SHEIN affordable try-on summer clothing haul 2020 + MY HONEST REVIEW

hi it’s Gill Mariz, I’m Gill Mariz
that’s me yes and today’s video we’re going to be reviewing SHEIN because
this is my first time ordering from SHEIN and I don’t know I have seen a lot of haul
videos on that, so I thought you know what I wanna try it myself
so I hope the clothes that I got today are good because I’m gonna be using them
for my holiday when I go Philippines in a few days so if you guys want to watch
those stay tuned and subscribe so don’t forget to subscribe guys… so subscribe I am waiting for you guys to subscribe pro tip if you
buy sets it becomes much cheaper than it is when you buy it separately so most of the things I bought are sets so just sayin’ so the first thing I’ve got
from SHEIN is a chiffon material blouse literally you can chuck this on
the top of anything and it makes it look really cute okay
and it’s why I’m actually everything I could tuck this on top of this right now
and it would match easily I’ll show you guys how it looks
trying and everything so by the way this was I ordered this in a small just to
clarify I’m normally like a size 8 but quality is just a 6 point 5 out of 10
it’s cute but I don’t think you’ll last that long
if I wear a lot and wash it alot… oh I’ve been obsessed with bandues lately
and so I had to pick myself up a black one because it’ll go with anything
literally I can get a pair of skirt denim shorts jeans anything and this
will match it and mouth it is done see it just looks like that um but I feel
like this type of material after a few washes it probably I’d have to throw it
out because it’s not the best quality but you know it’ll do for the price
that I got it for you get with your pay for right it’s cute lot but quality wise probably
a five out of ten it’s not yeah it’s at least stretchy you
know like it’s not stiff for this one so when I originally got this I thought
it’d be kind of more on the casual side but it’s not it’s more that’s pretty pretty
fancy and I have no way to wear this to to be honest but it’s just this red
ruched dress it sexy when you see on the trial and it’s actually really
nice except it’s pretty big on me to be honest I’m don’t know what to do with it I can’t
return it because it’s too late I recorded this haul a bit too late it’s been like
a month since I got these items to be honest and I only got them out now
so that’s fine that’s fine I love it the quality of this dress is really nice
to be honest it’s really stretchy I’m nine out of ten it’s really good quality
I’m surprised it’s just really disappointing that it’s it’s too big
that’s what my shoes with this dress other than that be really really really
really nice if you guys are liking these outfits so far please give it a like don’t
forget to give it a like and share some support I really would appreciate it
like please let’s get alike thank you I’m gonna be bringing this to the
Philippines. I am so excited. It it’s cute. Look at that… it’s just a white floral
set it’s a bit cheeky actually I didn’t realize how cheeky love like how cheeky it is
mm I don’t know about that but yeah I don’t know I got this in a medium but
yeah actually the material this is a pretty decent it was under $10 that’s for sure
not sure how much but for sure under 10 but yeah I was actually pretty cheap for
this set so that’s probably why it’s not the best quality and I’ll write this soon suit
quality I’ve give it a 7 out of ten for the quality it’s actually not
it’s not the worst it’s not the best average we’re not gonna be showing any
bathers on this channel because we’re PG rated okay all right so now we’re gonna
get onto the sets about three sets I’ll start with the skirt it’s actually
pretty damn short to be honest but we’re gonna make it work because we paid for
this and I can’t return it so… I’ll just have to keep pulling down my
skirt just so you don’t see anything and then it came with this top I kind of
put this at the front because I thought I was um the same style as the other
bandau that I showed you guys the black one but it’s actually meant to be oh it’s
meant to be tied like that it turned out pretty cute and the quality is really
good with this top I don’t want to wear it on its own because it’s pretty you
know pretty scandalous so I’m going to be wearing it we might chiffon top that
I showed you guys before and it kind of just makes it makes it look more put
together anyways that’s kind of some depth to it some cuteness to it don’t
like know me if you guys are liking these outfits so far please give it a like please some support I really would appreciate
it like please what’s gonna like thank you the quality of this I would say out
of 10 I’d give this an 8 out of 10 for quality other than the fact that this
part is loose on me it’s kind of loose heal even if I’m trying to tie it tie it
really really tight it’s still loose but that’s fine we can work with it we’ll
work with it we have no choice okay so the second last set it’s pretty big to
be honest I’ll say the shorts probably would fit easily to size 10 I wish it
was a bit smaller so it’s more like no fitted but it’s not so I just gotta work with it
I have no choice really but that’s okay still I don’t think I’d wear it by itself but
make it work at least when I get full you won’t
really see a difference it’s fine that that’s benefit but yeah look at this top
it’s on it’s got the the cold shoulder look if the quality of this isn’t as
good as the white set some I’m just giving this a 7 out of 10
its decent quality … it’s not the worse okay that’s okay so this is the skirt
it’s got the gold chain there it’s pretty sturdy … it’s SO CUTE. Oh a bit see-through
actually that’s what’s really bothering me the that it’s see through I don’t like
white things that see-through and everything white I get online is always see through
And the top bit also got the chains on both sides kind of more cropped oh I think so
anyways it’s cute give it a like if you think so as well get matches my earrings
I didn’t realize look at that the only thing with the sets is that um you can’t
choose like the top two these small or a bottoms to be the medium if your
different sizes from top to bottom that’s the only downside but other than
that if you’re the same size for tops and bottoms highly recommend getting set
it’s so much cheaper and the quality of this set I would say that it is a seven point five
out of ten so overall I think all this stuff that I got is really really good I
really like all of them other than like this little small things I could
probably change from you know some of them but that’s fine we’re gonna accept
what we got yes that’s the end of this video if you
guys want a part 2 please let me know comment them down below I think I’ll do
a series of fashion Fridays so obviously every Friday and when I post
you know something fashion related so stay tuned for that you guys want me to
do that please let me know giving a like and we’re just commenting and so this
video I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you guys want more content
yes subscribe you know what to do until next video guys bye

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