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– If my home was a song, it’d be “Bang a Gong (Get it On)” by T. Rex. (laughter) No, I’m just kidding. (“Golden Coast” by Allison Weiss) ♫ Maybe it’s okay to want this It’s so cheesy, but home is
really where the heart is. It’s all about those people. My parents, my sister
Ashley, my best friend, Jen. You know, Jen and I
travel a bunch together. And whenever we’re together,
I just feel at home. I never feel homesick when
I’m with someone I love. My childhood home was beautiful. My sister and I are both
first-generation Chinese and our parents worked so hard to give us security
and a comfortable home. Growing up in the Bay Area,
always dreamed of living in an ancient Victorian
with that shotgun hallway and the huge windows in the front. I definitely did envision myself living in a space like this as a kid. So I’ve been here for over a half a year. It’s definitely been a slow
build to getting this place where I really want it to be. It’s actually nowhere near
where I want it to be, but I’m definitely
comfortable in this space. This desk is actually where I do all of my editing for videos,
and I hang out here. It actually pulls up if you
pull up on the wooden body, and it turns into a nice desk. This is a very Zen area to work, for sure. And I have little rituals I do. I have my little bookshelf full of my plants and my ceramics. And I try to make sure
to take time out to read my graphic novels, have some
relaxation time for myself. I think that taking that alone
time for myself in this space has really made it into my home. If you come over and have dinner with me, you will be listening to
some Al Green, Funkadelic, get some Temptations up in here. Anything that will make you
shake your booty and feel happy. I’ve never had so much space
before in San Francisco. I lived in a place that only fit my bed, a desk, and a clothing rack,
and there was a shared kitchen for the apartment complex floor. In Davis, I lived in a
place that was even smaller, and there was no shared kitchen. So my kitchen setup inside
my room was a mini fridge with a microwave stacked on that, and then a toaster oven on top of that, and then my hot water
heater, and then I had a little camper stove that I would cook on with my overturned trashcan. Times have changed, man (laughter). Whenever I’m at home, I gotta have my tea right in the morning. I actually made a really
incredible purchase recently. I bought my very first teapot. I’ve never owned a teapot before. It is beautiful Japanese ceramic. I’m pretty obsessed with it,
so I’ll put my Dragonwell Chinese tea in there. Fill ‘er up with some
hot water, and enjoy that for the next hour or so. Living alone home can be a
little scary sometimes, you know. You go in the bathroom in
the middle of the night, and you spook yourself on
the way back to your bed so you have to run and
jump under the covers. I think in other ways, I
think many people experience this at one point, is
the late-night lonelies. The world is dark and still outside, and you feel kind of all alone. But being alone isn’t what scares me. I think what scares me is
the sadness that comes along. And I’m like, “What the heck? “I have no reason to
feel this way right now. “I know I’m surrounded
by so many loving people, “and I have so many incredible
individuals in my life. “So I have absolutely no
reason to feel that way.” So usually, I’ll snap out of
it real quick, but that’s also when a little creature
really comes in handy. I’ve been taking care of my
sister’s dog, Moochie, a lot. And she is just literally,
a ray of sunshine in anyone’s path that she crosses. You just look into their cute little face and the world is a good place, you know? So, we’ll see. I’m kind of thinking about
getting one for myself soon. YouTube is such an
interesting thing in that it’s so transient, you know? There are trends here
today, gone tomorrow. And in a way, you are a trend. That is, here today, gone tomorrow. So you never know what’s going to happen. But I just feel like I
want to put out videos that are genuinely me. Like, you are sitting here
with me on my apartment floor, having a very one-sided
conversation, but I feel like if I can be a voice, a
friend to anybody out there, I do belong on this online space, then. (ambient music)

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  1. me gusto la parte trasera, la pared de tu cama,super mega hermoso πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ€

  2. Love you girl!! I've been watching YouTube and Jen since 2011, but just started watching Stephanie this year! Love her style, and her place is amazing! A pug would be the ultimate dog for her πŸ˜„

  3. u look great,nd u don't look Asian at all…. luv ur hair nd make up πŸ’•
    cute place u got there 😊😊 , thanks for the video !

  4. you are lovely, your video was touching. keep on making videos, i love watching you !!

  5. Stephanie is so nice! Her apartment is super nice, and hearing her speak makes me smile

  6. i remember she had a beautiful big dog, i wonder where he or she is now

  7. when you said that desk was where you did all your editing I was thinking 'that is lowww, does your back not ache'. then you pulled it up, haha genius! i need a coffee table like that

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