Stupid Things [my sister] Believed as a Kid

So I was thinking of video ideas, when I thought I could talk about Stupid Things I believed as a kid. But the only thing I could really think of was the fact that I thought If I ate too many bananas, I would turn into a monkey. And I didn’t want that to happen, so I stopped eating bananas and have grown a distaste to them ever since. So I asked my twin sister, who’s name’s Faith by the way, If she could remember anything I believed. She couldn’t think of anything about me, but, gave plenty of examples about things she believed. So here we go, for the sake of comedy I’m gonna exploit my twin sister. Stupid Things my sister believed as a kid …but not anymore So we have this older sister who was like eight, no 9 years older than us. And she told my sister that, the computer could talk back to us through typing. It happened because Faith was on the computer, an error message popped up. She asked my older sister what was wrong with it. And she said, “The computer says you’re typing on it too hard,” Faith asked her to tell the computer she was sorry. And soon she was having a full on conversation with it, on a regular basis. But the older sister would have to be there to communicate. Tell him I got a 100 percent on my spelling test! Okay, I’m typing it in! SRHJIKLJKGHGHJHK What did it say? It says it DOESN’T CARE. Another thing, was that one time my sister was drinking water and saw a bug in her drink. She freaked out and poured the water out. But my older brother said, You know something scary? Since you were drinking water, you could see the bug. But if you drink something like uhh, milk? You wouldn’t see it. *whisper* Because milk isn’t clear like water… So she stopped drinking milk for a while. But she drinks them now.. of course… So this one time, our dad came to us and said, Come on kids, we have to go! It’s buy 1 get 1 free! But he said it kinda fast, So it sorta formed into one word… So he said, Come on kids, it’s BUYONEGETONEFREE And we were like.. what’s buyonegetonefree… Do you know what buyonegetonefree is? I don’t know what buyonegetonefree is.. Then what’s buyonegetonefree? My sister asked if we could buy things at buyonegetonefree, My dad was like, yeah. So she brought her own money. We were waiting in the car for Dad to get ready, When my brother said, you know, At Buyonegetonefree, there’s skeletons that pop out and steal your money. So I thought, Oh! this buyonegetonefree is like an outdoor horror place huh? And that scared my sister, and she didn’t take her money. When we got to buyonegetonefree, it was just a GROCERY STORE! And my Dad was excited about the sale on milk. You know, I’m beginning to realize that a lot of these problems exist because older siblings suck. So this one I believed in too. You know how sometimes airplanes have those little smoke trails coming out? What we thought, that those airplanes were what made clouds. All those clouds. Just a bunch of airplanes. And I remember seeing a factory with steam stuff coming out, and I thought, wow. That’s a very big cloud maker. Another funny thing is that my sister believed in the Tooth Fairy, way longer than she believed in Santa Claus. That’s because my parents didn’t make us believe in Santa Claus. You know, we just pretend Santa’s real, like You know Mickey Mouse? Mickey Mouse isn’t real. You know how like, someone dresses up as him, and goes to Disneyland.. Well, it’s kinda like the same thing, and you know we just pretend that he’s real. We PRETEND that he comes and visits us every night, you know. We just pretend. So yeah, we never really believed in Santa Claus, but for some reason, our parents made us believe in the Tooth Fairy! So yeah, that’s about it. Glad i didn’t believe in some stupid crap like my sister. Haha.. uhh.

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  1. Actually dont make fun of me, but he is REAL . My family has on of those cameras in our living room to see if somebody was breaking in. Santa was there. He looked nothing like my dad, he was real.

  2. Story time I have an older brother and I looked up to him a lot when I was younger ( I still do ) and I would always want to do anything he did cause I wanted to be just like him so we were basically best friends and he had this controller thing and he had to connect it to the tv to play and I wanted to play so bad to so I asked him if I could play with him he said yes and gave me a controller MY STUPID ASS REALLY THOUGHT BC HE DIDNT CONNECT THR DARN THING AND THE FUDGIN WIRE WAS ON THE FRICKIN GROUND AND I RLLY THOUGHT I WASPLAYING I WAS EVEN MOVING THE FRIGGIN BYTTONS LIKE THE “COOL AS GAMER GIRL” I THOUGHT I WAS SKSKSKSKSKSK😂😂😭

  3. What’s buyonegetonefree idk what’s buyonegetonefree do you know what’s buyonegetonefree Is?????????

  4. I thought ants were secret spies, which were were watching your every move.. That's why when I was little I would always kill them..

  5. Grew up in a plant town. I would always point at the "clouds" coming from them

  6. You should know something scary so the water so u can see the bug but not milk

  7. 2:17 I am a older sibling and I don't tell my sister fake facts but I may do it if I am not sure if it's true or not

  8. Being the oldest (Except for my dead brother and sister)
    I don't lie to my siblings
    But I do tell them the truth
    the hard truth
    I don't know why but because i'm a tomboy I always thought the tooth fairy didn't exist and It was girly but… I was in it for the 25 cents
    And so my ripping of teeth began

  9. buyonegetonefree is a GREAT store I bought a holographic console there i think it was in dimension 45Gx year 9089

  10. I still believe in Santa and I'm 16 lol it is because there was slay and deer tracks in the snow every Christmas I mean who would wake up and make those prices that early while it constantly snows?!? Ik it is mainly our parents but I mean come on it is obvious! Now do u understand y I think he is real lol

  11. A lot of problems are caused by older siblings. I now have trust issues because of my 5 older sisters… ☹️

  12. When I was younger, I was out eating sushi and ate fish eggs. Then my sister said that if you eat fish eggs without spicy stuff with it you will turn into a fish when you grow older. I was so scared I literally dreamed of turning into a fish

  13. Can we meet your twin sister one day? (I dont know if you said in any social media but in case im asking anyways)

  14. Now i know santa won't get me a skate board and shoes for Christmas ;-;

  15. I used to believe that there was a massive machine way far in the ocean that made the waves… Truth has been told…🌊

  16. Did anyone see the dont hug me I'm scared Easter egg just go to 38 and pause it's the computer from episode 3 ot 4 I cant remember

  17. Your parents werent nice when i came to believing in things…..AND SANTA IS REAL

  18. I love you in all but Santa is real so my mom was sleeping in Christmas night in the living room she took a pic of Santa and then she show to me not kidding

  19. When i was a kid, my mom somehow convinced me that if i eat eggs on breakfast every morning i would turn into a chicken, yeah i believed that, i feel so stupid.

  20. my dad said that santa isn't really but my mum trys to make us believe it after he says it😑

  21. 1:13
    Imagine Faith watching this video:
    Oh hell no i ain’t drinking milk or water no more

  22. I believe in Santa and the tooth fairy purposely because my parents say they have his number and some times they would make me get out of the room so they could call him

  23. My dumb Friend In Kindergarten Saw a Plane And it was High with Smoke trails and He was like “Look a Rocket HI ROCKET!”

  24. I'm lactose intolerant and 9 yes ago, when I was almost seven, I fricken threw up

  25. I thought I was the only human in The world and every one else was a robot when I was small

  26. Omg listen to this last night my tooth came out Wright before nine I see my dad come in take my tooth and pot five dollars under my pillow😂😂😂

  27. James you should remake your old videos with new animations and a happy voice
    If your out of ideas thank me later

  28. Holy cow. We just had to stop this very hilarious video bc my 6yo (the one who loves you) still believes in Santa and the tooth fairy. Close call

  29. Older siblings don’t suck because I’m an older sibling and I like to draw and I’m subscribed to your channel😤

  30. Stupid things I believed as a kid:
    Okay, so one time I was sleeping over at my great-grandma's house, and I couldn't sleep, so she said to me, "Now if you don't go to sleep soon, the Sand Man is gonna put sand in your eyes to put you to sleep." And yeah, not only did I believe in this 'Sand Man,' but for some strange reason, I pictured him as my school janitor Mr. Gerald. And instead of holding his yellow mop bucket, the bucket was filled with… well… you know… sand. (I was wierd, okay?)

  31. What's buyonegetfree idk buyonegetonefree do u know what buyonehetonefree?

  32. He will prob get a better job than you do you have a job for him to be sure you know what he’s going through he is doing a biopsy on his face he

  33. My mom tried to have me belive that the tooth fairy wrote me a letter and i was TOO SMART (oh no) to belive her and i just ruined your child hood

  34. When you run out of video ideas so you just do vids on your siblings 😂

    Not hating on James btw

  35. I love tou theodds1out i watch you every day after school please give me a shout out


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