SHOPPING DAY! 🐰 Makeup, Clothing, Kmart, Korean food, Chatime, Grocery

Today we want to buy makeup. I just woke up. Today we are rich. I wanna ask, which one is prettier? Let’s audience decide. I like that one. This is what we get for today. This is not enough. We need to add more. I bought this. Eryn still shopping. Normally what size? Guys, I didn’t realized they have 30% off for this dress. I thought the price was $70. When I paid, it’s only $40. I didn’t expect. How much? $40+ I’m happy now. Eryn, let’s show. Yeay, we bought these. What you’re looking for? Now we are in Kmart. Let’s eat. This is our next stop. Eating! Okay done eating. We want to buy groceries for this month. If there’s a discount we should buy it. Did you guys bring a New World card? Yes. I want to borrow. I want to buy a shampoo. That Herbal shampoo is cheap. I want a ‘volume’ one, can I? Do you want to thicken your hair? I forgot which one. If you want to have beautiful thick hair, you need to comb your hair regularly. It will make sure your hair look good. So, which shampoo would you recommend? Volume. Guys, I think I want to thicken my hair. How much is this by the way? So expensive. Now there’s a discount. But only for conditioner. Not for shampoo. Are you going to buy conditioner only? I’m going to buy both. I will take this one. Today I will bring you to travel in New World You can see We will buy milk I should buy a small one. You can’t copy me. The arrangement is so nice. They organize like this. This is bread section. The price of chicken on that side is cheaper. It’s really cheap, seriously. I want to see you pay. Chicken. It’s dark now. I have to hold the eggs because we don’t have a car. We have to walk. Those who want to sponsor a car, you can email Nabila Sulaiman. Now we want to go home. This is my third glass. You rarely drink a lot like today. Because I wanted to get rid of the bad taste of my drink. The lighting is so nice. Somebody might come and put a coin here. They can put in our empty glass. Sorry, I need attention. We arrived home. Next video will be house tour.

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  1. I COMMENTED HOUSE TOUR BFR YOU GUYS SAID 'okay next video house tour pulak' OMG I'M SO SMART 😎

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