– Hey guys! – I’m Marissa! – I’m Brookie! – And today I am going to go Homecoming dress shopping! (upbeat music) – So I got asked to
homecoming, you saw that video on, like, the process of me
getting asked and replying so now, here is the day that
I am going to try to find a homecoming dress. Build you up I’m not sure if I want to order them like order online, or get it in stores. So, I’m – – Yeah, find the right size. – Still debating, so if I
don’t find one today then I’m gonna look online. We’re gonna go to the mall and see like at JCPenney’s, and like
Dillard’s, and like, Kohl’s. Those kind of stores, and then
see if we can find anything. The type of dress that I am looking for is definitely modest. – I don’t want a , like– – Deep v, or like not in a back scoop. – Yeah, nothing like that. I personally just like
to dress modestly so something that’s cute,
not super fancy, but not like, super casual as well. And my price range is like,
definitely under $100. I don’t even know. This is like my first time
going homecoming dress shopping so I don’t really know what the prices are going to look like. Brookie’s coming along with
me just to, moral support, and – I’m coming along, ya know? – Give me advice So, anyway, let’s get on to the video. – [Marissa] Guys, it’s 11:11. I’m making a wish to
find a homecoming dress. Okay, first store. Nordstrom Rack. – [Brookie] All right,
off to find the dresses. – [Marissa] (sings) Levi’s – [Brookie] Oh, Marissa, come on. – I just… – Holy moly! – [Brookie] Uh huh, uh huh. – Billie Eilish, comin’ out. Yeah. – [Brookie] (makes beat noises) Found the dresses. So many. – [Marissa] Definitely
something with sleeves and something that’s
like, knee-ish length. – [Brookie] Knee-length, yeah. – [Marissa] This will
probably take a while. – [Brookie] No, that’s not fancy enough. It’s really cute. (upbeat music) – [Brookie] Hey, she found
one that she kind of likes. – [Marissa] I don’t know about this. I’m gonna try it on, see
if it like, looks good. But, I like the embroidery. – See through it
– Yeah – [Brookie] Marissa’s going in. (door closes) – [Brookie[ Here Comes Marissa. – This is not I just don’t like this part of it. – [Brookie] Yeah, it’s like- – [Marissa] I want it to be like, up here. – [Brookie] Yeah, I don’t know. – No – [Brookie] Right, next. I’m literally in a dressing room cause there are like workers in there. I am just chill in the fitting room. – [Brookie] Here comes
Marissa with another dress. Okay, this one shows my farmer’s tan. And I feel like it’s a little long. Like, you would have to go above the knee for homecoming, I feel like. – [Brookie] Yeah. I just
don’t feel like it’s all fancy enough. – It’s not fancy enough, yeah. – [Brookie] It’d be like,
a cute church dress. – Yeah, so I think that’s a no. (bumps into door, Brookie laughs) – Looks like a fake. (Brookie laughs) – Oh, boy. This is a no. I don’t even like it. – [Brookie] Oh, she’s gone – Bye – [Brookie] She’s gone. – [Brookie] Left the store with nothing. – Yeah – Hola – We got out of Nordstrom
Rack, and empty-handed. I feel like those dresses that I tried on I feel like I just tried them on to just try them on, ya know? – Yeah – I didn’t really like them on the hanger Actually non of them
I liked on the hanger. – This isn’t the right store. – Yeah they didn’t have a big selection. – But – But, I think we’re
gonna go into the mall and to like, JCPenney,
and Kohl’s, and Dillard’s. – There’s a lot of options in Macy’s, so I hope I can find one. Look at all this, dress racks, though. (Brookie laughs) – Please one that I like
– [Brookie] Please better luck – [Brookie] Summer yellow (low piano notes) – All of these dresses
are literally sleeveless. So I can’t really go there.
– [Brookie] Except this one. – [Marissa] But if they
are , then it’s like not my style at all. I’m actually excited for
prom, cause then I can – [Brookie] Get a long dress.
– Get a long dress. – [Marissa] Might have, already. – Just like this. – [Marissa] Yeah. Oh, just like that. – Yeah – [Marissa] Sparkle’s
not my thing ,either. So maybe not Macy’s. We’re going to try another store. Literally found nothing in here. We’re also going to try Bohme. It’s a super cute store, so – [Brookie] Little expensive, but okay. – [Marissa] Little expensive, but it’s for a homecoming dress. – True – [Brookie] That’s cute, I like it. I’d try that one. – They’re like, first thing I see. – [Brookie] And this, is
really cu- well maybe. Kind of. – All right guys, this is
the first dress in Bohme. Do not love it. The sleeve length is like, three-quarters which isn’t my favorite,
but it is only $50, though. So, probably not. All right, this is the second one. It’s super pretty. Length is good. Yeah, I don’t really know. Not lovin’ it, but it’s
definitely an option, so. Also, the sleeves are
super cute and the texture of the whole dress is
super, like, it’s just cool. I could dance in this. – Unsuccessful in Bohme – Cute but like-
– They’re really cute – Just not homecoming style, I guess. And they didn’t just like, fit right. I don’t know. In order to get shoes and like jewelry we have to find the dress first. – Yeah So, that’s like the hardest part. Nobody understands how hard it is to find a girl a homecoming dress. Especially when it’s modest. In this day and age, that
is just not happening. Like, my least favorite
thing is trying everything on cause I have to take off, and put on a ton of stuff, you know? – [Marissa] All right,
we’re heading into Kohl’s and I’ve heard they’ve
had a good selection, so. My favorite part about coming to the mall is getting Panda Express. So excited! It’s like, noon, right now, so. We’ve been walking around in Kohl’s and really can’t find any, like homecoming department, ya know? I feel like there’s
dresses, but none of them are like, dedicated to homecoming. – A flop. – Brookie’s actually
looking for high Nike socks. She wants to be a trendy
little seventh-grader. What? Nike Elite socks And we gotta go look in the boy’s section. – Oh, be quiet. (laughs) Kohl’s equals a fail. Now I think we’re gonna
go get Panda Express. – [Brookie] Shoes – We’re just looking at shoes. Probably not going to get any, but just looking at shoes.
– [Brookie] So many shoes. – [Marissa] And definitely
nothing super high. – [Brookie] Like, I feel like
something just like simple. – It’s really boring to shop if you’re looking for something specific. Like a homecoming dress. I just do not like shopping,
I’m already sick of it. – What are you doing? Like, this is cute. Not fancy enough. What is this? – (dramatic noise) – [Marissa] Yes, Queen. Oh. I think this is our homecoming dress. Yep, this is it. This is it everybody. – What size is it?
– Let’s see if Dillard’s is the lucky winner. Not lookin’ too hot, at the moment. Oh, boy. I just would never have the
courage to wear something like, any of this, so. Actually, this is really pretty. – [Brookie] Like, hi. Like, this is so pretty, Oh wait, it’s off the shoulder. (upbeat music) – [Marissa] Hallelujah Looks so good. – [Brookie] Marissa! – I swear I get something
on my clothes twice a day. Twice a day. Oh my heck, why? – [Brookie] All right, unsuccessful. – The mall was unsuccessful,
but we’re gonna go to this place called Dress Barn. Which I think will have some options. Cause it’s built for dresses. – We tried to find not
like, Dress Barn, but we — – I think it’s out of business! Cause we can not find it, anywhere. – And, so now we’re going
to try Uptown Cheapskate. Cause we went there for a video last time. – Yeah, it’s like a
higher-end thrift store. – And, Marissa said there
were some cute dresses there so we’re gonna head there. – [Brookie] All right,
lookin’ for dresses. – So, I might just get these
for church or something, but that’s really cute.
– [Brookie] Really cute. – [Marissa] This is actually from Roolee which is a very good brand. 16 bucks. – [Brookie] Oh, whoa. That’s nice. (upbeat music) – You saw a little bit of footage of me in the dressing room. But, the two dresses,
not even for homecoming but, they were just, cheap. – Yeah – I got them for $19, both of them. The denim one, this
one, was 25% off of $8. Super cute, And this one was $10. I got the pink one, which was super cute. I think I’m just gonna
wear these to church. I don’t think I’m gonna
find anything in stores for a homecoming dress, so, I’m gonna look on Pinterest, and like online stores, so that I can find a homecoming dress online. So, let’s go back home, look online and see if I can find one. And then I’ll do a video of me unboxing and trying them on. Okay guys, so I made it
back home, and I have been looking for a little bit on Pinterest, Like this, is super cute. This is cute. These are nice- this is cute. It’s literally been like, two seconds and I found this like, European website called Chi Chi London. Not sponsored or anything. But, they have these,
like, embroidered dresses. This one is so, so cute. This one is super cute. It has like, an embroidered
top, and then underneath it has, just like a slip thing. Super cute, and like, it’s under $100. That’s so cute! This is seriously adorable. Guys! Maybe what I’ll do is, I might order like a ton of dresses, and then
return the ones I don’t end up using. And then, do like, a whole
video of trying them on and seeing what one I like best. So, those are some options. I’m going to put a few
in the cart that I like. And I’ll show you guys the
ones that I do end up ordering. Under $100 Some of them are even on sale for like 50. I definitely want a dress
that’s even more like casual but still fancy at the same
time, and one that I like. (upbeat music) So the final ones that I
put in the cart is this blue one, the white one, the navy blue one and the black one. I have multiple tabs open
of dresses that I like and that are potential options. So, I have lots of ordering to do. But, stay tuned for the
next video to see me try on all of these dresses
that I’m about to order and in that video I will
actually tell you the one that I am going to wear
to actual homecoming. I’m not going to wait until
the get-ready-with-me. Which, I’m always am
mad when people do that because I want to see
what they’re wearing. Anyway, I’m going to order
some of these dresses and do another video, a try-on video of homecoming dresses. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I’m really excited to see when these all come, and how they look. And please subscribe to watch more. It was a fail, but not a
fail because, I don’t know I’m making progress, so. Thank you guys for watching,
and I’ll see you next time. Bye! (upbeat music)

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