Strapless cocktail dress plum colored with statement bow.

Welcome to PrendaBella, this is Lissette the owner and creator. Today I’m showing you this gorgeous dress by the design house Kolori from Honduras I bring you fashion from Latin American
designers that is really different. This designer for Kolori, Bonnie
Castaneda, collaborates with three different prominent artists from
Honduras by printing their artwork on the fabric. These dresses are one size
and this one is a beautiful statement gown for a special occasion.
You can vary the size of the bow to make it smaller or larger, and look how
beautiful the handkerchief hem falls down and drapes. The dress is made with 100% polyester, it doesn’t wrinkle and it’s very versatile. You can even wear this as a
skirt. It is sustainably made. The designer from colores donates a
portion of the sale of this garment to a women initiative in Honduras Women for The Arts. You can get this gown at We have free
shipping in the US. It’s nice talking to you today, until next time have a good

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