Size 2 & Size 14 Try on the Same Outfits from Madewell!

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel and
today I am in, not my house, I am in Lisa Schwartz’s house. – Welcome. – Thank you for having me. – Yes, mi casa, su casa. – Oh my god we’re, like, in the valley so we’re gonna be talking
like this all day. – We have had a full
blown valley girl day. – It was great. We got lunch, we got drinks, we went shopping which is
what this video is about. Some of you guys have
seen the other collabs we did together. We basically order clothes online, the exact same outfits but
in our respective sizes, and compare like the
fit, our personal taste, the quality, everything like that. But today we’re taking that
idea and kind of flipping it on it’s head a little bit,
because we actually went in store to pick out the matching outfits. – Ooh, girl we left the house! – Yes we, I know, who are we? So I asked you guys on Instagram
where you would want to see us go, and by far the most
requested one was Madewell. – Which I’m shocked but elated by. – Oh yeah, I love Madewell,
it’s one of my favorite stores, but I actually don’t shop
there that often because it is pretty pricey. – I can’t go in there that
often because I always walk out and I’m like. (upbeat music playing) – So the first outfit was Lisa’s pick. It was this yellow button-front,
kind of like smock dress. – [Lisa] Yes. I always pick a button front
dress and it never works. – You know, I love the idea
of button front dresses but sometimes they’re just
not as great in practice. – Yeah, I’ve gotta stop doing that for us. – So this dress was $85. I am trying it on in an
extra-large and Lisa is trying it on in an extra-extra-small. Okay, how do you feel? – I really like this color a lot. – Yeah. – It’s too long on me.
Like it’s just too… Like I feel like I’m wearing like a old lady’s sleep nightshirt. – That’s what it is! And I think part of it is
like the little, like, peasant blouse-esque shoulders. – Yeah. – It’s very, like, old woman nightie. On me, I feel like the
main issue is that it’s so shapeless. It’s, like, really doing
nothing for my figure. – I think this is interesting
because I feel like you think you should have
more fabric to cover things. – Yeah. – But really it’s more flattering. – If it’s tighter. – Even if you have curves and stuff. – Yeah, I would prefer, honestly I would prefer this
as a bodycon dress and I don’t really like bodycon dresses. – Yeah, yeah. I like
the color on you though. – Thank you. – And I like the detailing of the buttons. It’s just not quite right. – Yeah, I think for you it’s the length. Like you said, I think for
both of us it’s the sleeves, and then for me, it’s like
the shapelessness of just. – The length on you is pretty right. – I actually prefer this length
because then I feel, like, I could wear biker shorts or
something and not have to worry about my chub-rub. Be a little more protected. – Sexy. – But yeah, it’s gonna be a no for me. – Yeah it’s a no too, but almost. – But almost, almost. So this one was interesting
because in real life, I really didn’t like it. – No. – But then looking at it
on camera, it looks better on camera. – I know, I felt like
when I was filming you, I was like oh that looks cute on you. – [Sierra] But then in
the mirror I was like, nope no it does not. – Yeah, it was way too long I thought, like the proportions were weird. The problem there is that
they make petit in some stuff for us short gals, but they
don’t usually carry it in-store. – Yeah, so you have to order it online. It was also tough because it was just a little bit
shapeless which for me, I really like having structure, so like I could have belted this dress but then there were still things that made it not perfect like the sleeves. – Didn’t like the sleeves, yeah. – Like the length, the
material was really thick. – It just wasn’t quite right,
and for that price point, that’s the thing about Madewell, their prices are so high
that it better fit perfect. – Yeah, I don’t buy
things at Madewell unless I’m gonna wear it everyday,
so this one was a no. No for Lisa too. – Bingo. – So, let’s see the next one. So the next outfit was my pick. I went with these vintage straight jeans. I got them for myself in a
size 32 and for Lisa in a 24. These were $98 and I had high hopes ’cause they looked so cute
but as soon as we put them on like, for me, I couldn’t
get them over my thighs. – We both were like whoa! – And then I kind of
gave up. Lisa persevered and pulled them up. – I just pushed through, I pushed through. – But they look super cute. – I actually really like them,
I’m just very uncomfortable, and it’s tight in here too. – Yeah, and I felt like when I put them on they really flattened my butt. I couldn’t even zip them,
at least you could zip them. – I mean, I can’t breath though. – And so the associate
said that they’re supposed to stretch out a full size so
I feel like if they really do, it would be worth kinda
trying to shimmy ’em up and then let them stretch. – But that’s like a hard sell to be like, they will fit but you have
to wear them three times. – Especially when they’re $100, like I just want them to fit perfectly. So I actually went out and
grabbed a different pair and they’re a pair of
jeans that I already have and am obsessed with. If you guys saw the video
where I let the person in front of me choose my outfits. – [Lisa] Love that. – This was a pair of jeans from that video so I didn’t even pick
them, but I’m obsessed. They’re the classic straight jean. And so we did these jeans
instead in a 24 and a 32. These were also $98. And then these striped,
buttoned up dad shirts which I can’t go a single video
without wearing a dad shirt. – She loves a dad shirt! All day everyday! – They’re so great! But this one was so
expensive, it was $69.50. – I can’t. – Ugh, and so I tried
it on in extra large, Lisa in an extra extra
small, let’s see it. They’re so great, right? – Yeah, at first I thought
they were a pirate pants, but now I’m like into it. – Okay, okay. We have the striped shirt
that’s actually really long on both of us. – I’ll show you, it’s crazy.
‘Cause this is an extra small and it’s still very, very long. – But I, this is how I wear this kind of like dad shirt look, is I always tie it and I think it’s so cute. And then these pants are so high waisted, they literally hit
above your belly button. – Those are cute on you. – Thank you, I mean like I said, I already own these, so. They’re so comfy, they’re
high waisted which sometimes I feel like high waisted
jeans dig into your stomach, you know, when you sit
down, these don’t do that. – Oh no, I’m gonna have to get them. – I know, they’re so good. They’re kind of expensive,
I think they’re $98. – Yeah, but if you like,
compared to the other ones. – Yeah! Like the butt looks good. – They’re way better. – I actually like the raw
edge on the ankle too. I wore these with heals
for my podcast photo shoot. By the way guys, out now,
Sierra Unfiltered, check it out. (Sierra laughs) But, I wore these with heals
for the podcast photo shoot and it looked so bomb. Okay, so you like the jeans. – Yeah, I actually really like them a lot. – They look so cute on you. – Yeah they feel good. I could take or leave the top. – Yeah, I feel like this
is the kind of shirt that you could get at like American Eagle for half the price, it would fit the same. There’s not really that much
special about it but the jeans, these are a special pair of jeans. – They are special girl. – So I already knew I was
obsessed with these jeans and I wanted to see if you
liked them too. So good. – They fit perfect. – Oh my gosh, and they’re so
comfy, they’re so flattering, super, super, I mean here I go again, it’s just a love letter to the jeans. (Lisa laughs) If you bring in an old pair of jeans that are full length, right,
they can’t be ripped off. – And they can’t be jeggings. – And they can’t be jeggings,
but like a regular pair of jeans, you can trade them
in and get $20 off a pair of new jeans from Madewell. – Which I feel like the
difference between $100 jeans and $80 jeans, obviously still expensive, but that’s like a 20% off discount. – That’s huge, I’m
totally gonna do that and she said she’ll honor it,
’cause I ended up buying the pair of jeans today and I
can just go back and flip it. – Yeah. (both clapping) Thank you Madewell for
the best jeans ever! The shirt though, how did
you feel about the shirt. – For me it was way too long
even though we tied it up, it was just too much material
and for that price point. – Yeah, for me there was just
nothing special about it. The quality wasn’t particularly fantastic, the design wasn’t phenomenal, it was just a normal button
up shirt and it was $70. – Yeah, nah. – Nah. The next one was Lisa’s pick so we had this little
denim button up skirt. We tried this on in a double
zero for Lisa and a 14 for me and it was $79 and 50 cents and then you also picked
this crochet top which I thought was so freaking cute. – So ’60s, like mod, I just loved it. – And it felt really, really nice so as soon as I saw this
I was excited to try it. So you got an extra small,
I got an extra large. And this top was $59
and 50 cents which first of all pricing wise why is this cheaper than the button up dad shirt. – It makes no sense, it’s
kind of all over the place, I mean it’s still all very expensive but. Whatever. I wanted to twerk so bad. – I know. It’s a cute idea, it’s
very kind of ’60s retro. I actually think it
looks really cute on you. – The sizing’s are a little off, like the skirt’s a little too small for me and this is too long and too bulky. – I feel like the sizing at Madewell, what’s surprised me so far, sizing is really inconsistent. – Super inconsistent. – It’s not just really big or really small and you can adjust for that but this skirt is running a
size small for both of us. For me the buttons pulling, for Lisa, what are your problems with the skirt? – It’s tight on the waist. – On the waist. See for
me the waist is fine but the buttons pull down the middle and then the top is a little big. – The top is big and it’s also long, all the shirts here are long. – Long, yeah. But I really like the silhouette of this with the button front skirt. – It has pockets! – We love pockets! – Pockets! – I love the design of the top, that kind of like knitted, crocheted look. – So cute, I actually think
this would look cute with jeans. – Ooh yeah. – Maybe we should like combine. – See I think you should wear this outfit, like the silhouette, the style but with a different skirt that’s
maybe a little bit thicker, ’cause the other issue
that we were talking about other than sizing was
this would show sweat. – Oh, and it’s so hot here, like at the minute you
start crotch sweating, it’s all over.
– it’s all over. (Sierra laughs) I think my main issues
are I don’t like the cut of the top because it shows
my bra straps so I’d have to go strapless and I
don’t like going strapless. – We tried. – We tried. The sizing is, I think
the hardest thing for me because it’s not just everything’s small or everything’s big, it’s so up and down. – I agree, I was really
kind of upset that it was so tight around for me, my waist. For you it was like the button part. – Yeah, the waist was totally fine, it was just those buttons
were pulling anytime I moved a little bit. – But it had pockets. – It had pockets so that means, you know, of course we’re gonna buy
anything with pockets, I’m just kidding, we didn’t buy it. I can’t believe the skirt was $80 because the material felt
like Forever 21 quality. – I was just gonna say
we might as well just go to Forever 21 again. – Yeah. – Like, the thing about
Madewell, is you have to find these beautiful pieces
that are actually made well, (Sierra laughs) to justify, and something like that you could just get wherever. – Yeah, I felt the
crochet top was beautiful. – Loved! Ended up getting it! – Yes she did. And I’m glad you did
because it was so cute, it was so detailed. My only issue with that is
I just don’t like things that cut in a lot ’cause
I’m someone who likes to wear a full strapped bra. – I get that. – But it looked so cute on
you so I’m glad you got it. – It didn’t pair well
with that skirt though, that’s what they had shown
in the store together but I feel like it was the wrong
two materials but whatever. – It looks cute together on a hanger but on a body it’s very different. – Correct. – So then we have my pick. I wanted to do pair of soft shorts so I found these plaid, yellow shorts and they were only $29.50 which I feel like is pretty
good for Madewell shorts. We’ll find out why later. (Lisa laughs) But I also grabbed a plain white T-shirt. Madewell basics are some of my favorite. – Oh my God, I’m obsessed with them, you introduced me to them today. – They’re so good. So in the shirt you had an extra small, no you had an extra extra
small, I had an extra large, and then in the shorts,
extra small, extra large. – Enjoy. – Now I may have accidentally
chosen us a pajama outfit. So are they pajamas? – Pajamas. – [Sierra] Oh my gosh. But it is a cute pajama outfit. – I mean we should have a PJ party. – It’s so cute. – Yeah. – Oh my gosh, like my main
issue with these regardless of if they’re shorts or
pajamas, they’re see through. – They’re very see through. – I’m wearing black underwear and you can see that right now. – Or you just have a very,
very hairy lady part. (both laugh) – One or the other, who’s gonna know? So here’s what’s confusing
to me, I got these on the sale rack next to a
bunch of other soft shorts, so how, and they’re not marked as pajamas. – No. – So how are you supposed to know. – They’re pretty see through. – Yeah. – And they’re not like. – They’re not great. – No. – The fit’s okay, they fit my legs fine, they’re a little tight in
the stomach area but eh. The shirt though, I just
love Madewell’s white tees. – Do you have this? – I own Madewell plain
tees in like four colors. ‘Cause they are perfect for layering. – And what is it 29? – I think, yeah, I think it’s about 29. – Is a lot but I guess if you’re
gonna wear it all the time. – And they last, they’re
really high quality. So I feel like the shirt, you know, if I didn’t already
have one I would get it, but the shorts, it’s like. I would rather just get pajamas at Target. – Yeah, agree. Well, you really messed that one up. – I can’t believe I chose
see through pajama shorts as an outfit. – This makes me feel better ’cause I always make terrible
outfit mistakes for us, so I was really excited
when this happened. – But I like that we learned a nice little shopping life hack. Always wear obnoxiously colored, either like black or hot pink underwear when you go shopping ’cause you’ll learn if things
are see through or not. – That is brilliant.
– I’ve never thought about it. – I’m usually wearing nude ’cause I’m like oh we’re shooting so I wanna make sure but it’s like no. – No. You wanna know. It’s funny because the item that I actually ended up buying from this video was just the plain white T-shirt. – I know. – Like of all the cute things we tried, I liked the plain white T-shirt the best. – It’s a good plain white T-shirt. – Yeah, once you find a good
basic and they’re hard to find, you gotta just hold on to it. – It fit like perfectly,
now I regret not getting it. – Well you can always go back. – You can always go back. – So the next outfit was Lisa’s pick and she picked this
white dress which looked so cute on the hanger. I usually don’t pick
things that are shapeless but I do think this was a beautiful dress. – I knew we were taking a risk ’cause of the shapeless thing but
it was on sale and like, love a sale. – Oh, for sure. Yeah, it was $49.99 which
for Madewell is a really, really good sale. – Especially for a long
dress, or like a midi dress. – And you were wearing a
small, I was wearing a large so let’s see it. – I want it to work. – I know, me too. I’m trying to think ’cause
the print is so cute, I mean it doesn’t show
up as much on camera but it’s this nice kind
of like different colored, what would you even
call it, like threading? – Yeah. – And it’s really cute but it just. – We look like sister wives. – And it’s see through,
again with the see through, you can see my black underwear. – Oh I love it so, I really
like this but it’s just… – I was trying to think
if I like belted it and gave it more shape but still it’s just the three
different tiers of fabric. – I know and when I picked it out I was like this isn’t gonna
work but I wanted it to so bad. – You knew, you were like I don’t know if this is gonna work, it probably won’t but let’s give it a shot. – If it had pockets. – I struggle with dresses
like this in general because when it’s just shapeless, because my chest is the
biggest part of my body. – Everything pops off. – It hangs off and so it just, it makes me look like I’m
swimming in the dress. This one actually isn’t as bad as I thought in terms of that,
but I would need to belt it. But for me it’s just beyond saving. – I love you and I wanted you to work. – Just not quite. – Yeah. – Give it off, send it
off, it doesn’t spark joy. – No. – I wanted to like it so bad. – I know, it just felt like we were wearing nightgowns from the 19-whatever
like way back in the day. – I know, and it was so see
through, like it was so sheer. – No wonder it was on sale. – Seriously, we were looking at that like we found some sort of steal. You were like look what I found. – We did it! – It’s like, no, a lot of people
probably tried this on and came to the same conclusion. – Correct. Although I think
we, that was the moment I made the discovery that I do think, even though Madewell’s pretty inclusive, I do think their clothes are kind of designed for very tall slim women. – Yeah, I mean I think they’re trying to branch out a little bit
but still everything is made for that base body type for
them which is tall and slender. Which, for like, a
short, curvy girl is kind of the opposite of what I need. – Brutal! – And then we have my pick. I went with this denim
jumpsuit that was $145! (Lisa groans) I didn’t look at the price
tag when I picked it. – I would, I mean we’re
not gonna spoil it for you but like even if it fits like a glove, I don’t think I could. – I just couldn’t. Especially like, jeans I
could stomach spending more because you’re wearing those everyday but you’re not gonna wear
the same jumpsuit everyday. – You are not. – So I tried this on in a 14. Lisa tried it on in a 2
and let’s take a look. Okay so this jumpsuit was my pick but I actually think it
looks pretty terrible on me and amazing on you. – I don’t like it. – Really? – I feel bad saying it. – No, but it’s doing
everything for your figure. – Well that’s nice. – The waist definition, the hips. – It’s so hippy on me. – It is. – And also, I’m not a huge
fan of the straight across. – I’m not either, I
like a sweetheart neck. – I prefer a sweetheart. – Look at us. – It’s a lot more flattering. – We’re sweethearts. – Yeah, we’re just like
so, just such sweethearts. For the price. – Yeah. The length is good though,
so on me it’s like a capri and then on you it’s
like a perfect length. – Yeah. – Which is nice. – Which is nice but also like, what? The sizing here is like
all over the place. – Yeah. Oh should we talk about those zipper. So I don’t know if it’s the
way this jumpsuit fits my body or if its this specific jumpsuit, if I got another one in a size 14, if this one’s just
defective, but this zipper, every time you zip it up
it falls right back down. – But also now look at mine,
it’s starting to do it. – Oh, it’s doing the same thing. It’s starting to come down a little bit. It’s not as bad but oh! The second I touch it like. – That’s so weird. – I think this looked amazing on you. – Thank you, that’s very nice. – [Sierra] It really did, I thought it worked for your style, it worked for your figure, I think it really, really
looked cute on you. – I just, it wasn’t like,
we were talking about I like the sweetheart top
better than the straight across, and it was pretty hippy on me and then we have the zipper issue. – Oh my God, what was up with the zipper? First of all I thought maybe
it was just mine was defective, or it was because my hips are
wider or my stomach is bigger, but then it started doing it on you too. – For that much cash, you
can’t spring for a nice zipper? – Come on! – Or a clasp up top? – Yeah, there was no clasp,
it was just the zipper and as soon as I moved it was going down. – Yeah. Which is like sexy and all but like. – But like, not trying to have my zipper go all the way down
when I’m wearing a jumpsuit. – Just full crack. (Sierra laughs) – It’s like when Regina
George started the bras out with the holes in the shirt. – Yes! – It’s like me starting
showing a little bit of your butt crack. – Oh my god. I’m all here for it. – Look out for it at Coachella next year. (Sierra laughs) But a legitimate critique, I didn’t like the way it hugged my stomach and I… – Same. It really bothered me. – I thought it was so interesting that you thought the same thing,
’cause I thought on you, I was like, oh it fits her
stomach well, you have more room, and on me I just didn’t… – I mean but that’s a problem with us and the way we look at
ourselves in the mirror. – That’s true! – You know what I mean,
’cause I didn’t notice that on you but that was the
first thing I noticed on me. It could have been the material too. – Yeah, but it is so interesting
because you looked at me and you’re like oh it looks so good and I’m like no it doesn’t,
it looks so good on you, which is why I like going
shopping with friends. – I know, we were saying that in the room, we probably would have given
up a long time before this. I can’t take anything too seriously, I think that’s what we learn,
some things look better on you and some things look better on me and it doesn’t matter what size you are, it’s just finding the right thing for you. – Yeah, and I think it always
comes down back to that your body is not the problem,
the clothes are the problem, which is something I feel like
I’ve been repeating so, so much lately, mostly because
I need to remember that, but hopefully it helps
some of you guys too. – It helped me today, I appreciate it. – Yeah, ’cause I think your first instinct when
something doesn’t fit is to be like oh why is my body like this? But it’s like no, no, no, why
are the clothes like this. So there you go, that’s
where we’re gonna end it. Make sure that you guys
go to Lisa’s channel where we did the same thing
but at Urban Outfitters and it was a freaking trip. But let me know what you guys like better, the in store try on or
us ordering stuff online. Both are fun, this one’s a
little bit more traumatic but. (Lisa laughs) I feel like it’s a good switch. – It’s so true, it is a good switch. – And let us know which stores
you wanna see us go to next. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, be confident, love your body
and I’ll see you on Tuesday. – [Lisa and Sierra] Bye!

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  34. You should try Uniqlo. I love their Heat Tech under layers in the winter, but I haven't tried their other stuff. They have some interesting styles.

  35. Any one else think the jump suit was one of the best outfits you’ve ever seen on Lisa???

  36. I have found this channel as my curvy girl handbook!! Because I usually downgrade myself because all my friends look so good compared to me! But thanks to a special someone I have learned to branch out and have more confidence!! And thanks to you and this channel I have found THE handbook for me! I mean yeah, its not me, it's the clothing. Every one has a different body and its not your fault its the clothing because your body is too good for those clothes that didn't fit!

  37. "My body is NOT the problem the clothes are" has helped my so much while shopping. I was at the mall for 3 hours and came back with 1 pair of jeans because they either didnt have my size in store or they only had clothes that werent my style un my size I hate going clothes shopping because my family is like "oh so you didnt find anything" or they say "maybe you should wear looser clothing instead of trying to find skinny jeans", but i love how I look in a good pair of skinny jeans. So after I go shopping i used to always try to lose as much weight as possible to fit into the 14 or L but ive come to realize with your help that i am not the problem

  38. Why I feel Liza just wanted to make Sierra feel better about clothes not fitting her by hating on them although they looked good on her?

  39. the zipper on the jumpsuit needs to be “down” – i work at madewell and that is the jumpsuits specific lock mechanism !

  40. 13 Rules for overweight women:
    1. NEVER stand in socks and try on clothes, it will make everything look ugly. Shoes off, socks off and maybe shoes on again if they goes with the outfit.
    2. Unless you have extremely long slender legs, NEVER go for pants that ends mid leg or short ankle unless you want your legs to look short and fat. Full length is the way to go.
    3. Doesn’t matter what size it is, as you’re the only one that see the tag. So if it’s tight like most of Sierras try ons, go bigger.
    4. Study your body. Unless your built like a model, you’ll always bump into problems in the fitting room. Even with a model body too actually. If your waist is small and you got a big tummy pouch, hips and bum, you can drop every shorts, pants, skirts that has a column shape as they will fit your waist and be tight elsewhere. Look at Sierras jumpsuit, it’s straight – no good. Go for A line, and pants in typical woman-shape.
    5. Fat legs? Let the hem end where you are the thinnest, typically the ankle or around the knee. Same with dresses. Dresses and skirts that ends at the widest part of your legs will make your legs look HUGE!
    6. Always wear supportive good underwear. If you usually wear spanx/hold-ins, bring them with you.
    7. Horizontal SMALL stripes makes you slimmer, horizontal large stripes makes you larger. Same color on top and bottom elongates you. If your unsymmetrical, use the darkest color where you are biggest (small torso, big lower body, use light colored tops and dark pants/skirts etc)
    8. Always look good at your hair and makeup when trying clothes, it puts you in a better mood.
    9. What’s hot in fashion right now is not for everyone. What’s “in” and hot right now always consist of at least 5 different styles and colors, so pick those that fit your body type and drop the rest.
    10. Looking for a dress? Then bring with you the type of shoes you’re going to wear with it as you then see the whole look.
    11. Oversized clothes does not make you smaller, tight clothes makes you bigger. Go the middle way and layer, layer, layer. Ex: pick a tight top and wear a loose jacket or blazer on top that you do not button. It will emphasize your breast and waist but will hide back rolls.
    12. Buy quality as big women tend to wear down clothes faster as the thighs rub against each other, and the arms rub against the torso.
    13. A big lady with a small clutch looks huge. A big lady with a large clutch/handbag looks more normal weight.

    Remember, you are beautiful! 😘❤️

  41. did you lock the zipper? some zippers lock when you press it down to itself.

  42. So for jeans I absolutely hate distressing and raw edges on the bottom. It makes me feel messy.

  43. I think the first yellow dress would look cute with a brown belt like synching up the waist… You both are awesome btw and I love when you collab… Love you 💜💜💜💜😊😊🍰

  44. There’s nothing wrong with sizing up and I’m glad she did here. I’m usually a 6 but I bring 8 and sometimes 10 with me to the dressing room. Sizes don’t even matter. It’s about what fits 🤷🏻‍♀️

  45. Omg I love Lisa. One of the first people I watched on YT besides Shane . The zipper being broken on both of you, not made well but it looked cute on her. The 60’s outfit looked cute on you

  46. Love yalls vibes, just subbed to Lisa because of Shane and now you because of Lisa. 💙

  47. 16:09 Why doesn’t try a bigger size? If something doesn’t fit her she always blames the clothes. She’s in denial that she’s bigger then a size 14. She should try on 2 different sizes, try the bigger size on first.

  48. 18:58 “You’re body is not the problem, the clothes are the problem” -Sierra. No, it’s mainly you. She’s to stuck on what the number/size on her clothes say. Much of what she says doesn’t fit her etc.. would fit if she just sized up! She needs to shop with a stylist. Even the Kardashians size up.

  49. I literally own the basic Madewell tee in 10 colors. Every time I see one in a new color I just have to buy it. Their shirts are amazing. I’ve had some of my tees for 2 years and they are still in amazing shape

  50. Bc, I'm OBSESSED with Madewell jeans this video is hard for me to watch. I've never tried any of their other pieces though.

  51. you guys kept saying the sizes were wrong but you were in the store and could have sized up or sized down to make them fit you correctly

  52. I feel like it would be super cool to find somebody who is a 6-10 or a medium to show a full range of sizes. As someone who could be anywhere from a 4 to an 8, I love to see midsize women trying stuff on!! No hate to you ladies I love this series so much!!

  53. Altar'd State/A beautiful Soul! Super cute but kinda pricey and want to know what y'all think! Plus it's a biz with a great cause.

  54. Dude. Wear👏👏👏👏A👏👏👏👏Belt👏👏👏👏with👏👏👏👏the👏👏👏👏yellow👏👏👏👏dress👏👏👏👏

  55. The jumpsuit looked bomb on Lisa, but yeah they should have definitely had hook and eye closures for that price, damn

  56. The white dress looks really nice on Sierra, shame it's see through! The jumpsuit looks great on Lisa, shame about the zipper! Xx

  57. I feel like you need a slightly bigger size because of the stomach area. I like your videos.

  58. You should do a video where you style each other. Not twins. You pick for her, and she picks for you. And I agree with the others who say the commentary is a little repetitive. That said… I love your channel, and I'm binge watching! ☺️

  59. Y'all are so interesting to me (and I am not throwing shade or being sarcastic here) because you say how expensive this stuff is and also how it is so hard to leave the store without some of it because it is nice (not necessarily here but at other stores) and I come from an entirely different world. $98 dollar jeans?! $98 dollars feeds my family of four at least three times (going out to eat). It is just wild. At a certain income bracket, you literally start measuring items in meals – I can buy this new bra, or the family can eat twice. Again, I am not trying to make anyone feel guilty for the amount of money they make, I just marvel at the differences in how y'all think versus how I and people in the same situation as me think. Granted, most people are not quite as poor as my family, but I still think a lot of your audience could relate. (That isn't to say your struggle isn't real though because we are all valid and we all have our individual battles.)

  60. I know I’m super late but for every single person who is telling her to size up. 90% of store stop their size at a L or XL or a 12 or 14. So if you’re in that range sometimes you can’t “size up” when your between regular and plus size it can be extremely hard to shop because you can’t go to regular stores and you can’t go to plus stores. I was in the size range for so long and I remember so many disappointed shopping trips.

  61. That jumpsuit needed a hook and eye closure at the top, and a better zipper to go with it.

  62. Bingeing the Sierra and Lisa collabs!! I agree completely that it is so helpful shopping with friends for things, and it is so helpful to see how the sizes range for all these different brands

  63. Lisa is so different here then on her channel. When I first saw her on sierras channel she annoyed me a ton, but when I found her channel and watched her videos I actually like her a lot!

  64. Did you notice that on your side by side comparison, the large size white tee chest pocket was on the side of your boob?

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