Shopping cart abandonment: effective real-time solution | Optilead

It’s so frustrating when people get as far
as your checkout, and then walk away from your site. It could be because of delivery
costs, technical issues, comparison shopping, or maybe they’re just not sure about something.
But if you don’t know what’s stopping them from buying, you can’t do anything about it.
Isn’t that right, Mike? Everyday, Mike watches people leave his website without buying. He
knows that if they don’t come back within an hour, the chance of getting that sale is
reduced by 90%, giving Mike a real headache. If only there was a way he could speak to
them, and try to win them back. Well, with Optilead he can. Optilead tracks the progress
of every customer that visits Mike’s website, and monitors their journey through the sales
process. Now, when they drop out, Mike gets a second chance. Optilead lets Mike know the
customer has gone away, and enables him to speak to them immediately, while they’re still
in buying mode. By talking to them, and offering help and assistance, Mike more than doubles
his chances of making the sale. He also gets valuable feedback, helping him to improve
his service and website. If he can’t get hold of them on the phone, Optilead lets him send
a text or email prompting them to get back in touch. Well done, Mike! Another happy customer.
To find out how Optilead can help double your online conversion rate, get in touch with
us now.

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