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Hi guys, how are you doing today? I am Sankalpita and today in this video I am back with a shopping haul and this time it is a travel shopping haul So most of you, if you are following me you would know that I just came back from an amazing trip to Sri Lanka and I got lots and lots of stuff. So this video is going to be about the stuff which I got from there and about you know, what all things you can buy from there and things like that So I am just going to shut up now and start with the video So, I got lots and lots of stuff so let me show it to you one by one and whatever I am going to tell you in terms of prices it will be in Sri Lankan currency (LKR) approximately 1 Indian Rupees=2 Sri Lankan Rupees so just keep that in mind and I will tell you all the prices in Sri Lankan currency So, the 1st thing I got is this cute little gecko this is a plush toy and I got it for 3500LKR Now, there is a very cute little boutique Ayurveda chain in Sri Lanka which is called Spa Ceylon and I got a couple of goodies from there so I have distributed all of them this one is left so I am just gonna show you Its a …. Its a beautiful smelling soap and I just got it for my mother-in-law Then, the next thing which I got were these paintings Now, Sri Lanka is known for their cultural and various different forms of arts so this is a special type of dance which is performed in Sri Lanka and I think… I don’t remember exactly how much I got it for but if I remember, I will put it down somewhere here Then I got lots and lots of souvenir Tshirts which I am just gonna show you right now most of these were like for 1000 LKR This one here is a white one and it has a cricket theme on it You can see here And this one here is the Sri Lankan flag You can see me wearing it in most of the videos I got this there and I wore it like.. a lot of times there and I got like 3 or 4.. to give it to my brothers, my cousins and all family members Then this is another pattern which I got this has the Sri Lankan masks which is another form of art there and these are very famous in Sri Lanka Then, if you happen to go to Columbo or you happen to go to Galle there is a cute little store there called BAREFOOT and I got myself a couple of goodies from there so this cute little candle stand which is of a Sri Lankan woman is from BAREFOOT and I think it was for 1200 LKR Then as I told you Sri Lanka is very famous for their art forms and their special beautiful colourful masks so this one is another of those masks Now, it is in wood and it is like really pretty and really colourful so I think I got this for 2500 LKR and this is really cute and its very portable also because you can detach these and you know just….. put it on wall or something Now, the next thing I got are these cute things, this is a mug and this is also the same kind of art and this cute bell It has the flag of Sri Lanka here and then the map of Sri Lanka with all the all the you know.. all the vacation spots and all the tourist destinations listed on these sides This one was for like 1500LKR and and this was like for 350 LKR And it rings as well I have a habit of collecting many many magnets for myself and for my family members as well so I got a couple of magnets I am not gonna show you 1 by 1 I am just gonna show you now For example, I got this entire bunch for 100 LKR each and this is of an elephant.. a very colourful elephant and its written Sri Lanka over here and then I have many more magnets to show you which I am gonna show you now Then, this is a little irrelevant but I thought I will show you so so while I was in Sri Lanka and we happened to visit a local fair where we discovered that there is a very different flavour of Maggi which is present in Sri Lanka so I got this Maggi chicken noodles which are the Sri Lankan flavour.. not available in India at all Now those of you who are actually Tea enthusiasts would know that Ceylon Tea is like really famous in the entire world So, if you are in Sri Lanka, a tea is a must have a must taste and a must buy So, while we were in Mirissa which is like the whale watching hub of Sri Lanka we happened to visit a huge tea plantation which was by the name Herman estate and we got this cute little hamper from there and this was like 1500 LKR for this entire thing Another of my habit whether you call it good or bad is to collect postcards from whichever country I visit and probably whichever place I visit as well so I got these number of postcards I am gonna show you now and these were like ranging from 20 LKR each to 50 LKR each to even 100 LKR each so depends upon the place you are buying from if its a local store it will be cheaper if its a boutique kind of place.. it will be expensive so, yeah.. I am gonna show you now So, another boutique store in Sri Lanka goes by the name LUV SL and they have like.. huge collections of souvenirs which you can buy for your family members… for your friends and from there I got this cute notebook for my sister-in-law and the speciality of this notebook is that it is actually made of elephant dung (paper) so this is like very friendly and recycled paper and it doesn’t smell bad It actually smells really good So since Sri Lanka is a Budhhist country what you can also buy from there are lots and lots of Buddha statues to gift to your family and friends I also got a couple of them for myself and for my family members of course but I have given them so I dont have those to show you right now and if you know me then you would happen to know that it was also my birthday during the time I was there so my husband gifted me this cute little stilt fisherman made of wood I cant tell you the price because I myself dont know and I dont think my husband is gonna tell me that so yeah, this is really cute and one of those essentially Sri Lankan things which is a must have My grandfather is like really into books and he loves anything which is historical and specially historical books and all so I got these 3 books for him This one is in Sinhalese because he likes to collect even though he cannot read it but yeah, he likes a good collection so I got this book for like 130 LKR which is like pretty cheap and really good for collection and then I got this book which is called Sri Lanka.. glimpses of an island culture This is exactly the kind of book which my grandfather loves and hence I got it for him and this was for 400 LKR If you go to Sri Lanka (we didn’t go to this place but this is like a really famous place and a must visit place) I got his book for my grandfather too This was also for 300 LKR I have a young daughter.. she is 1.5 years old right now and I got this cute Sri Lankan souvenir Tshirt for her so it has like 3 elephants and really cute ones This was for 15 USD.. I got it from the airport and this was for 15 USD Now, this might be irrelevant to some people but actually whenever I go somewhere I like to buy maps so I got this map thing for I think…. 200 LKR or something Another thing which I got and for absolutely free are these cute little booklets of Sri Lanka.. going by various names… I am just gonna show you so when we land on the Columbo airport.. the Bandaranaike airport I dont know if I am pronouncing it right There is a ministry of tourism stall there and you can get these for free because it has a lot of information about Sri Lanka and on the tourist attractions there whether you want to have a cultural kind of holiday or a wildlife kind of holiday or a relaxed blissful kind of a holiday so it has all the things listed on the various booklets like this is for festival and this is for bliss then heritage if you are interested in that and thrills and wildlife so lots and lots of information here in these ones and these are really good for my scrapbooks which I always make Now, I got a couple of things more but I cannot show you because I have distributed them to all my relatives and my friends So, guys thats it from me in this video I hope you enjoyed this one and if you have any questions about this video and about the kind of souvenirs you can buy from Sri Lanka just drop that in the comments section below I will be very happy to answer them and I will be posting many more videos on shopping in Sri Lanka so if you are interested in any of those just hit that like and subscribe button and turn that notification on you will be notified everytime I post a new video So, thats it from me guys. Bbye

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