybe attach it to the wall
and have it organized that way, depending on your closet space. So, those are some of the tricks and tips for keeping your closet really organized. Again, this is such a vital important part of your overall style
and your overall sanity. When your closet is nice, ecstatically pleasing, organized, again saving you time and
money, saving you the stress and the heartache of not
being able find things. It’s a game changer,
it’s really worth while, it’s really worth investing the time to make it look pretty, boutique-like. Let me know if you guys
have any questions at all. Again, I’m gonna put everything below. I’m gonna put everything over on the blog. It’s gonna be nice and neat
for you guys over there so if you’re like, “(screams)
what did she say again about, “I don’t know, I just didn’t know “what she was talking about,
she’s talking so fast,” ’cause I think I was talking fast. It’s over on the blog
too, so you can go check it out over there. Thank you guys again so,
so much for watching. Let me know if you have any questions, give a thumbs up to the video, and I will see you next time, bye. (soft music)

78 thoughts on “Style Reboot #9 | Closet Organization

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