Simple Life Hacks & Habits You Can Copy From Billionaires

51 thoughts on “Simple Life Hacks & Habits You Can Copy From Billionaires

  1. I'm a formerly homeless married man that is still in poverty. I am more than willing to embark on this endeavor if anybody is willing to help me. Shot in the dark hope it works but I would be in a great example that this works for the common person

  2. Bill gates used his best friend's idea, marketed it, patented and owned everything. He is worth nothing without his friend's GREAT INVENTION IN TECHNOLOGY. He is best described as a #shrewdFriend and a user.

  3. Number 1. Make use of other people's idea, market it and earn money.
    2. Wear the same style brand and be its model and earn extra (hidden in your wardrobe are rows of the same style. Watch Mr. Bean richess comedian in England. That's the secret🙊)
    3. Use your income to invest on people's idea. These people hire #bright people to labor for them.
    4. Peddle your ideas to rich people and ask them to finance, result(?) They eventually owns your whole ideas.
    5. Be a #user and Climb to social ladder.
    6. Be positive you might hit the right spot.
    7. Pray always and ask for His anointment. Like A pilipino pastor who owns jet, helicopter, vast hectares of land calling himself the Anointed son.
    8. Be a #pastor, #preacher and a writer and (market ) asked donations to get your books thru Christian channels , american preachers they are one of the riches people in the world.
    9. Set up a foundation and ask for donations . It is tax free and convince prospective Donors it is tax deductible for donors when they donate.
    10. Rich people donates #huge sums of money because it is TAX DEDUCTIBLE. The govt allows them to deduct the same amount from their tax collectibles.
    A win win situation donor gets tax deduction and a good image.

  4. I have one question. What if you wake up at 5 a.m. and you still can't go to bed till 3 a.m. the next day? And you're tired AF because you only got four hours sleepy? Lol this is my normal day.

  5. Don't forget how they cheat , too over patents, like Gates , Zucker , Cook , Schmidt ,riggs elections – Soros , Rothschild , Rockefellers, and corrupts political peoples in the world including USA .

  6. A good video to watch and learn some tactics, thank you. Just loved it.

  7. Musk schedules his day in 5 minutes portions. Just think of the time wasted drawing up and referring to this schedule. I've got a better idea, write down what needs to be done, complete the first task, enjoy some human interaction, complete the second task, do until list is finished.

  8. 90% of that is already adopted on my everyday lifestyle even I'm just a simple businessman

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  10. Real Hacks & Habits You Can Take From Billionaires
    1. Find brilliant friends and steal their ideas
    2. Be calculating, shrewd and ruthless
    3. Always put yourself and your own goals ahead of everything else
    4. Destroy your enemies
    5. Say anything that serves your purposes
    6. Have no mercy
    7. Be feared and, secondarily, respected
    8. Be your brand
    9. Work hard but make others work even harder for you
    10. Stop reading comments on YouTube

  11. so this is the trick,wear the same clothes everyday,in my village if do this all the girls will run away fro. you

  12. As soon as you mentioned that piece of sh*t DT, I knew this was BS

  13. In #5 your pronunciation of perseverance is pathetic!!!! Look up how to pronounce it and change your video, totally RUINS it!!!!

  14. Fail at showing Trump while talking about not watching tv, all he does besides his business it's watching tv…

  15. "Many billionaires are self-made" That is an UTTER lie.They are made on the sweat and tears of their employees and FOOLS buying their wares
    or like Bill Gates of Hell rich Mummy intro to Buffet and eugenicist daddy.

  16. Success is never achieved by yourself, but by how others appreciate you.
    If I come up with the best product everyone should have, and nobody buys it, I won't be successful. If I sell crap and everybody buys it, I'll be successful, and maybe even a billionaire.
    Goes in everything. You can say I'm a Trump-hater when I state that Trump didn't win the presidential elections because he's the best candidate, but because people voted for him, but think about it. If Hillary Clinton had won, the same had applied to her. And the same can be said for Obama, Bush jr, Bill Clinton, Bush sr., Raegon, Carter, etc. etc. etc. Oddly enough, in non-democratic countries this rule applies even further. Kim Jong-un is not the great leader of North-Korea, just because he has "the right to be", but because other people give it to him. And he's well aware of that fact. Why else would he manipulate what his people get to see on TV? But Hitler also controlled all the newspapers in the areas Germany had occupied during WWII, and only news his government had approved was allowed to be published. And I think Qaddafi, really found out what happens if all the people stop giving you that power.

    "I wasn't the best because I killed fast. I was the best because I won the crowd" — Promixo, Gladiator

    Yup, Proximo got it right, but another quote from that same movie: "Today I saw a slave who has more power than the emperor of Rome". Yeah, that quote is right, and why was that slave more powerful than the emperor. Because the crowd gave the slave their support and not the emperor, that's why.

    The secret of being a billionaire doesn't lie in how good your stuff is, or how you schedule your time. Win the people, and get them to open their wallets for you and you'll be rich. Nothing else matters.

  17. What kind of bullshit advice is this? Oprah Winfrey? Donald Trump? Go and smoke some Joints like Elon Musk did and don't listen to those bullshit youtube videos….

  18. Video:manage time
    Me:close the video
    Video: am I joke to you 😂😂😂

  19. Same clothes every day? What? I'm supposed to wash the same clothes every day? Some of us get funky and dirty, and we actually sweat.

  20. Elon Musk is a crook who buys whoever dares say his products are shit. Stop using him as an example all the time.

  21. honestly…. this video fuckin sucks bawls …. BALLLS I SAY ……. billionares wear the same clothes because they FUCKIN SUCK AT LOOKING SICK AS FUCK

  22. Proper rest, exercise, diet help achieve multi-level wellness but reading is like mind polish.

  23. Pathetic role models, even more ridiculous advice… Couldn't finish watching, too disgusting…

  24. In short, we're gonna teach you to steal money from people legally and then tell them how to live their lives. It's okay cause we're not them. We're better than them; so it's okay to take their life source; money.

  25. Smoking at bus shelter and meet some random guy and got conversation
    Random guy : how many you smoke at a one day ?
    Me : 1 sometimes 2 pack why ? You want some
    Random guy : no,i don't you know what if you can stop smoking and saved the money either buying cigarets you can buy a car or sportbikes in one year blah blah blah…
    Me : soo.. why you take a bus ride ? (some guy listening in corner of chair grin and glance at me)

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