Spring 2016 Mix & Match Outfit Ideas | Lookbook | ANN LE

(bright pop music) – OK, I know, I just got back. Traffic is ridiculous. You have no idea. Hmm-mm. (sighs) I know, ugh,
it was just ridiculous. Give me like 10 min, ugh, feel good, give me like 10 minutes to get ready. I know, it’ll just take
me 10 minutes, babe. I’ll talk to you later. (sighs) (breathes out) Ohh, ouch. Oh my goodness. (sighs) (sighs in exhaustion) (bright pop music) Hello? Um, I think I just wanna stay in. Yeah, I’m feeling a little bit tired. I want to just stay in, watch Netflix and chill? Hey lovelies, I hope you
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