Spray foam insulation nightmare: What can happen if it’s not installed correctly (CBC Marketplace)

100 thoughts on “Spray foam insulation nightmare: What can happen if it’s not installed correctly (CBC Marketplace)

  1. 0:54 look at that little skinny boi! Someone needs to feed that fluffo or its gonna be a skeleton! #feedfluffo

  2. I think if they just gave us a million for our suffering the odor would clear quickly.

  3. 7:06 Dont do what that guy did.

    Putting weight anywhere other then the trusses is a good way to go through the ceiling. The only reason he didn't, was because of the foam distributing his weight.

  4. couldnt this video have been done in 4mins? I mean minus the sound effects and exagerations

  5. green board insulation shoved in my walls did tge same. idios didnt outgass before install.

  6. Formedahyde caused migraines my daughter is allergic to it and one of houses had it! It is in a lot
    of products; including toothpaste! She lost weight and always had a runny nose!

  7. Always do your research and get multiple options references to big of job to take chances

  8. This reminds me of another time where Victorian families used a poisonous green chemical in their wall papers.

  9. Formaldehyde and amine. Most modern insulation foam doesn’t even use it anymore. New foams even have a one hour re-entry time. This is really old news. This contractor was proven to be using the improper products at improper ratios. I can’t even replicate this odor with new products out today.

  10. This should have been also applied to the roof deck in order to seal the outer envelope of the attic space. Filling the joists is a recipe for disaster. They obviously sprayed wet to high of a lift in one pass with off ratio products.

  11. Like every product, it has a life expectancy, and do you think the spray foam companies are going to inform you?

    Now think! When it’s time to replace it – how much will that cost! 🤣

    Just like stucco, you’ve been ripped off.

    Here’s some advice: easy to install and easy to remove = good product.

    If you can resell the product after it’s been removed = great product.

    Spray foam insulation = con product, garbage, trash, AVOID

  12. Spray foam made from part A and B mixed in a device which heats it and proportions it then pushed thru a heated hose to a spray gun. Sounds like the source chemicals are contaminated. Chinese drywall in the early 2000s contaminated with formaldehyde was installed in 1000s homes. Same remedy must be removed.

  13. Can't be dangerous if even the pro has no safety clothing PPE puts a piece to his nose and sniffs ya get all the badness into you bunch of dump asses with equipment all around no common sense scrape it out a couple hundred dollars to clear it out no go buy 100.000 dollor mobile home better deal no let's take the roof off no need for that dramatic ….at least the old fella knows the story

  14. I sent my comments before it ended he has to install new insulation iam laughing so much tears are rolling down my face funny people OMG

  15. yeah not happening here……my electrician friend says that houses are built way too tight in this day in age and why there are more carbon monoxide deaths and injuries these days , houses can't breath anymore. I will gladly burn my 4.5 tons of pellets per year than deal with a problem like this…….

  16. I'm more terrified of spray foam than the monster under the bed …it sticks to everything and won't come off hence SKIN**YIKES GEEZ THESE PEOPLE WENT OVERBOARD AN ADAPTABLE VENTING SYSTEM WOULD HAVE BEEN WISER .

  17. It's their fault that they probably got a company that gave a cheap deal.

  18. WHY on earth would someone with such a beautiful home get spray insulation installed?? Even a regular dumbie knows better than that, common logic. I have a house with absolutely no insulation in it at all and it does great in the winter and summer without insulation, and you just feel cleaner knowing there's no nasties up in the roof space above you. Even regular insulation isn't a good idea, full of all types of nasty particles.

  19. We used the same chemicals in the US Navy when creating pilot helmet liners. It comes in 2 parts and when combined it was poured into the top of the helmet liner while the pilot holds it against is head lightly with 2 straps on each side. Once the foaming stops bellowing (out the top hole) it's cut away excess then install into the helmet.

  20. I don't get how these western countries use cheap material in building the house and the house ends up costing millions of dollars and the same house in the Middle East/ASIA/RUSSIA/half of Europe cost so much less and not to mention they use stronger material.

  21. Common sense

    If chemicals are being sprayed in your house then clearly you don't need to have Einsteins brain to know that you shouldn't be in the house and not to mention not come back in the house for a certain amount of time. Good spraying job or bad comes later.

  22. One simple tip.

    Do your own research and talk to people face to face as well as on the Internet to see the side effects. The good and the bad.

    And by no means is looking at a specific website and say that you did your research. No company will say things that makes them loose new customers.

  23. I am going to give this Story Three out of Ten. 3 for the Quality and Coverage of the Story, but I Deducted 7 Points because of Too Many missing Considerations. So overall a Dysfunctional Take on what is going on.

  24. I know you can experienced back to back grand mal seizures from the off gassing and odor from this crap.

  25. Long story short. He got his roof spray foamed again to save a few dollars

  26. Lets be real, CBC news is known for fear mongering and covering BS stories

  27. Get this, you got an old Widow lady will 15-30 cats in the house. And the cat's in the house pisses s*** and everything else in the house and the lady cannot smell it, because you got so use of the ammonia smell of piss and s*** and doesn't bother her. And that is the same thing with the insulation,they been around it they know I smell like it doesn't bother them

  28. No common sense and irresponsibility being in the house while they were spraying. I had my whole house done, I was out for two days with the windows open during that time. An obvious chemical reaction going on during curing.

  29. Thank God these folks had a camper!! Could you imagine?!! This is terrible! Whoever the contractor is. ….ooooo boy I hope they got in a TON of trouble!!! There are kids that live here!!

  30. This is just nuts!! If you make a product that contains harsh chemicals that can harm ppl….. why the hell would this be used in ppls homes??!!! I mean, it's common sense!! Sure, it's easier, but it'll be easy to have a law suit in your hands, and in this instance. …I'm sure many!!! This is crazy!!!!

  31. I think the first house was fine, but it just had air balance problems. Possibly caused the attic have positive pressure causing attic air to be pushed into the house

  32. There are non-toxic soy based foam insulation alternatives. It is more costly because not popularized but, it needs to be looked at and used more.
    We are killing ourselves and our planet.

  33. https://www.byggmax.se/stenullsskiva-paroc-solid-p16890 – works very well here in sweden.

  34. I have used the small hand held cans of spray foam and I will ONLY purchase the water-based formula as it cleans up with soap and water. Read the label before you purchase any.

  35. Not me. We used regular insulation. Works great. Need to call an ebatement team to get rid of it so you won't be paying for a house you are not living in. God bless.

  36. Your the dumb fucks that chose spray foam over getting your attic blown in😑😂😂

  37. Jokes on them..that camper has the same foam materials in it as the house does.. it's called CHEAP AND EFFECTIVE!

  38. I.m very concerned at the quality of the reporting here. Surely they should have been able to find other horror stories but if they did none were reported. Reporters have been used many times in the past either willingly or unwittingly to cast a really distorted light on someone or something. I am leaning toward believing this is an agenda driven piece.

  39. Can they get it removed ? Looks like the company would remove it . Just imagine the ppl that r spraying that stuff what their health is like . I am not a sue person but they should b sued .

  40. When you use this, you are automatically assuming you wont have to do renovations, electrical, or water line work. Most companies spray this with little concern for anything but insulation. Imagine a water line bursting, and slowly washing this insulation into your drinking water. Yuck.

  41. CBC News: Why don't they use fiberglass that millions of homes have been using for over a hundred years? You can do it yourself in no time. I did my parents attic when I was 13 years old.

  42. Seems insane to me, to coat water pipes and wires with something that looks like dried up whipped icing or topping.

  43. Stuff like that wouldn't get on the market in my Country it's not proper investigate way too much safety issues way to much health issues and not reuseble. not Economy in any way. The fact that tubes, pipes and wires are covered is pure madness 1.a electric fire would lit up house like a torch 2.broken water pipe undiscovered get not only fungus all over the place it will destroy the framework drywall and foundation. That stuff is a killer in my pov.

  44. owner of company is obvious as con artist or scam artist or whatever you want to call it whether it's 1% or 99%. Matter if it's one tenth of a percent you pull it all out and you ignored again cuz if you can't get it a little bit all a list of toxic chemicals right you don't need deserve to be in business ever anywhere

  45. Why don't they say "specifically" what they did wrong with the foam? Was it emitting fishy odors because they mixed too much of Part A and too little of Part B???? Or too much of Part B with part A? Or was it because the center didn't cure because they mixed it correctly, but applied it too thick causing the outer shell to cure and not the center?? Or was it a combination of the two, improper mixing and too-thick an application causing the worker to over apply because it wasn't expanding as it should? It is not helpful to the viewer to not have these things made clear.

  46. That company man is lying, that poor family has lived in the camper for the fun of it?? no they are being poison.., So the foam guy says the mom is not sick because of his foam, and refuses to remove it all?? I hope they sued the fire out of them.

  47. This company has totes of the spray foam Most companies uses drums Which are used up faster As spray foam does have a expiry Screwing up spray foam is : Too much applied at one time, Spray foam is too hot or too cold, Or the area being applied is too Hot/cold. Chemcials are outdated which will still work to a point But cause by product chemcials which do not release as a vapor in a short period of time… I looked deep into spray foam Long ago when i sprayed my Camper van with 2 inches of foam 2+ years ago Never had any issues And have slept in my van with it being -35c outside with only a small office heater

  48. You want a warm house build it yourself with 12 inch thick exterior walls and blow in R80 into your attic…. all fiberglass.

  49. Come on now those people that removed their roof got ripped off totally unnecessary could b removed with out taking roof off

  50. I got screwed by insurance on a 10 yo roof cause it was SoUtHeRn FaCiNg & had a leak. I had to replace all the insulation in a large area. Insurance offered to tarp my roof & spray foam it & wouldnt charge my 1k deductible. Bastards!!! I told em I wanted batten!

  51. It does'nt matter. Canadians buy whatever their boss, best friend, front pew crew at church, etc. tell them is the best. Sad truth.

  52. I'm and HVAC tech and our sliver metal ductwork tape can tape over this foam and eliminate the toxins. I had two small thin walls done in two bedrooms back to back to silence it up a bit which works, but this same fishy crap smell happened, so I took of the drywall myself and duct taped it up and put up some new drywall over the insulation and tape and it was completely gone and silenced the rooms even more. Too bad an attic is too damn big to just put down tape everywhere.

  53. So if the attic is still hot, is it effective? Or is the attic temperature just reduced?

  54. Well you dont have to worry about the house being messy or dirty if their living in the Rv trailer.

  55. @7:07 – is it customary for the ceiling joists to be sprayed with foam insulation or is it more common and likely proper application for it to be sprayed on the roof rafters instead?

  56. Why use spray foam instead of good old rockwool or styrofoam? Way less toxic and probably the same costs.

  57. https://youtu.be/0Hh5MYv7lWc?t=381
    "computerized air detector"… wonder if it detects farts also

  58. https://youtu.be/0Hh5MYv7lWc?t=805
    "salesman may have mentioned"… there goes your lawsuit dude

  59. Campers are not made for living in..there are warnings in all new campers saying that full time living is not considered safe due to the fumes from manufacturing the camper.

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