Sleeping Naked Vs. In Clothes

– I’d taken off my
makeup, I had my pj’s on– – Wait. You sleep with clothes on? – So you sleep with nothing on at all? That is so weird. – No, you’re weird. – You are. – Naked. – Clothes.
– Naked. – Clothes. Clo–
– Nake– (upbeat jazzy music) – I live with roommates, of
course I’m gonna wear clothes. – Yeah, but you can just lock the door. – Oh, and then if I have heart attack, then no one can get in to save me. (tense music and banging at the door) – [Roommate] We can’t get in. No one will ever get in, not
even the fire department! – Also, if I need water in
the middle of the night, what if one of my roommates is up? (gasping) – I dunno, but sleeping with
clothes on is so uncomfortable. I wore a nightdress once, and by morning, 40 times it wrapped around my body. (quirky music) – Well, I don’t really think nightdresses are the in
thing to wear to bed. – You just get hot and sweaty
in clothes and end up trying to take ’em off in the
middle of the night. (panting) Ugh! – You seem to requite clothes
with falling out of bed. – Maybe there’s some childhood
trauma I need to uncover. – Okay, okay, but what
if there’s an earthquake? (sighing) I would just die with no clothes on while the house is falling down around me. – It’s concerning that
you find it more important to be covered up than get out alive. It is so not sexy to wear pajamas. Huh? – Uh… – It totally depends on the PJs. I don’t need to look sexy while
I’m binge watching Netflix. – It couldn’t hurt. – Being naked means your bits are getting all over the sheets. – Sleeping with clothes on
means your bits can’t breathe. – Clothes are cozy. – Being naked is freeing. – [Both Women] Should you
sleep naked or in clothes? – Have either of you ever
thought about sleeping with clothes on but with no covers? – (scoffing) Are you serious?
– What? – What? It’s the best of both worlds. – How can anyone sleep without covers? – I can’t even have my
foot poking out the end. – Yes. It feels so unsafe. – (scoffing) I need to take a walk. – Oh, my God. No covers? – [Woman In Black Top] Sacrilege. – [Man] Wait, I don’t do that. I was just trying to help. Guys.

100 thoughts on “Sleeping Naked Vs. In Clothes

  1. Anyone also doesn't wear bras to sleep? I feel more comfortable like thag

  2. Most of the time I will sleep with clothes on. But sometimes (especially on nights that is really hot), I will sleep in my undies.

    Also, I rarely sleep with covers. I just don't like them. I only use them when I'm freezing

  3. Omg but seriously my boobs annoy me so much if i don't wear a shirt….
    Anyone with me?

  4. I cant sleep naked bc i allways get hard whenever i undress ,im hard about 90% of the day too ,it gets worse every year and im 35 yr old

  5. Actually it's recommended by doctors for you to sleep naked, it helps you maintain your body temperature better, your skin can breath etc

  6. Ya I sleep with clothes, till I pull that lotion out and search up you know what

  7. Just wear a tank top and panties. You’re not to hot or cold, you’re not uncomfortable either.

  8. If it’s too hot for clothes, too weird without clothes, I just wear a vest (girls one) and shorts on

  9. What annoys me the most is people never where pantsundies with trouserspants it’s so uncomftable not wearin* any with pants or trousers on!

  10. Wait. If I sleep with underwear and a bra? Am I naked or clothed?

  11. I want to try sleeping naked but I live with my family…😂😂

  12. Team naked: comment
    Team clothes: like
    Team half off half on: do all! (My team)

  13. When I was Younger I used to sleep naked but now I sleep with boxers and a t-Shirt lol

  14. Sleeping naked can actually prevent obesity,make your more confident,let your skin breathe and rest and comfortable and much more benefits. Think I'm weird? Search it up it's good for you!

  15. Not ashamed that I do sleep naked, and except during my periods that I sleep with a T-shirt and panty, I usually take off my clothes.

  16. What… Theres also an option to just sleep with underpants
    These are just the extremes

  17. I sleep with a bra and underwear. sometimes a t-shirt but since I'm on my period I'm sleeping with pants and a bra…better safe then sorry

  18. When its cold: Wears underwear and covers

    When its hot: Wears underwear and nk covers

  19. does weight effect "getting hot and sweaty " or is it just me ? , just asking for a friend

  20. Clothes on with no cover?
    That's me

  21. Once I woke up with a pillow under my head, hugging another pillow and a blanket neatly put over me as I was on the cold fucking floor . 💀

    The monster is only here to steal our beds, guys…

  22. I would love to see my next door neighbor lady friend always come home from work and she tells me she loves being naked and I wish I could see her naked but I don't know how to ask her.

  23. Easy if it’s too cold to sleep naked and too hot to be in clothes and you feel unsecured without covers just be naked and wrap yourself in a blanket

  24. Best clothes to where to sleep:

    Hot weather-
    Tank top and loose short shorts
    Big t-shirt and underwear

    Cold weather-
    Sweatpants and tank top
    Hoodie and sweatpants

  25. This is why you wear loose shorts or just underwear and a tank top or crop top. Breathable, not constricting if you toss and turn in your sleep, and if an emergency happens, you're still covered.

  26. Sleeping naked girl is telling best case scenarios and clothes girl is telling worst case scenarios

  27. I wear shorts and a t shirt to bed, I cannot sleep in pants or a long sleeve no matter how cold it is and without a blanket I feel like something can just snatch me 😂

  28. I showed my mom this video and she said: "Well, what if there's an earthquake? Are they gonna be naked while running?"

  29. People are fucking weird. I bet people are gonna reply to my comment saying oMG iTs tHeiR oPinion yOu 5 yEAr oLd!!!!!!$!!!×$(!?÷¥/

  30. im late but…

    when im laying in bed, i have no clothes on

    when i sleep i put them back on so i wake up with clothes on in the morning

    i think thats the best thing :))

  31. I'm a guy so it's not the same , but damn sure naked is the only way to sleep, unless I'm napping at work.. might scare people then.

  32. Solution:
    Girls: sleep with pants and a bra-let on then you are covered up but not too much
    Boys: sleep in shorts as it is okay for boys to show the top half of their body
    Then you can get under the covers

  33. When I was like 10 I used to wear pajamas but then this one day there was no ac cuz the ac broke and I was in my pajamas and then I woke up and just took off all my clothes and went to sleep when I woke up i actually felt more comfortable sleeping naked so now days I always sleep naked and I’m 17 now my parents know about this and there ok with it idc if they see me naked I walk around my house naked sometimes now I recommend people to sleep naked

  34. I’m naked watching this right now

    Cuz I’m about to sleep 😂😂
    I sleep naked but I’m scared one day my mom is going to see me

  35. I sleep in just my undies during the summer by the time its fall or winter I start sleeping with pjs.

  36. Am I okay? The girl with black hair kinda looks like Luisa from Jane the virgin

    i seriously am not okay

  37. Is it wrong that I sleep in all seasons in panties? I mean, even in winter(and the house is very cold)..

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