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100 thoughts on “Single Japanese Women Are Buying the Boyfriend Experience | Slutever

  1. ol buddy in the beginning smashed that reporter😂 she was feelin him🤣

  2. Did the weeping guy use the same cloth to wipe the tears off of everyone?!

  3. I can't with this interview woman LOOOL ROFL!!! She so horny!! LOOL they should've turned the camera off at some parts cuz she was really getting into character LOL !!

  4. This is commercial way of living, even though  God gifted body, soul and the mind.

  5. I cried.. and I actually feel stronger emotionally to be more honest to myself.. paying money for this is worth it; better than throwing your good years to a low life dirt bag that’ll take your hard earned money anyways and treat you like shit 😩

  6. Sheep boy is the cutie in my opinion. With that said, I am not sure I could pay for this service but I definitely understand the need for it.

  7. She is trying to soooo hard to be “cool and smart” is annoying!

  8. uhm, what?? i thought that video was funny actually.. it seemed almost comical.. Except the dog one, it was just forced weirdness… are japanese women that on the verge of tears anything will send em over the edge?

  9. i actually think this chick is really lonely… I think she was ready to bang a couple of these japanese dudes.. actually im pretty sure he banged her after that pillow talk… yeah zero percent body fat… i know what she was thinking…

  10. I love how the American disparages other cultures just because it’s not her reality. Só American of her….she is just so much more ahead of them all….🙄

  11. Why would he pretend to love hanging out with her? Fuck that guy honestly she is fine as hell!

  12. they say they are more masculine than other men, they all look really effeminate and look like girls…if these boys are the best they have got then Japan is wonder the girls arent getting Fucked anymore…

  13. I would absolutely pay for the bf experience. It's all the good points of a relationship with none of the bad. And it's less complicated. Some women enjoy being single despite what society thinks. But that being said we all have our lonely moments when we just need someone to snuggle. 😉 I wish I could find a service like this near where I live.

  14. I'm fifty three now and I never chose to settle down. I found a lot of girls I have known go for the bad boy type and always seem to fall for that shtick but then they get to an age where they panic and want to get married. The host girl here is going along with the Sheep boy's line. I't always amazes me the way women all go for that same sales pitch.but they do.

  15. i dont trust this guy,he seems up to someting.I think he is colecting the tears for some kind of potion

  16. "you have like 0%body fat." was the funniest, most brilliant thing she could say. but, I have to admit that I was kind of hoping that as she was walking around the city at dusk, the show would end with her finding the crying boy waiting for her. But, I'm a Hollywood movie gal.

  17. I understand you needed a womn for this documentary, but this one in particular kind of ruins it.

  18. Moma always told me me don’t play with those little old white girls for they mean death upon thee their hands are pleasurable They take steps to corner their pray their eyes are full of lust but behind theme follow a sword were your enemies lurk to destroy you black man.

  19. Karley my number's (+64) 0223927759. Please come to Auckland New Zealand for holiday to see the Hobbits you're so gorgeous I want u in my bed 😉

  20. Karley is so unique she's totally documentary like but gets in bed with people on video she's so confident

  21. I need to go to Japan and get one "rent-a-girlfriend" to cuddle so I could finally cry. Watching this made me realize how sad I really am, again, and that the only thing keeping me from feeling happy and relieved is the tears I can't let out otherwise. It's sad to think that not only women, but also men are that sad for emotional and physical closeness.

  22. True Feminist… Not an angry male basher..
    Confident without the need to belittle others. In fact she celibrates the diversity between the sexes… Wow

  23. Yeah trying to find a normal relationship is sooo 2007 like vice's credibility

  24. You no need to cry front of tv and watching movie if you know the GOD ALLAH how much love to you and if you know ALLAH every time see you so you not cry if you believe on GOD

  25. I'm sorry, but the melodramatic clips of the dog dying or the woman being stood up at the alter were so funny. the fact that women cry to these things made me laugh so much. such over-produced garbage!

  26. the clips are so funny that they did, in fact, draw me to tears. I guess it's a fulfilling prophecy, after all!

  27. Women man! If its about crying and expressing emothions, why does it have to be a handsome, tall, muscular dude for?

  28. I love your videos and would love to meet you and join you on one of these amazing journeys! Plus you are hot!

  29. You know you can just look up on YouTube "sad videos" and you can cry in your own home. 65 dollars an hour can just make you and your wallet pour.

  30. -After the weep boy…a legend still crying .till date😂😂😂.. watching this shit weep video 😉😂

  31. The chick hosting the show is fine idk the 1st time I seen her she wasn't like damn but now idk she is fine and on the thicker side

  32. Men pay for physical fulfillment and get some emotional boost out of it too. Yet women pay similar money just for some company.. How do I start working as sheep men in japan. I am not ugly and love hugging.

  33. I call BS, what those women all need is some good Dick and a set of balls tapping on their chin. Send me the blond one , I got some good therapy here for her.

  34. Me at 23: nah Im too young…
    Me at 27: still enjoying….
    Me at 38: this is not funny….😂😢

  35. hey not to be a thing but what's up with the guy at 7:16

    Look at that guy. What's his story? Can anyone here understand his feelings, his depths, his valuable political perspectives, the way he cooks fish and marinates just mmm mm so good. what about him?

    Why can't he have his own show? I'll subscribe.

  36. And I thought Japanese were smarter than most…but here they go pulling shit like this-MENTAL AND USELESS AND MORONIC.

  37. 11:30

    "Women pay the money but, we as hosts sell masculinity" _ By over 30 years old man that looks like 10 years old boy

  38. the Blondine is very hot, these guys have half testosterone then Western Men, and would not get an erection over a hot women. What wrong with you plastic people??

  39. I know a few friends who are kind of hot I think I found a new industry for them

  40. I would completely be down with renting a girlfriend. Removes the word prostitute from the equation. Lolol

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